11 thoughts on “Rita’s World — just arrived

  1. VERY nice! I’m so glad you’ve compiled all these new dialogues. Thanks to both you and Rita, looking forward to adding it to my library ~

  2. Congratulations Frank, Rita & all! Fantastic job on the cover.
    It really draws one in. It has been gratifying to watch the creation process. Best wishes for success.

  3. Congratulations Frank !
    Absolutely a splendid cover.

    I`m back from the hills and much in keeping up with when at home again–(much to read in catching up with likewise, as I am computer free when away. No IPADS/IPODS or whatsoever with the data-age while up there for me; all the others may do what they please of course)–. A wonderful time with splendid weather and heavenly autumn-colors. AND the Cosmic View of The Moon from the top of the hills.The panorama of a Starry Night View.

    Rita`s book will be added to my wish-list as soon as it is available on the market(OF COURSE).

    LOL,Inger Lise.

      1. Thank you Frank—Hm, well, well, it is my husband who has too much to do at home as usual, after he had done the climbing about all the hillsides available in the surroundings — picking up all the blueberries and the mountain cranberries— (until there was nothing left of the berries).
        In fact, my sister (the owner of the cabin) was asking me the very same question as you did !
        It must be karma: I`m glad not to be as restless as my husband !
        P.S. I wonder what Rita says about opposites within a marriage (especially after nearly 50 years)…or, maybe she did once, but I cannot remember it ?
        You never know at my age to be nowadays.
        TIME OH TIME where did you go…?

        Anyway, glad to be back with you guys.
        B&B, Inger Lise.

        1. It seems to me that many if not most marriages are of opposites in many ways, interest in metaphysics being married to indifference or actual hostility. Jung says somewhere that people seek their compensation in the mate they choose, so i suppose it makes sense. Doesn’t make for peace and quiet, though!
          We’re glad to have you back, too.

          1. Thanks for all the blessings in my life Frank !
            I do believe it is very true what Jung says about it. From the very beginning I have admired my husband’s untiring ENERGY in all he does. He seems to be ageless. His age is no hindrance. He has the ability to not give in to anything practical (never gives up on anything)…. Hmm, wishing I could have the same ability likewise… BUT, I have the ability to give a damn about it, ha, ha, because of my humorous sense ! (I have learned it along the way).

            BTW: I am following a Seth Conference online in these days. But missed the three first days of the Conference(because to be away). Lynne McTaggart has been there while I was away.
            But last night was able in listening to Lynda Madden Dahl (living a safe universe), and Rick Stack, a former student in Jane Roberts classroom.

            VERY INTERESTING talk about MENTAL HEALTH, and “The Moment Point”, which constantly form corporeal reality. AND the many possibilities within simultaneous TIME. We are obviously able to change both the past and the future… It IS Science of the Mind.

            Lynda Madden-Dahl said she NEVER pays attention to worries anymore. She has learned “to trust” the Universe (in Living A Safe Universe). And NEVER thinks about herself as A SENIOR(she is 72 years old).

            E.C.again:” Mind is The Builder.”

            To become an Mental Optimist is the best way to live obviously.
            LOL, Inger Lise.

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