John Wolf — A greater being-centric perspective on Transition

John Wolf 1-17-2016
A greater being-centric perspective on Transition.
In addition to a different perspective on transition, there is also material here I found interesting on how our beliefs affect our “vibratory signature” and how that signature determines our next residence during transition.
What is written below is a result of me asking myself the question, “What do I now think I understand about transition?”, incorporating the latest teachings and my own “knowings”. To begin with, I don’t consider any of it is uniquely “mine”; although, if someone asked me what is my current thinking on transition, this is what I would say.
My interest is incorporating what can be understood from the latest teachings of Seth, TGU, Rita through Frank, and others, as well as our own personal resources into a greater being-centric perspective on the subject of transition, potentially bringing new and useful insight.

Our beginning is physical birth, our ending is physical death.
Our beginning is physical birth, our ending is eternal life in heaven (or hell).
Our beginning is a physical birth, followed by additional physical births until we’ve developed, learned, evolved enough to transition permanently to a home in the non-physical.
Our beginning extends to what has always been, and we will always be.
There are truths in all of these versions, and at the same time they are likely all distorted and misleading in their own way. These are stated only as representative of the various perspectives that exist, most of them with a human being-centric orientation.
A perspective that is greater being-centric versus human-centric can emphasize the unbreakable loving support and connection we have to our greater self. It has changed my expectations and beliefs about that region of consciousness that exists between 3D and that of our greater being. This is the transition region of heaven and hell, and it is the region of Miranon’s Levels 22-28 (as I understand it).

My interest is not in generating a better or different map of this part of consciousness. Nor am I expecting to come up with a most likely scenario to be experienced for post “dropping the body”. There has been plenty written on the subject, sometimes distorted, plus I believe there are as many scenarios as there are souls.
An updated view on transition means incorporating the most recent knowledge on who we really are as a miniature version of everything and a community of minds; on our intimate connections to greater consciousness; on the nature of incarnations and reincarnation; on the development of our unique “vibratory signature” and how that affects our “residence” in non-3D, on our self-identity as an individual and simultaneously as one with greater consciousness; on awareness and beliefs and how those affect our “signature”, and finally, what we know from our own experiences.
I am offering these thoughts as a provisional perspective for you to reinforce if it resonates or to modify if it doesn’t. Following this is some related material from “The Sphere and the Hologram” and from my joint mind on understanding ourselves as an energy pattern.
This personal perspective is not intended to replace other concepts, but to add to them. It is not intended to isolate thinking to only that region of consciousness between us and our greater being, but to encourage further understanding of that region in the context of even greater consciousness.

Here’s my version of an updated view on transition:
Simply stated: The greater being (or group of greater beings) moves a part of its consciousness into a physical reality, creates new souls and then eventually re-merges with them. The greater being changes in the process. Beyond these simple statements there is much more that can be said and it needs to be.
Between soul creation and re-mergence there is a transition, and it is the principles and characteristics of that transition that are the focus of this effort.
Transition for some begins before dropping the body, for others, after. It’s a transition of awareness. It’s a transition of functioning objectively to subjectively; of moving from a state of high density and matter to lower density; from Earth (or other physical reality)-centric beliefs to other states of understanding. It’s also transitioning from space-time to all time and all space; and that is not a hard boundary. That is to say, in the transition region there can still be a sense of time and space, more so at the higher densities, less so at the lower densities.
Discussing our greater being in the context of consciousness having no boundaries might seem inconsistent. However, the concept of the greater being is useful for understanding that which most closely affects us, especially during transition.

The Main Points:
1. We emerge from our greater being and sooner or later we return to our greater being, with exception of fragmentation (See 6 below). Even though we emerge from the greater being with the gift of consciousness of being, we have always been, and we will always be.
2. Every greater being does not go through physical incarnations (in Earth physical reality or other physical realities) but if so, it is a cycle with multiple lives, and alternates experiencing multiple paths, and there is a sequence, or a stream, not necessarily correlated with chronological time. There is a first and a last incarnation.
3. The “downstream” incarnations of a greater being may (but not always) utilize some soul material from “upstream” incarnations creating nuance and complexity, and this downstream utilization is often perceived as reincarnation of a single soul, which it almost never is. The complexity and the constitution in general are tuned to the situation; or taken in reverse, the situation is tuned to the constitution to help “bake it”, giving it a “permanency”. There is no “better/worse” associated with the complexity, any more than yellow could be better than either of its red or green constituents.
4. Upon dropping the body the soul may not be in a state to sustain itself at a greater being region of consciousness and therefore will “reside” in an interim state.
5. The state of the soul is determined by it’s “vibratory signature” (although that is a complete analogy) which is its state upon dropping the body. The process of soul forming during a lifetime in physical reality is what determines that “vibratory state” upon graduation.

(John: The following is elaboration, but important I believe)
There are a number of factors that determine the “state” of the soul upon completion of it’s in body life. The greater being(s) are miniature versions of everything, just as its “soul offspring” are, but only a fraction of that capability will be realized in a cycle of incarnations. Any given soul created is vectored by its physical and spiritual heritage, the crucible associated with historical time and place, which initiates and narrows the possible experiential paths and the habit and belief forming environment. Considering the variables, free will choice forms an important component within a larger vector determined by the greater being (the constitution, the parents, the time, the place for example).
Upon graduation, the soul will “gravitate” to or resonate with other souls with a similar signature. It is “home” in the interim. By definition it is where that soul “wants to be” and is most comfortable, because it matches its constitution.
The soul’s state can change with will and belief.
Belief opens receptors to awareness and knowing, if there is sufficient will. The stronger the will and belief, the greater the receptivity to recognition and awareness of experience that creates the knowing. For example, believing that you are more than your body, opens receptors to experiences beyond your physical senses, which enables you to become aware of messages, OOB events, synchronicity, etc., which eventually leads to knowing and not just believing. The cycle can start with an event, which can create belief, receptivity and knowing. An NDE can be such an event. But you have to be willing to pursue it. You have to be willing to believe.
Those knowings enable further beliefs to be formed, leading to further receptors opening, leading to greater awareness and knowings. Sometimes to know B you have to know A; beliefs can build. For example, in order for you to believe you emerge from and return to a greater being, you first have to believe, become aware of and know of yourself as a part of a greater being.
The receptors open up with belief. If I am receptive to thoughts coming to me from minds that stretch beyond my local mind, then I will begin to become aware of those thoughts as they arrive, and after repeated experiences, I know that I receive thoughts from greater wisdom beyond the boundaries of my body and my locally focussed mind.
(See below for more on our vibratory signature)
6. There are no actual “places” in post physical non-3D life, nor is it divided into good and evil per se. The zones, or areas, or states of consciousness between physical reality and the greater being are determined by the signature of the soul and the awareness, which is affected by the belief system of the newly created soul. These “residences” are created “environments”, just as the physical realities are created “environments”, constructed cooperatively with other entities. Heaven, hell, the park, and other belief system territories are states of reality created to be compatible with the signature of their “inhabitants”.
7. The greater being will complete the cycles of incarnations (in all physical realities) and “move on”, a spatial analogy for moving into a different, “higher vibratory” state. All “offspring” souls are gathered up in the moving on process. No soul will be left behind; although, a soul may choose to fragment from the greater being to experience further incarnations.
8. The region of consciousness between physical reality and the greater being is continuous and connected just as all consciousness is. There are states close to that of physical reality, with more apparent time and space, and states that have less. The states may be experienced as discrete, but there are no boundaries. Those regions with greater compatibility with the denser levels will have a stronger sense of “body” and self, than those states “closer” to that of the greater being, which are less dense, have greater unity and vibrate higher.
9. The soul is always totally connected to and under the watchful eye of the greater being which provides benevolent support in an environment of unconditional love. It is my impression that it is not the sole (pardon the pun) responsibility of the individual soul to pull itself up by the bootstraps to eventually return to the level or state of the greater being. As a connected consciousness it can benefit from the downstream sequence of incarnations, it can build its awareness, modify its beliefs. The initial state is not a permanent place, and as the awareness grows and changes, the state changes. The greater being provides an environment for the new soul based on it’s state upon dropping the body, and encourages and supports continued growth.
10. Given that the states are “signature driven” rather than fixed locations, there can be a very high degree of complexity and variation within this transition region, but no permanency of any consciousness in flow. No soul will be left by the greater being in either “heaven” or “hell” for eternity.

Related material from Frank and Rita
DeMarco, Frank; Warren, Rita (2009-06-01). The Sphere and the Hologram: Explanations from the Other Side (Kindle Locations 5300-5306). Hologram Books. Kindle Edition.

TGU: …This is one way to look at it. This is one approach to the situation. You could say, because you are in bodies, and because, being in bodies, you don’t sort out according to what you are – to your specific gravity, or your electrical vibration, or your pH [three alternate analogies] – not only are you enabled to associate with others of an unlike nature, you are also able to move, to choose. You can choose because you don’t have to stay at the same level. You see? If you were on our side, you only associate with people at your same level not only because that’s where you are but because, if you looked at each of us as individuals over here, we can’t step out of the vibration that we’re in. Take the guys that you’re talking to as your usual thirty and five-tenths people. Now, we 30.5 people, let’s say, have a specific gravity of 30. This means we cannot associate with others at 50 or others at 20, except through intermediaries. (This is rough, but it’s more or less true.) They’re just not in the same place.
TGU: Well, you know what’s going on here? This makes a lot of sense. We don’t know whether you’re suggesting it or they’re suggesting it, but you could look at it as us being – just as an example – a halfway house between a time-space interface and them. And they are a halfway house between us and something that’s more broad and more tightly knit and more of a unit. So that conceptually you could say that at the center of the whole thing is one active, widely extended consciousness that experiences itself as one. And as you go toward the periphery – bearing in mind this is only a spatial analogy – the associations are looser, the specific gravity is a little denser and it keeps on going down until you get to us, who are really in a unique position because we’re on the interface between the time-space and the not time-space. Now, the only thing is, with that analogy, you have to at the same time remember the contradictory data that we are all one. So, therefore, this means the being that is at the beginning of things and the cloud of individuals that are at the end of things, so to speak, are all one, and they are experiencing themselves, to some degree or other, as all one and as not all one, simultaneously, depending on their awareness. On our end, it’s real easy to do. On your end, it’s very difficult. Huh! And that implies specialization of function. Now, this isn’t the only thing we’re doing, but to this degree it implies specialization of function. And thus, well, you know, you’ve heard people say they leave the earth, they’re born into this side
and for a while they can still interact and then after a while they can’t because it’s too far away. What’s going on is, they’re moving to higher levels of complexity and a lower level of density, a higher level of vibration, which makes it (a) harder to bridge the gap and (b) harder to even remember what they were doing down here. They are more interested in other things. They have other games to play, new games. Carry that through and in the middle you should see clouds of angels, and in the middle of the clouds of angels, the one being, the God, the creator, the center of everything.
Supposing someone discovers a talent previously unsuspected. The talent was always there, but unsuspected. When the talent is discovered and then fostered, they turn more of their potential into actuality. So it’s fun, it’s fulfilling, it’s challenging. It could even be a little bit threatening, because it changes their self-definition, you know, which is a form of dying in a way. That’s not a bad analogy. It’s a question of growing into realization that you’re much more than you thought you were. That’s a familiar message to you. Bob Monroe, after all.
So we say the Swedenborg explanation of “souls of a feather flocking together” – although that’s Frank’s terms and not Swedenborg’s – is a good way for you to understand how things sort out. People are not in the same heaven because they’re Presbyterian, they’re in the same heaven because they are what they are, which made them more likely to be Presbyterian, if you follow that. That’s a vast oversimplification, but you could have someone who’s a Presbyterian in this life who resonates in the same way that an atheist or a Catholic or a Muslim or somebody resonates, so that once they shed the body and the external cultural features, they would wind up in the same place, more or less. In those cases, what are they?
Just for the sake of a thought experiment, suppose you had a Muslim and a Jew and a Christian and an atheist who for some reason or other had very similar vibrations. Maybe never met. They die, go back to the other side, and in the other side they find themselves drawn to each other, because they are more or less the same thing. How would you describe their situation? Are they in a Mosque? A temple? A church? [laughing through the three choices] Or – you know? So the initial way that Monroe saw these things is inaccurate in that very subtle but important respect. The tendency is to think of them as being environments that have been determined for people, but it’s a little more accurate to think of them as being people who are at the same electrical frequency and create around themselves something that is familiar or comfortable. Well, we say create around themselves; it’s actually created for them, but they don’t know this because they’re not really thinking about these things.
Now – sorry to complicate it – we want you to remember that “souls of a feather flock together,” and people at a certain vibratory level (which implies a certain mixture of pluses and minuses within them) do segregate out. So we’re just going to leave that in there for you to think about a little bit. On the one hand, we’re saying there are pluses and minuses and there’s movement all the time; it’s like a kaleidoscope. On the other hand, we’re saying, souls, people, monads, whatever, of a certain composition not only want to flock together, but really have no realistic choice, because they’re held there as though their specific gravity is holding them. We’re deliberately building in a contradiction for you to think about.

In fact, to go a little further, when you’re looking at your Monroe states, your various heavens and all that – after all, that, that’s a matter of how you’re looking. You’re looking at one aspect of yourself, in one place in one non-time. But all the rest still exists, you’re just not looking at it. So if you look at what you call the afterlife in one sense, you have all these individual pieces in various belief systems, or in Focus 27 so-called, and if you look at it in another sense, you are back to the source and you are all undivided. It isn’t that one’s right and one’s wrong; it isn’t that some go one way and some go another way, it’s that it is the same ambiguous, shall we say, reality that is delineated more by your concepts than by anything inherent to itself.

R: I’ve been interested in the current research on prayer and its impact on groups of individuals who have some sort of illness. How do you make sense out of this kind of phenomenon.
TGU: Well, oddly enough it would be almost accurate to say they’re praying to us, because they’re praying – although they don’t know it – to themselves! And we are themselves. Remember, we’ve said that the key to healing is to remove the illusion of distance, and that the way to remove the illusion of distance is to love. It’s the same thing, really, but it looks different. So these people are gathering in a sincere, loving way, without intent to get something for themselves – in other words, it’s an altruistic way. (Speaking of good and evil, this is a good example of positives.) They don’t intend to create a group mind; they don’t intend to destroy the illusion of distance; and they don’t intend to provide a supportive electrical field, or magnetic field, against which the person can lean and regain the vibrational level they need, but that’s another way of describing what happens. There doesn’t need to be anyone they’re praying to, and there doesn’t need to be anyone to say, “well, yes, I think I’ll grant your prayer,” or “no, no, you’re not really worthy.” That’s not what’s going on. When people pray, when they love, when they love without thought for themselves to erase the distance, with the intent of helping another, in fact it is literally true, that’s when miracles can come. It’s not the only place, but it’s certainly a place.

My Joint Mind: Understanding ourselves as an energy pattern.
We are an energy pattern, and even though we blend with all other energy, our part of the pattern is distinct and unique. It is not limited by the body, but while it’s “center of gravity” is within the body, it can associate with other energy patterns that are distinctly different. That’s one of the advantages of physical life: We can associate—connect— with energy patterns very different than our own.
Our energy pattern is not just a representation of us: it is us. It determines our residence within all consciousness. The analogy “vibratory signature” enables us to get a sense of how we evolve and move. It helps us understand how our free will choices and our beliefs affect how we “vibrate”, and as a by-product, where we “reside” when we drop the body.
Your vibratory signature evinces your individuality, yet determines your “neighbors”, your “neighborhood”, your home. It provides basis and (home) base, in an anchoring kind of way, from which you can exercise and develop your awareness.
Since we emerge from our greater being, our energy pattern will be compatible with that of the greater being. We are also our greater being. One could say from this angle, one purpose of physical life is to develop a particular and unique vibratory signature that when re-blended with the greater being will affect it’s overall signature, which in turn will affect all other energy (a little bit).
Given that our greater being has its own distinct energy pattern, we enter physical life with an “inherited” bias. We enter a world of duality and our ever-moving present presents us constantly with the need to make decisions/choices. Our energy pattern is constantly changing with the choices we make. While we may often view these choices as “external” ones, it’s what going on internally that causes our energy pattern to change. When we are angry we vibrate differently than when we are loving. Our experiences, seemingly happening to us, affect us internally and modify our pattern.
(See Point 5 above.)
We bring home to our greater being the sum total of our physical life in the form of our energy pattern. Of course the greater being shared in the energy flow of our life all along. One way to look at crystallization as TGU and Rita used the term is whether our energy pattern upon completion of its physical life cycle is distinct and valuable enough to reuse as a downstream building block in another soul.
Some religions have said your choices will determine where you go in your “afterlife”, and we’ve used the phrase “earn your place”. “Earn” in this respect doesn’t mean judgement. Nobody sits around and says you didn’t earn your place in heaven. “Earn” in this case means your will, your intent, your openness to experience and knowing, which moves your vibratory signature to where it is.
If you vibrate at a state consistent with others associated with hatred, revenge, and violence, then you will be comfortable there. But even if you hate hatred, do you not vibrate hatred? If you seek revenge for violence, do you not vibrate violence? If you condemn judging, do you not vibrate judging?
We all experience different vibrations, that’s part of being here. The question is where in the vibrational spectrum are you finding yourself most comfortable? Where is home today for your inner self? Where is your heart?
Your vibratory signature has less to do with what you do and more to do with what you are. It’s not about your externals: job, status, notoriety, but your internals. Not the head as much as the heart. Your vibrational state is where your heart is, not where your pocketbook is. Better to have a heart of gold than a pot of gold.
Look around you. You tend to “hang out” physically and mentally (e.g., via the net) with those your are comfortable with. You find yourself accepting them, they accepting you. You are flocking together. Sometimes it’s easier to see yourself through others. You’re able to sense the signature of others before you can sense your own.
If your are uncomfortable with those you find yourself flocking with, then it’s time to make the choice to move on, because you’re vibrating differently. It’s applies on a person-person level, and on a community level.
If you have spiraled to a different signature, there will be times when you may sense yourself as a misfit. Don’t interpret good and bad with misfit. People are in different “zones”, and mixing together is one of the greatest benefits of physical life. If you are vibrating at A, and another is Vibrating at Z, on Earth you can still be close friends. You can “bond”. Families can have a bond while vibrating at different levels. And besides that you’re bouncing around your midpoint all the time, depending on whether you’re feeling love and warmth, or anger for example.
When the body is no longer there, and when there are no longer “objective circumstances” surrounding you, it’s not as easy to “hook up” with a soul vibrating very differently than yourself.
Now we could construct a very defined process or path, or sets of paths that starts at “graduation” in the physical to eventual re-mergence at the greater being level–were it not for one important principle: free will. Free will, operating within whatever appropriate boundaries, guarantees no one is the same, guarantees a random uniqueness. So by definition there will never be one size fits all.
Consciousness evolves, even in these zones, and two factors remain important: awareness and free will (Here the emphasis is on “will”). It’s not like we haven’t handled a whole lot of transitions (think billions); yet, every case is unique and gets special attention. Every soul will be saved—or at least it’s energy is. Just keep in mind there were many Hitlers in many worlds, many Saul’s in many worlds and many you’s in many worlds and you won’t all be saints.
Via John

6 thoughts on “John Wolf — A greater being-centric perspective on Transition

  1. thank you so much from an unenlightened person, who thinks a lot about what happens when we pass over.
    Thank you for your extensive work and wisdom – I am trying to learn as much as possible – my will to learn is scary sometimes.
    I am surrounded by people who are very different from me and I keep my true ago in secret – otherwise they will look at me as a weirdo. But here I can be myself.

    1. Many of us feel that way, especially at first. I think you will find that as you carefully let certain others see the real you, they respond more positively than you might have expected. But of course you need to use discretion as to who learns what.

    2. Aniko, you will feel welcomed here. I have friends who are not “into” this, and we remain friends, but this is just not a subject we discuss. They have their own path to walk.

  2. John,
    I really appreciate the work you’re doing … helps me a lot! This post helped me see that growth for me (right now) is about exploring and learning about my relationship with guidance. The key is in the section that begins “The soul’s state can change with will and belief.”, and in the next several paragraphs presents that magical upward spiral of understanding (“Those knowing’s enable further beliefs to be formed …”)

    The distinction between ‘me’ and ‘guidance’ slowly but constantly diminishes, and I get a kick out of seeing/feeling how that new ‘integration’ increases (seemingly daily). Growing awareness that those parts of ‘me’ are available and useful in daily life, and learning about how ‘I’ (this 3D part) can more consciously work with ‘the rest’ to/for ???? is exciting.

    That clumsy paragraph illustrates a need for easier/smoother ways of referring to this growing awareness. Bob would probably have created acronyms (GBMe = Greater Being and me; etc.), Frank has TGU, and you speak of Joint Mind. But I tend toward references that diminish the feeling of separation, so think about pronouns that include both that greater self and this 3D personality: wes, mes, Ies. Unfortunately they sound rather ‘Gungan-ian’ (think Jar Jar from Star Wars), but maybe something to consider.

    1. Thanks Jim. Your contributions are equally appreciated.

      The pronoun problem is always there, and since our source (s) seem to shun attribution (for valid reasons) we end up with some kind of differentiator. I could see Bob Monroe coming up with something like IH+T or ITH2 for a combination of I-Here and I-There. Frank, with his long experience is more discerning. I’m able to tell when it’s mostly my greater being; they have their own distinct humor and directness. But, occasionally I sense a reaching beyond that, and I have no good name to call it.

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