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  1. Don’t know what would be the right place to post this… but here it is.

    Been chewing the concept that those guys are living in the mind (a bag of worms, that word). And I keep thinking: how does the body feature in this? The precious thing that we have, and “they” don’t have. Why are the guys interested in having mind-share (a marketing term – giving space in one’s mind to something that is marketed, be it consumer goods or ideas)? What do they get from it? What do I get from it? Is it something the bodymind benefits from? Does it resonate is a good question, but there are many kinds of resonances. Entertainment is not that interesting to me. Embodying more of life/being – while in this body – that is interesting.

    Two nights ago as I was preparing to sleep, the sentence: “pick a number” english, male voice started repeating in my head. I drove it out with a mantra (such a useful tool!) and then, my name repeated several times, same voice. This was rather unusual. The “knowings I recognise, or am familiar with, come as a sort of thud, picture/conceptual blob that is not in words to start with, a block of knowing that may take a lot of words to explain if I ever try to make it into words. So what was that voice? Was I impolite in driving it off? But basic caution with whatever one communicates with would require watching from distance, doing some movements and checking the response, mutual introductions. Same as I would do with a horse. Or any animal.

    And yet, I am still reaping the fruit from the Hemingway-characters stories about changes in life/friends/partners alighting different threads in one’s existence. This clearly speaks about one way to embody more of life&being. Alexandra Kollontai has written an autobiography titled “I have lived many lives” (I know it in swedish, don’t know if it is available in english).

    Expanding by inhabiting different spheres of life – makes sense to me. The previous versions become like dreams. Is this what one should aim at? Because those shifts in life seem more destiny-led than inteneded.
    Just thoughts in progress…

  2. And lest I start sounding too much like those dear channeling aunties, who, every now and then, express concern about them others probably channeling the devil himself, while resting safe in the assumption they themselves only channel the “good” guys: those stories about Indian tantric masters going to the graveyard and picking up the nastiest of the nasty demons and wrestling and overpowering it and making it into a servant. Some of those nasty characters went on to become great saints later, so a worthwile pursuit for all involved.

    So, it is not so much a question of are the guys good or bad, but are they useful to me? And just like tantric masters in graveyard, we are always risking to have the demons overpowering our mind, becoming a zombie whose mind is shared by all sorts of entities, invoking dead automatisms of consumption and performance, or addiction and all that jiving around. It is as if the question that enlivens me is the resonance that sustains, that is the silver thread that marks the right path, that keeps the demons behaving.

    1. My horseback assumption is that we contact those who are on the same frequency as at least a part of our group mind. Thus, we can pick up souls that are antithetical to MOST of our group, yet in harmony with a part of the group, even if it is a part we repress.

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