Spoke to the Guidelines class at The Monroe Institute, as I do four times a year, and as always came home energized by contact with intelligent, sincere, hard-working people exploring the boundaries and possibilities of communication with the forms of guidance from the non-physical that are available to us all.

As I tell my story, or the little bits of it that I can fit into the time available and the motifs of the moment, I am struck by just how long my story is getting to be. I have been at this a good long while now. I didn’t think, going into it, that it would be my life’s work, but that’s what has happened.

I look at each class — every person at a different stage of development — and I think, “they’ve got it all ahead of them.” Poignant thought.
I also think, “each new class makes that many more people who can help bring about the needed changes.” Hopeful thought.
And I remember Bob Monroe and Rita Warren and so many others known and unknown who did so much to make so much possible for so many, and I say, “thanks.”
Nuff said.

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  1. Frank,
    We all “stand on the shoulders of giants”, and like you I try to see and use that boost as much as I can.

    But more important is coming to understand that ‘I’ am a giant (as is each of us), and can learn to use that ‘power’ and understanding consciously. Your work builds on that of those earlier ‘giants’ and points me down that path of understanding, and for that I am grateful!

    1. As I am equally grateful for everyone who chooses to do the work. I am not “the guys upstairs,” but after writing about this for so long, I have come to understand their gratitude for everyone who takes the time to listen and to experiment and to communicate. The response from others validates the time and effort we ourselves have put in — as you may already know. (It not, I predict you will get the idea sooner or later, depending on how widely you communicate.)

      1. Frank, “The Connection,” I believe, can be THE overall importance to us in overcoming the belief in sickness as well as the “created” belief in the death-scenarios.
        I have reached the age of 70 now … and I am watching my old friends (how old my Swedish friends have become in their age of 70-and some to become 80 years old). AND how it seems their worries are about overall health/avoiding sickness, and participating in their friends’ death/funerals. A pair of the Swedish friends have also lost their oldest son at the age of 48 years old to cancer a couple of years ago.
        My old friend Audrey, age 97, who lives in Wisconsin, tells me she is participating in funerals en masse. AND she is a dedicated Catholic of Faith, and a very intelligent, smart, wise, and TOLERANT in everything about her, COMPASSION is her”name” (I am to find all superlatives by telling about her, she is one of the kind).
        In the end (I guess) is it all about what we do about what we know ?
        As always ever (forever) grateful to you Frank&Rita&All (friends both seen and”unseen”–behind the veil/curtain).
        B&B,Inger Lise.

        1. In the end, I suppose it is about doing our best to be the best person we can be. I don’t know anything else beyond that. Of course we each define “the best person we can be” differently, but that seems to be the plan. We are all different, we all are set a puzzle to solve (or are given materials and told to make of them what we will). I don’t think there is an absolute standard. But maybe i’m in for a big surprise, who knows!

          1. Thank you Frank, and agree with you.
            And more about “The Connection” has come to mind lately. Since grammar school, I seem to have been “drawn to Christianity”. As I have said once (or twice) before, my parents were among “The Liberals,” they more or less were “free” of any particular “belief-system,” other than nature lovers (and to teach the children about common sense in how to behave among other peoples). Looking “back” they were “open” to see the life from every angle possible. I have realized now to have experienced Freedom at large (better late than never).
            Smiling,Inger Lise.
            P.S. And all the “trouble” I have experienced later on throughout the life is of my own doing (or would never have learned anything about life).

          2. I particularly like “the trouble I have experienced later on throughout the life is of my own doing” as it shows you are well beyond victim-hood and into personal responsibility.

      2. Frank,
        Well, with the ‘push’/focus from your message I see and understand my connections better. Those shifts in understanding come quite often (for me) through your work, sometimes breathtakingly fast!

        I rarely connect with guidance verbally, and don’t feel ‘called’ to connect through the written word as you do, so my sharing of guidance is mostly one-on-one with co-workers, family, and my Zen sangha. Thus the connection is immediate and fluid, with space to listen and share and grow.

        Like everyone, you and I will be ‘upstairs’ eventually, and (perhaps) drawn toward being part of ‘TGUs’ for others. I don’t think it’s an accident that your last five posts have been about connecting … seems like gaining experience in such a vast complicated area could be useful, ‘here’ and ‘there’.

          1. No doubt! From John Dorsey Wolf’s message (8/8/15):
            “For as it changes you, it changes us as well, and ripples through everything. Application doesn’t mean you must become a source or conveyer of knowledge to others as much as your being will naturally affect others even in ways that you don’t sense. Let the knowledge work on you and the rest will happen naturally.”

  2. …and thanks for your “nudge” in today’s (8-24) post for more of us to check out/participate in these blogs.

    In re-reading “Cosmic Internet”, I am now getting more of an intuitive resonance w/ the idea of “threads”, “group minds”, and the idea of “individual as convenient fiction”. I’m much more “comfortable” working w/ these ideas now than I was when I first read the book (e.g., while I still grapple daily w/ the whole “mortality thing”, I am, at the same time, much more okay w/ the idea that once “Craig S. McLean” is “done” w/ this life-“time”, he will not “repeat”. I just hope I’ve learned/forged a new thing or two on my “sojourn”, to add to my “Upstairs”.)

    It is also no accident that the one other person locally, w/ whom I feel comfortable talking about these kinds of ideas (besides Susan, of course) dropped by the other evening while I was out watering the gardens, and ended up staying for dinner. Not long before, both Susan and I had said/thought, “gee, it’d be nice to see L. more often.” I steered her towards this blog, since she has some similar background (raised Catholic, former journalist) w/ you, and she is open to the “spaciousness” of this material (hard to describe, but that’s a “felt-sense” w/ me when I read most of this material).

    I’m still working on improving my “daily communications” w/ Upstairs; today I feel called to go back thru my journal notes of my “NDE-Intensive” experience at TMI (and figure out a way to fund myself to a “Gateway Voyage”!)


  3. Another subject here Frank, but I just ran across this quote in the beginning of Colin Wilson’s The Mind Parasites. I downloaded the book a while ago but am just getting around to reading it.

    Profound reading already or at least I feel a great resonance with this quote.

    “I must, before I die find some way to say the essential thing that is in me, that I have never said yet–a thing that is not love or hate or pity or scorn, but the very breath of life, fierce and coming from far away, bringing into human life the vastness and the fearful passionless force of non-human things.”
    Letter to Constance Malleson, 1918, quoted in MY Philosophical Development p. 261

    I love it! And…been working on channeled writing but it’s all been private so no sharing yet….

    Thanks again for being here,

      1. AHA !!! Thank you a lot mentioning Colin Wilson.

        Wow and wow ! I have the books by him in my book-shelters.

        And after I have made my latest reply under the blog-title “Hating America,”(the particular title is enough “to trigger” the question: “Why can`t we be GOOD all the time” (all the time no matter who or whom of us to be)… AND then “got a push” to be picking up “THE INTRODUCTION” to The Faces of Evil (an unpublished book) by COLIN WILSON, edited and with a Foreword by Vaughan Rapatahana (Colin Wilson studies #22), Paupers` Press.
        Quoting the back cover (I read it all a long time back, but I have forgotten it):
        “I would not like to pass a dogmatic opinion on whether there are such things as evil `entities` in the universe… That would presuppose that they are living beings who, like ourselves, are struggling to evolve to a higher level. But it seems to me wholly within the bounds of possibility that human beings have released `evil`forces of whose power and persistence they are unaware…”

        Gosh, what is this “leading” toward? WHAT prompted me to bring it up in asking myself about (kidding about) the old movie from 1936, Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde) AND at the same time to recall what the channeler Lily Bendress said about “The Seraphim” (The Keeper between Good and Evil) standing behind me during the seance/session.

        Hmm, it is the deep-diving into the human psyche.
        B&B,Inger Lise.

        1. I suspect that this is just the kind of work we are all to be doing, one by one, mostly unknown to the world or even to each other. With the long materialist nightmare shredding around us, it’s time for people to resume putting their attention to the important things, just as Carl Jung advised so long ago.

  4. On the subject of Colin Wilson: after reading Frank’s TMIE post of Colin’s Forward to Robert Clarke’s first book, the following is part came in:

    “It’s not that people are willing to settle for the mundane, it’s that they haven’t discovered themselves, and once that’s done, work to reconcile what they discover in the midst of a world that seems to tick away like a clock, uncaring and unsupportive, but forever marking time. The world is unreconcilable; it’s the reconciling, the accepting of themselves as they are at their core that is the task.”

    I’m not attributing this to Colin. I don’t who it came from; but, it was consistent with his Forward material.

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