YouTube conversation on reincarnation

Sofia Axelsson interviewed me the other day and put this up on YouTube today.

People have lots of beliefs around reincarnation, but they don’t always realize that those beliefs are founded in assumptions, conscious and otherwise, about who and what we are.

5 thoughts on “YouTube conversation on reincarnation

  1. Thank you very much Frank.
    Love it !

    B&B, Inger Lise
    P.S. Some of my old friends suggested I read the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Oddly enough, I have had some of the Abraham Hicks material gathering dust upon in my book-shelves since back in 2004, NEVER reading the books. Maybe it is time to do it now (since I am being “pushed” by my friends)? At least making my own mind up about them.

    1. I don’t know, but I would pay attention if it happened to me. I pay a lot of attention to things that come out of left field. (That’s an expression we use meaning something that comes from out of the blue — hmm, another expression — you know, for no APPARENT reason. For no reason that you know of.) You can at least browse one of them and see if it resonates. Hampton Roads published Lynn Grabhorn’s book “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting,” which was based on the Abraham material.

      1. Gosh Frank, much appreciated, thanks…as always your comments make me think twice(or more), over the things said here.

        I have three books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The three books are The Teachings of Abraham (a collection): “Ask and It Is Given, The Law of Attraction and The Astonishing Power of Emotions (let your feelings be your Guide)”… I am NOT quite sure about the sentence: “Let your feelings be your Guide” though.

        Seth says “you HAVE the feelings but you ARE NOT your feelings.”

        “Your feelings” can be misleading (and make misunderstandings) you (into) in doing the too hasty and “wrong” decisions many a time. Especially if you are born with an innate genetic/DNA with strong tendency of impulsivity…acting before thinking (I am NOT “a typical” steady and calm-minded Scandinavian, that`s certain, SIGH !)… and laughs, as cannot find the face-icons as much as I have tried it…even after you have been so kind in telling-explaining, me, in how to find them…But telling myself at the moment; “despair not” it is always a new chance…

        The first book picking out of the sample box was the one:”Ask and It Is Given.” And opening it up (on impulse) on page 8, which begins with these words:

        “We want to give you this information because we want you to find your way to all things that you desire. But that is really a small part of our reason…jumping a bit further down the page: We write this book to reawaken within you your memory of the power and inevitable success that pulses through the core of that which you really are. We write this book to assist you in returning you to your place of optimism, positive expectation,and expanding joy; and to remind you that there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. We write this book because we promised you we would. And now, as you hold this book in your hands, you are completing a promise you made as well.” WOW !!

        I have got goosebumps all over me.
        And next:
        You said, “I will go forth into the physical time-space-reality among other Beings, and I will assume an identity with a clear and specific perspective. I will learn to see myself from that point of view, and I will enjoy being seen as that point of view.”

        You said, “I will observe what surrounds me, and my response to what I observe will cause my own valuable personal preferences to be born.”

        You said, “I will know the value of my preferences. I will know the value of my perspective.”

        And then you said (and this is the most important of all),” I will always feel the power and value of my own personal perspective, for the `Non-Physical Energy`that creates worlds will flow through my decisions, my intentions and my every thought, for the creation of that which I set into motion from my perspective.”

        YOU KNEW THEN, BEFORE YOUR PHYSICAL BIRTH,THAT YOU WERE “SOURCE ENERGY” specifically focused in this physical body, and you knew that the physical person you would become could never be separated from that which you came from. You understood then, your eternal connection to that Source Energy.

        You said, “I will love pouring myself into this physical body, into physical time-space-reality, for that environment will cause me to focus the powerful Energy that is me into something more specific. And in the specifics of that focus, there will be powerful motion forward–and joy”.

        Next headline is: “WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.”

        Well, well, I suppose I wasn’t mature enough to understand it before now. It is as in the Seth-books, in the two (two volumes) books titled: “Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment.”

        Sweet dreams from Inger Lise.
        P.S. It is rainy and foggy today.

        1. Your evocative quotes remind me that every failure in my life, every missed opportunity, and a lot of bad reactions to things, came from my forgetting — or rather, not daring to believe — just these things. Thanks as always.

          Snow on the ground here, a foot of it. Need any? We can ship, might take a couple of days to get to you, but it will be American snow, thus better. 🙂

        2. That is a very inspiring way of saying those things.

          Frank, not to fret. I believe there are other versions of you that took in all the opportunities you didn’t, and reacted differently. Personally I’m looking forward to meeting up with all those other versions of myself, and being them also.

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