John Wolf — Becoming an Artist in Living

Becoming an Artist in Living
This message arrived spontaneously as I was mulling over my own lack of artistic talent a couple of mornings ago. It was an interesting response and showed me how creative we all are—but not the way I normally thought. I then found the useful TGU input excerpt that is repeated below preceding my “download”.
TGU: “You will remember that we say that your purpose on earth in physical matter reality is to choose and choose and choose and to create yourselves, and that the creation of yourself is the gift. Well, it isn’t only after you come back as part of us. It’s a gift while you’re doing it.”
DeMarco, Frank; Warren, Rita (2009-06-01). The Sphere and the Hologram: Explanations from the Other Side (Kindle Locations 2850-2853). Hologram Books. Kindle Edition.
From My Joint Mind
Consciousness is ever creating, it’s built-in.

How often do you look at a piece of art, a sculpture, an invention, or a book and say to yourself, “That’s very creative. I wish I could do that!” Our external senses tune us so completely into the objective world that we forget that every single moment we are creating ourselves.
Remember when Rita said that the 3D paths we experience are all theoretical until they are actually experienced? “Walking” the path by a consciousness imbedded in a body brings that path from theory into reality.
Not only does the reality you create get experienced by all of us, but it becomes an integral part of you. You are absorbing and being modified by every moment of every day. That’s what it means to be formed by living. It’s not just the big events, when something “significant” seemingly happens to you. Everything that every part of your body and mind register, whether you are aware or not, is connected in real time to the greater you.
(Words don’t describe the mental image of every tiny particle of my body and mind acting like a transducer, a receptor picking up input energy that it is attuned to, and connecting it to a counterpart in the non-3D.)
Those events that your trigger your human senses often result in emotions to expand and add depth to an experience. They add depth by getting “inside” through your heart and your “gut”, not just your head, and “inside you” is where the real creation is taking place. The rest of everything connected “inside”, goes through a similar process of assimilation and absorption and is also modified.
This nearly invisible (to you) continuous creation that is occurring for you, through you and to (the rest) you is 24/7, and it’s going on with everyone and everything you can see feel and touch. Isn’t it amazing?
You can sit quietly with a cup of coffee in the morning, and your mind can be wandering all over the place: the news, the view outside, the “daily inventory” of your sense of well being, the interaction with those around you; or, it could be on the worries of the day, the anxieties that you create with expectations. The morning might come and go as you experience it as just another morning. If someone asks you what you did that morning, you would probably give a typical human response, “Oh, nothing”.
If you could focus throughout your entire “inside” world, you would be astounded at the creation at work with you all the time you were doing “nothing”.
Yes, some people are the means to create music, art, literature, architecture, new inventions and new ideas. But no matter how creative you think you are in the 3D world you are making a masterpiece. Every moment of the day, every cell in your body is transforming and sharing experiential energy to help sculpt yourself in dimensions presently beyond your awareness.
Here’s a challenging thought. You see a person, a vagrant begging on a corner or searching for food and shelter. Could you believe that what is being created with that person is greater than Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony or the Mona Lisa? Every part of that mind and body is bringing forth in multiple dimensions the depths of every moment of anxiety, agony, worry, and every other aspect associated with being imbedded in that condition. What that person is likely experiencing as trauma is bringing into a greater reality a creative masterpiece.
This is not meant to justify suffering or lack of compassion for your fellow man; it is an example of the fact that vast creation occurs in every corner of life at every moment.
That person’s apparent condition also affects you. There is interaction whether or not you sense it, whether you’re compassionate or not, whether you’re motivated to do something or not. Whatever reaction you choose results in changes large or small to the creative process going on through you. You can become more or less aware of what’s flowing, but you can’t turn it off, you can’t stop it.
You are creating. You are the creation.

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