John Wolf on separation

Turning Part and Whole Upside Down
A pointed message to me.
John: It’s a foggy rainy morning, dark outside even after sunrise, and it’s a beautiful day for sitting in my favorite chair by the fire. It’s my place to connect to the rest of me, to raise my consciousness, to expand my awareness, to gain wisdom through guidance and teaching and to open my mind.
It is so very easy to say that we are all one, so very hard to substantiate it with our five senses.
My Joint Mind: In fact, the five senses are designed to do the opposite: make you feel separate and distinct, reinforce you as captain at the helm. You KNOW (reinforcing what our physical senses tell us) that the others around you are separate from you. Yet, if there is any one principle that all the gurus seem to agree on, it’s the oneness that we strive for and will ultimately achieve.

But we already are one, and it’s our awareness that’s blocking us from experiencing and knowing it. All the connections are there, but they are invisible to most experiencing physical reality.
John: Why is separation so necessary before we can become aware that we are not separated?
My Joint Mind: A related question that you could ask is why does the world that surrounds you appear to you to separate you from other people, from other objects, from nature itself? Why is that illusion, if it is an illusion, important?
The answer is that you need to get caught up in the world, the objective world, so that it’s difficult to see it any other way. It is by design. It’s done for you to form you. Every day, your ego (that part of you that collects your five senses, and makes sense of them) senses there’s activity out there, things to do, things to think about, reactions to be made. Every moment that you are dragged through is another moment of decision for you (that apparent physical being) to make; forming your own mind.
The reality is that you are more like a committee than an individual, and we want your committee to function together, to become one in itself, because your committee before your life was not an entity as such. You are a new conglomeration and you need to become one (as in “exist”). So some pieces, or points of consciousness that are already connected to all other points of consciousness, get bound together in you.
What existed before was the All, the connections within All; what didn’t exist was you. You see? It’s just backward from what you perceive.
Your perceive yourself as separate and you think you have to evolve to be one (gain unity with everything). What is actually occurring is that you already are completely connected and part of everything, and you are forming yourself. At your physical birth, you already were everything (else). What you were not is yourself!
So you go through your physical life and you see actions of others, you see choices other people make to do harm to other people, and you can’t help but think, if everyone just believed and understood our oneness, none of this despair would exist. We would have total compassion and caring. That oneness exists, it exists now (in the non-3D), and your constituents (strands) are part of it. But you, as you are constructed, can’t be part of it until you exist as a reality instead of just a possibility.
Now, you want to know if you could form yourself while at the same time be totally aware of your connections and oneness with everything else. Certainly some people have had unity-like experiences. They’ve opened their receptors to the idea, and have had affirming events of oneness. (I’ve had some myself.) But they are not living it every moment of every day as they will after they drop the body. You couldn’t live it every moment of every day if you didn’t exist. And you will live that oneness from your perspective, which will be different from all other perspectives, after you finalize it and drop the body.
The forming process, the free will choices you make moment to moment is the set up in the physical world. It’s why your five senses are constructed the way they are. It’s why you have the separateness. We want your—separate from everything else—perspective. We want you to be unique. The wholeness you seek is what you already are; it’s your uniqueness that you’re making!
Meanwhile, you have quite a lively place there as each of you, all forming yourselves as we’ve constructed, bump into each other, interact, agree, disagree, love each other, hate each other, become friends or foes. All seemingly external, objective to you, like the dodgem cars at the carnival. But remember all those dodgem cars were connected back into a common electrical grid, humming away in the background. The “seemingly” outside world, which is really formed from the inside out, is not accidental, and you’re walking through it to form yourself.
You might think that all those disparate views you see from others “separate” from you are so different than your views. But what if they are your views? Meaning, what if they are some of your parts you don’t see, mirroring back to you their perspective? What if that “knucklehead” other person who’s saying something off the wall, is actually one of your internal constituents (strands) that you haven’t been listening to?
John: Hmmm. (All of a sudden, what Seth has said about the external being a reflection of the internal, and what Rita has said, hit me.) Rita said that her strands were more “independent” after she dropped that body. Those that weren’t “heard” in physical life were now speaking up (so to speak!).
My Joint Mind: Given the internet, you can be aware of almost everything that’s happening anywhere in the world at anytime. Everything happening everywhere doesn’t all affect you. But what does affect you, you should pay attention to because it is not accidental. What if it is a mirror of your “strands” that are trying to get your attention to their perspective? They are you also.
So now what do you do? One (or more) of your strands, that we put there on purpose has a point of view, and other strands that are part of you have a different point of view. You can move toward or away from reconciliation with your attitude, with your choice of how to be. You can move toward love or away from it. You have polarities within you: that’s what it means to be compound. You can move toward or away from balance.
What if (a person, very close to me), who often expresses strong judgement and hatred, is showing you a part of yourself that you’ve subdued. Do you think that viewpoint is going to go away? Can you accept it with love and respect, but at the same time choose to not advance it? Can you accept and love this part of you as much as the rest? Can you accept and love and still choose to not be that way in your uniqueness? Can you eventually come to grips with that fact that you are that also? Can you hold your unique perspective and accept your wholeness? When you can stand your ground with your perspective, but simultaneously accept and love the rest of you (which is everything), you will know what it means to be part and whole; you will then BE part and whole.
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13 thoughts on “John Wolf on separation

    1. John is a friend on a Monroe Institute mailing list, who was making such interesting comments on my work that i invited him to put his thoughts into form and I would publish them here.

  1. Dear John, thank you very much. And what you have said lately (in your two latest posts) have much in common with several Edgar Cayce Readings, though with other wordings (in a more “modern”language).

    When about “polarities” one of the E.C.Readings says:”Love your enemy, because your enemy is you.”
    I have more and more come to see how “the morphic field” will be “playing out” everywhere.

    I am reading a old book (first published in 1988) by Rupert Sheldrake titled:The Present of The Past, Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature.
    I can quote a bit from the backcover of the book:
    Biologist Rupert Sheldrake proposes that all self-organizing systems, from crystals to human societies, inherit a collective memory that influences their form and behaviour. Rather than being ruled by fixed laws, nature is essentially habitual. All human beings draw upon a collective human memory, and in turn contribute to it.

    …here Sheldrake outlines the revolutionary [back in the 1980s] implications of his daring `morphic resonance`theory and offers, in place of the mechanistic worldview that has dominated biology since the nineteenth century, a new understanding of life, minds and evolution.

    Okay, as far as I know by now….all PHYSICAL matter must “go through” some sort of conscious “evolution.”

    Right now somewhere “in the back of my head” I vaguely recall (newly to have read somewhere) a sentence which said: “Mind Above Matter”…
    And if I don’t recall it all wrong, ACIM says the matter of fact: “The Day” (or time) we choose to withdraw our minds from anything made by the physical matter….”it will cease to exist,”
    …much in the same way as what you are telling here John.

    We have the freedom to choose, and obviously it is to be in correlation with all fragments(the morphic fields) about us.

    I recall Seth said to be a part of a dog who was in incarnation once.
    AND then….thinking about how in us to treat the animals ? Hmm, and wonder why it is so many folks about us who also will be very Allergic to the animals (they become sick because of the fur)?

    B&B, and happy snow-days from Inger Lise.

  2. Thanks, John/Frank!

    This material is dovetailing nicely w/ the “Seth” material I’ve been reading steadily for about 5-1/2 years now. What’s more (important–to me) is that it resonates well w/ my evolving belief/knowledge systems. It’s helpful for me to be reminded (constantly, it seems!) of the illusion of separation between 3D and non-3D. Even if I don’t consciously feel it, it really helps to think that “I’m already there”, as far as being in/of non-3D reality.

    Hope you managed okay w/ the blizzard, Frank!


  3. Inger Lise, Craig,
    I find myself being led back to Seth material quite often, particularly when I’ve put out the request to want to know more on some aspects. I reread The Sphere and the Hologram, Rita’s material and Seth over again on a certain subject, and it’s as if I had never read it before. Our understanding spirals, doesn’t it?

    1. Absolutely agree with you John, that`s what it is ! One day you are thinking “OH,that`s how it is, I do understand everything now”!
      And in the next day when to read more the things:”Mmm,no,it is more to it”….or worse;thinking by myself,”the more I am to learn,the less I know”(do I know anything ?)?

      I am looking into a old book(first published in 1989) by Chet B.Snow,Ph.D.titled as “Mass Dream of The Future,” Hypnotic Future-life Progressions by Helen Wambach,Ph.D.
      (do we face an apocalypse or global spiritual awakening?).

      …some of the chapters:Past-life Regression to Future Progression.

      “Channeling” the future today:The “Ageless Wisdom” and Edgar Cayce.

      Mass Dreams of 2100-2200 A.D, part 1:Life in Space and a Budding New Age.

      Mass Dreams of 2100-2200 A.D.,part II: Hi-Tech Cities and Primitive Survivors.

      Mass Dreams of 2300 A.D. and Beyond,Part 1:The Outward Wave.

      Mass Dreams of 2300 A.D. and Beyond,Part II: Operation Terra.

      Is the “FUTURE” Already Past?
      New Age Physics and Holographic Universe.

      Spaceship Earth:UFO`s Star People,Walk-ins and the Future.

      This is the main considerations within the book.
      Raymond A.Moody said about the book:”This book is in basic agreement with spiritual EXPERIENCES I have myself studied.”

      It is us as actors in the musical universal stage(a musical universe)with playful resonances and vibrations all about us!
      We are “here and there and everywhere” simultaneously,
      including probable realities!

      Bliss & Blessings, Inger Lise.
      P.S. I love playing among the Stars(dancing…I cannot sing, sad to say).

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