Rita’s World, Kindle edition

Publisher Bob Friedman informs me that the Kindle edition of Rita’s World is now available. He priced it at $5.99, in hopes of encouraging sales. (There goes my yacht and my Riviera second home.) Any of you who would like to comment on it after reading it, you know i’d love to have your feedback. muddytracks@earthlink.net

12 thoughts on “Rita’s World, Kindle edition

  1. I just purchased Rita’s World on my Android Kindle App. Thank you, so much Frank.

    Sincerely and with Love,

    Colleen B.Arcury

  2. Hi Frank!

    I’m in LA now on vacation and tried to buy your book before leaving Denmark, but it wasn’t released for sale yet, Amazon told me. Now I really want to get the Kindle edition, but where can I get it for $5.99? 🙂 I’ll buy the paper edition later, I promise, so that you will get that yacht. As a matter of fact you can buy ours cheaply as we haven’t sailed for two years anyway 🙂


  3. Thanks for the heads up Frank! I just got mine, but when I searched in “all departments” on Amazon it didn’t show up, just the unavailable paperback,I had to search for Rita’s World Kindle edition. Just to let folks know keep looking, it’s in there!

    1. Hi folks.

      I have just ordered the old-fashioned paper-version of Rita`s World from Amazon today….but wondered how come the book was already a “Used Book” according to Amazon ?(I have bought it for 12,99 U.S. Dollar)…Hmm,I have thought it is the NEWLY arrived book for the public to buy it? It must be the famous Simultaneous Time in action.

      lol, Inger Lise

    2. I downloaded it, too, and am enjoying reading it. I like reading books on my tablet, but It’s not so easy browsing and going back and forth to reread passages as it is with a paper book, so I’ll definitely buy the paperback version as we’ll.

  4. Just downloaded it! I would like it signed version thank you very much 🙂 Like Crystal, I will also contribute to the yacht fund when the hard cover version is available.


  5. I love it. (Downloaded Kindle version a few weeks ago.) Talked to my dad about the book, and he’s enjoying it as well.

    Question…where are the diagrams? Just got to the part where it says see p. 79. Are the not on the kindle version or at the end? (Tried to go to Amazon book description, but currently site glitch. Clicked and got black Friday ads on my Kindle Fire.)

      1. Thank you. Enjoying the healing book,as well. I am tremendously grateful for your work and that of your “crew” of various forms. 🙂

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