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More on what it means to be a “miniature everything”
I woke up in the middle of the night a short time ago with a message: “Every single possibility for creation is inside you”.
What does it mean to be a miniature version of everything? If we are everything, why do we need to develop? Why do we seem so different? Why is it difficult to move around within consciousness? What are our limitations?
Wanting to pursue a better understanding of the concept and its ramifications, I have been seeking greater intelligence and share below what I have been able to learn. I hope that you will also share your own views of this recent knowledge that came to us through Frank. This posting is addressing the first question.

I believe we are still at the beginning stages of a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves. While I feel I got a better sense of it, admittedly it came also with a humbleness of how limited (and inevitably distorted) this understanding is. Another way to say this is that I know this is at best an approximation of “the truth” and that by sharing our perspectives we will get a more complete picture.
One image that repeatedly came into my mind as I was trying to comprehend the basic message of being a version of everything was that of a triangle, made up of identical but smaller triangles. I have tried to re-create that image in the information below from my joint mind.

From Frank November 27:
What you are calling the Larger Being is the ocean out of which you were formed as an ocean in miniature. It isn’t All That Is except in exactly the same way you are, in miniature.
If you are a holographic representation of all that exists, clearly you will contain within yourself all possibilities, won’t you? You aren’t a truncated version of everything, you are a smaller-scale version. There’s a big difference between the two.
All right, well, you in any one lifetime can’t express the whole universe any more than anybody else can. Or you could look at it this way – that is what you, and I, and everybody are – the universe manifesting itself, with each little sliver taking on one tiny part of the job, but each sliver being the whole thing, not any one part of the whole thing the way it looks.
So just as Walt Whitman said he contained universes, it is actually true of everybody. We all contain everything. There are always surprises in the bottom of the box. Only, you can’t express what doesn’t have a place in your life. That is what “external” constraint is, what it does (well, really, what it expresses, but it is going to look like “what it does”), it stops you from being a Buddhist monk and a whore and a Wild West gunslinger and a rocket scientist at the same time, the way it stops you from living in the 14th century and the 20th together.
Except – it doesn’t! Not the way we usually think!
Exactly. But that’s how it keeps it all sorted, you see. That’s how you pour non-3D experience into 3D perceptions.
Time separates. Space separates. The existence of time-space may be defined as the creation of a 3D spreadsheet to sort out the various parts of yourself so that adjacent bits may interact and non-adjacent bits may not interfere with one another.
So Hitler and Mussolini and Roosevelt and Churchill and Hemingway and Steinbeck and Dos Passos and millions of people were all alive at the same time; they were shaped by their history of being born in a given time and space, they expressed given parts of their character according to their personal decisions and also according to the part they were created to play.
But, you should go a little more slowly, because you are cramming it back into 3D understanding, in your attempt to say everything at once. When you can’t grok you have to go very slowly. Yes, all those people were placed in a given molding environment. But they weren’t exactly created and they were not at all shaped, or truncated. There is an immense difference between essence and expression.
Everybody is everything. Not “potentially everything,” but everything. At the same time, each person is created to express one local version of the everything, and therefore the vast majority of what they are can never manifest overtly inside any given space-time. But consciousness is not bounded by externals except indirectly. You can always get free of your mental limitations — at least, you can in theory. The reality depends upon your intent and your will.
You will find it difficult to hold onto this new awareness. The next time someone irritates you or outrages you, it may be difficult to remember that that person is another exact copy of what you are an exact copy of, manifesting one small part of the pattern as you are, and as you both are in other times and places, except that “you” is a far more relative term than you experience it.
And then from Frank/TGU, November 28:
We are all holographic copies of the same divine pattern. Not similar, not related, but identical. That is the difference (in effect) between spirit and soul.
The soul is a particular instance of you, shaped by your circumstances. The spirit is the whole you, unmodified by time and space and particular encouragement or discouragement of specific traits.
You are a copy of the entire created reality (the 3D) and the entire uncreated reality (the non-3D). “Copy” isn’t really the right word, but the right word doesn’t exist. “Holographic copy” is slightly closer, but not enough of an improvement to use routinely. Once you have that sense of things, the word “copy” should be enough. But you aren’t a photocopy of a hologram or in any way different from the original, but it is easier to discuss for the audience in your day than previous ways which served previous ages.
Equate the word “spirit” to the unchanging unbounded reality that you sense sometimes beyond the confines of your personality and your awareness. This unchanging reality can be looked at – can be experienced – in various ways, and so [be] called God, or the gods, or the Tao, or the unchanging essence of things or even as a correlated set of mathematical equations. The way it is experiences has nothing to do with limitations inherent in the spirit; it is entirely shaped by the particular Hubble telescope being employed, and where that telescope is pointed.
Equate the word “soul” to the very subjective reality of you as you exist in the world no matter how extensive and flexible the definition. It doesn’t matter if you think man is born once, lives one life, dies once, and then either is judged and proceeds to heaven or hell, or if you think in terms of an ageless being born and dying many times in many circumstances. The point here is that all these descriptions of life – all these attempts to confine the meaning of life in some comprehensible pattern – refer to the soul and not the spirit. And that is why religions differ, and why they are the same. The differences are all relative to specific circumstances. The sameness always refers to the unchanging reality beyond and prior to circumstance.
Jane Roberts, The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression. Bantam Books, New York, 1979, p.163
(Consciousness Units) may form particles, but it would be itself whether or not particles existed. In the most basic of terms, almost incomprehensible in your vocabulary, energy is not divided. There can be no portions or parts of it, because it is to an entity like a pie, to be cut or divided. For purposes of discussion, however, we must say that in your terms each smallest portion—each smallest unit of pure energy—contains within it the propelling force toward the formation of all possible variations of itself.

From My Joint Mind
In this more complete understanding, each subpart of consciousness, all the way down to the tiniest particles, contain the capability to be everything. This is not an easy concept to comprehend. You’re currently focused in Earth physical reality, meaning your awareness is dominated by that sub portion of all reality. In your world, small and large have physical meanings and when you think of one of your cells or an atom having the inherent capability to be everything, it doesn’t compute.
One simple way to picture it in two dimensions is shown by looking at a triangle as a representation for everything—everything created in both 3D and non-3D and every possibility not yet manifested. (See my re-creation of the image that came to mind below.) Within this one triangle there can be a number of smaller but identical triangles, and they in turn can be made up of even smaller ones. The physical size can be made smaller and smaller to a magnitude smaller than the smallest known particle to humans; nevertheless, the smallest, in essence, has within it the ability to be everything. We may be seemingly small in physical size compared to the Universe but our potential is unlimited.
There is a significant difference however between potential and what is realizable, or able to be expressed. Potential in this context means that inherently we have every single possibility for creation within us. We contain all possibilities; yet at the same time the number of possibilities are unlimited. We are expressing but a small part of that potential as we currently are. We are potentially all; our configuration is partial.
If the largest triangle represents “All That Is”, then every one of the smaller triangles has the capability to also be All That Is. Creation is ever in process and all possibilities for creation will never be realized. The outer triangle will always include all reality that has been realized (as well as all possibilities not manifested), while any smaller triangle will have at any stage a sub portion of that realized reality. Any “localized” version of All That Is, expresses a small part of the total created reality. No sub portion of reality could ever be as extensive in expression as All That Is. From every possibility that is within us, we are developing our unique expression; that expression is us.
(From an earlier input) “There is beauty in the knowledge that we are all identical; there is also beauty in the knowledge that our formation provides purposely different perspectives on the same “unchanging, unbounded” spirit. We form an ever changing perspective that can be individual or any combination of individuals, each unique.”
However, this doesn’t mean that we are not capable of identifying with a larger portion of consciousness than we ourselves express. Another important aspect of reality is there are no boundaries: we are only limited by our awareness.
In our physical world we have limited awareness while we focus on creating our own expression. Our bodies, our five physical senses, and what we perceive as our external world help us to choose our being, what we are going to express. Even while in body, we can, at least for short periods of time, escape our focused limitations and become aware of greater consciousness.
When we drop the body we have less limitations (but not no limitations!) to our awareness. While we may initially find ourselves identifying with a local region of consciousness with which we resonate, there is no inherent road block to keep us from evolving, and “merging” our smaller identity to become effectively greater. You will eventually lose your physical world identity to become that of your greater being. The same can be said for the greater being as it all merges to be one. There really are no borders and as your awareness grows, as your consciousness grows and expands you naturally merge into greater awareness, becoming a part of greater and greater triangles so to speak. You always will be a part and you always will be whole!
It means that we will forever grow, evolve, expand, achieve greater knowledge, greater wisdom, greater comprehension, greater creativity. We are forever in flow, not closed ended, not ever knowing all or actualizing all. Yet deep within us is wholeness.
Via John

5 thoughts on “John Wolf on being everything in miniature

  1. Thank you very much John.

    It IS,indeed,remarkable in every way!
    And then looking up something told in the Seth-Book:The Nature of Personal Reality, on page 392,393,Session 671, June 21,1973.

    While you are physically connected you must interpret experience in sense terms, even that in dreams. At times your consciousness can range into other areas, but then the events must be physically translated in some way.

    In waking life you perceive only certain portions of events that fall within your space-time continuum. In dreams you may have a greater glimpse.You may for example see in the past, present and future, objects that in your time will take up any given space. Often such a dream will be considered meaningless because at your “fact level,” past, present and future objects cannot appear at once in the same space. (very intently:) The space is not the same, or identical, in any case (the sentence underlined in the book). It only appears to be so to you.

    Space itself accelerates in ways that you do not understand. You are not tuned into those frequencies. At any point in space is (underlined) also a point in what you think of as time, a doorway (AHA, all of a sudden understood all my dreams about opening up DOORS, walking in strange corridors,including the keys, through all the years!) you have not learned to open.

    New paragraph: In somewhat the same manner, your physical brain is a doorway that triggers activity in your mind. Your beliefs then are largely responsible for the areas of the brain (underlined) that you activate, and for the resulting nonphysical action of the mind.

    Physical focus provides you with a magnificent reality, intent and specialized. Were it not for dream activity however you would be, relatively speaking, enclosed within it, afraid to try out new concepts and intuitive realizations in the face of what seems to be such a rockbed reality.

    In a footnote below:
    Seth has some material analogous to this on the 582nd session in Chapter Twenty of Seth Speaks: “What you perceive of time is a portion of other events intruding into your own system, often interpreted as movement in space….” That session, as well as the 581st, also contains some applicable data on Seth`s electromagnetic energy (EE) units, their various speeds, and our interpretations of them as events, dream events, movement-through-time, and so forth.

    And further Seth says: “If you do not trust your waking self you will not trust your dreaming self, and the landscape of your dreams will appear threatening. Your belief (underlined) that dreams are unpleasant can make them so, or at best you will only remember frightening dreams. (long pause) If you believe that you do not dream, however, you will inhibit memory of them – but you will still dream. Those rich experiences will not form a part of your conscious life because of your belief.

    Your dreams are private, as your waking life is, and yet there is a mass waking experience and a mass dreaming experience in which each individual finds his or her own place, and accepts or rejects events. In your terms, the race at any given “time” simultaneously works out problems in the dream state, and those solutions are then physically materialized. Because there is more freedom from time and space in the dream state, there is greater overall perspective; many solutions that may appear poor in the short range – as they are physically activated – will in longer range be seen as highly creative.

    Both privately and en masse,then, mankind utilizes the dream world as a preliminary working ground. From these “fantasized” realities and probable dream events come all the physically accepted “facts” in your world, while the same kind of event, physically actualized (underlined), becomes true.

    And here comes something VERY interesting:
    Your wars are fought, lost or won on the dream world first of all, and your physical rendition of history follows the tine line of only one series of probabilities.

    I am jumping a bit down page 394:
    The initial battle,so to speak, took place on a dream level, then privately and en masse the race decided which portions (underlined) of the event to actualize in in physical terms. Even in those recognized terms, however, it is quite apparent that the victor is often the loser.

    The Entire Event transcends any true or false judgments. An entire event, with all of its probabilities included, obviously cannot fit within your current frame of reference.

    You will accept from your dreams that information that largely agrees with your waking conscious beliefs. There IS interaction, as mentioned previously, in which new beliefs are tried out, so to speak. In that regard, you are not at the mercy of your dreams in any meaning of the word.

    (On the same page) By suggesting before sleep that solutions to problems be given you, you automatically begin to utilize your dream knowledge to a greater extent, and to open the doors (all the doors once again) to your own greater creativity.
    And now according to Seth:You may take your break.

    Wishing you & all a happy no-time-continuum.
    B&B,Inger Lise.

    1. You seem to have made excellent use of the Seth books all these years. You remind me that it is time for me to read them too. Interesting and heartening to see an intuition i came to decades ago referred to in what you quoted: “A point in space is also a point in what you think of as time.” I think we perceive time as in constant motion in one forward direction because the earth is being dragged through space and each moment is in each place. That’s what I said at the end of my first novel, 22 years ago.

    2. That is so helpful! This gave me insight with some things I’ve been struggling with:

      “New paragraph: In somewhat the same manner, your physical brain is a doorway that triggers activity in your mind. Your beliefs then are largely responsible for the areas of the brain (underlined) that you activate, and for the resulting nonphysical action of the mind.”

      This addresses how our beliefs help us connect and modify our own “signature”. It feels very important if we want to use our awareness to affiliate with a different part of consciousness.

  2. John,
    I feel a little of Ebenezer Scrooge’ giddiness when he woke up Christmas morning: the world may be the same but I’m not! I could see/feel in the late November material that we were taking a big turn, but in the holiday rush it got ‘left behind.’ Your thoughtful post pushed me to reread (starting for me with Frank’s ‘shock’ (12/24) and growing into what is now beginning to get through in the 12/27-30 posts

    I see this material inviting us to graduate from ‘this’ grade (second … third … ??) to the next. While the phrase “ … it is time for you to realize that your experience has been leading you to a new redefinition.” was probably directed at Frank, I’m pretty sure TGU includes any of us who choose to participate in this ‘moving on. ‘

    As always, after my flights of awe and excitement, I’m pushed back to here and now, to my human life, to waking up and living every day. So the question “What does it mean to be a miniature version of everything?” translates for me into how do I live this knowledge in daily live, to be happier and healthier and constantly more connected to guidance.

    I’m working to assimilate this current ‘flow’, but this comes through clearly:
    Everything I need is right HERE! There’s no need to go anywhere, be at any time, to follow any tradition; those nudges from guidance lead toward that more comprehensive understanding. Does this make the Journey any easier? Time will tell … but experience with this material so far tells me this IS the right direction.

    “You are not an orphan in the universe, nor a mistake, nor a poor relation nor an afterthought nor an irrelevance.” Hard for many to believe, but try this: gently ask yourself “What if I did believe that?” “What if it were true?” See what flows for you.

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