Jung on the process of connecting

Monday, August 17, 2015

[Dr. Bernie Beitman’s question: “I differ from you Dr Jung in regard to practicality. I am not a theoretician although I embrace practical theories. I think archetypes and Unus Mundus are very difficult concepts and end up meaning different things to different people. But a coincidence that yields a job or psychological change, like the scarab are what healers like me want to help people find. What am I missing with the practicality?”]

F: 6:15 a.m. Bernie’s question – “What am I missing with the practicality?” I admit, I don’t understand what his question is, here, but I assume that you do. Can you explain us to each other, as well as answer his question in a way that will be meaningful to him and help to the rest of us? If all that isn’t possible, of course it is his question, so he should come first, I assume.

CG Jung: You ask, and you wish to tell me how to answer.

F: Yes, I heard that by the time I had finished writing out the question. All right, your show.

CGJ: Let me first address Dr, Beitman, then.

Dr. Beitman, you say you are not a theoretician, but perhaps you do not do yourself justice, or perhaps you see me in a way I do not see myself. You are a healer, as I was. You seek effective methods of treatment, as I did. But when you see things that work, or do not work, you wish to know why they do not work, so that you will have improved your ability to help other patients yet to come. I was not in any way different. In practice, this meant seeking for underlying causes, underlying connections. Is this not what you are doing in researching coincidences? You wish to know, for the help it may give you and for the intrinsic satisfaction of learning.

If you will examine my lifework, you will see that all my theorizing was not abstract speculation, not building castles in the air, but was an attempt to follow the threads that so many patients’ suffering had provided me. I did not begin with theory; I began with observation, and then added reflection and research. My long research into alchemy was at first almost against my will, but somehow I knew that I was reading a forgotten language that I – and, who knew, perhaps only I – could bring back to life. Not that I wanted to persuade the world to see life through alchemical metaphor, but that I wanted the insights that had been encoded, perhaps too well encoded, in that system of thought to be useful to the world again, and in a new way.

I was able to bridge those worlds because I still had the ancient languages, and I lived in Europe at a particularly momentous time, and I could extract enough of an income from my international patients to live as I chose, and I was enmeshed in professional associations that anchored me firmly in reality yet left me free to climb to a somewhat more elevated view of our common life. Yes, and to dig deeper, as well!

Your task is not different, it is your surroundings in time and space that differ. You are as much a translator as I am – was, I suppose I must say. You, however, connect to different things. That is the major distinction. I predict that you will find the way lonely enough, but after all a few friends is all one needs in one’s professional life. It isn’t a popularity contest.

F: I feel like it’s my turn to say something, but I have no useful thing to say. I’m just waiting.

CGJ: That in itself is an accomplishment. I spent plenty of time waiting. These things do not necessarily come when we summon them; sometimes we must wait for them to be ready, or us to be ready, or, shall we say, for the stars to align. And that is something for your friends to consider, as they go about their explorations.

F: Yes, I can see it.

CGJ: Very well. Another word for Dr. Beitman but it applies to anyone who reads this. You have heard this before, Frank, and I will say, you did listen. It greatly improved your access.

F: Sure did.

CGJ: Too much veneration is an obstacle. By your thinking there is a great gulf between your own humble self – “nobody” – and the noted person you contact, you in effect create that gulf! So if it is the great Dr. Carl Gustav Jung on one side of the communication, and “nobody” on the other side – how much communication can you expect to occur? But the difficulty is not in an inherent mismatch, as if you were gate-crashing, or autograph-hunting, but in your perception of a mismatch, one might say in your creation of a mismatch. It is your own assumption of a discontinuity that creates psychological distance within you, rendering it that much more difficult for you to recognize the contact that already exists.

And the “theoretical” problem underlying the very practical difficulty is this: In thinking yourselves nobody and the noted person someone somehow “above” you, you ignore two key unknowns:

1) You cannot contact anyone unless you and that person share links. (In practice, however, such links always exist, in differing degrees of closeness).

2) You do not know how far you (or anyone else, for that matter, but particularly you) extend. For all you know, your present being shares lifetimes with the person you are drawn to. So why start with the assumption of distance? Start instead with an assumption of connection.

F: I see that, now that you point it out, in my own experiences. There are some historical personalities I can’t imagine contacting – oil and water. At the opposite end of the repulsion-attraction scale, there are some that seem right there, available at will.

CGJ: All right, this is enough to give people something to ponder.

F: Does that mean you want us to close up shop a little early, today? Did you give Bernie what he needed on practicality?

CGJ: Perhaps not. Let me add this one thing. Your life provides you – anyone – with metaphors and symbols, in greater profusion than you notice or need notice. The common denominator is your attention, and what you do with what you observe.

It is really almost too simple to say, or to be easy to take seriously. What you pay attention to, you do because it has chosen you.

F: I get that, but I think only because we are linked. I’m not sure I would get it if I had to deduce the meaning from the words.

CGJ: Feel free to improvise, then.

F: Interesting metaphor. I get the sense of a jazz solo.

CGJ: Exactly so. But – improvise.

F: Our lives are lived in a sea of potentially meaningful symbols, connections, metaphors. We choose not at random but because our nature tells us what we can or cannot notice.

CGJ: You have the sense of it, but you need to try again. You distracted yourself.

F: Well – we put the meaning into our lives by what we select from among those potential metaphors, but what we are limits what we can select, or at least what we are most prone to select. So, whatever appeals to us is probably going to be the easiest and most productive approach.

CGJ: True enough, except of course life is not under your conscious control entirely, at least, not to appearance. So you cannot merely have things all your own way merely because you want them that way. Everyday life tells you that. So, your automatic pilot

F: Lost it, sorry.

CGJ: Follow your deepest impulses and things will go as they should for you. They won’t necessarily flow smoothly or quietly; you may not like everything that happens to you and around you, but you will be on course. Following your internal guidance is the surest, most practical, way to proceed.

And now we are finished for the moment.

F: Thank you as always, Dr. Jung.

CGJ: You call me that because you know no other name for me, but of course “Dr. Jung” is only one aspect of a larger being, as you have been told.

F: That simple statement opens up new ideas for me. [Bob] Monroe and Ashaneen, for instance. Shall we pursue it now?

CGJ: Let it marinate for a while.

F: All right. Well, thanks again.

CGJ: You are welcome, old friend, and my greetings to our other mutual friends reading this.

F: Unknown to each other.

CGJ: No harm in that. Goodbye for now.

5 thoughts on “Jung on the process of connecting

  1. I think what’s being shared here is what I call the Jesus trap. I was surprised as most when Jesus and family started to communicate with me. Jesus was grateful that I talked and listened to him, and not Jesus. I got how incredibly regular he was and how much I loved him. I loved him, not worshipped him. Lots of celebrity spirits visited when I was doing healings. They visit because they can. I notice them because I (we) can. I asked Bruce Lee why he watched me during a healing. He was curious, had heard about how I heal, and he wanted to say hi. But you’re Bruce Lee. “Yes, and you’re Simon.” With a smile. I’ve never called on healers to assist me. They just come. That surprised me. My guides shared I was chosen for this and I struggled with that for some time, but I said yes to everything they asked and offered. I let myself be directed and be in partnership. Whether it’s a celebrity, historic figure, or a hunter gatherer, spirits visit and assist with healings and sometimes watch and learn. It’s not an exclusive club, we can all have these experiences. A collegue of Jung’s often visits, but I’ve never heard his name. My guide always reminds me to be small and do great things. I see those traits in the spirits who visit and that encourages me to emulate them. It’s all a beautiful mystery.

    1. I think if we can preserve our humility without sliding off into abject “I am unworthy”-ness on one hand or inflated “I am just so special!” on the other, all the connections we can ever use are right there waiting. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know who we really extend to, throughout space and time?

    2. VERY interesting Simon, thank you for sharing this.
      I recall a friend of mine who is a Healer as yourself.
      Once she did a massage on me.And while I was lying there, she commented seeing “a little Chinese guy” instructing her in what to do. At the time I was not much into the Healing Modules, but what she did was very effective upon me. My friend told me never to have “seen him” before.

      A proverb (or a saying), came to mind: “A fortunate soul realizes that the path to happiness cannot be walked in someone else`s shoes. Your happiness fits you alone–perfectly.”

      Hm, sometimes wonder about the old saying: He/She is born with it–(born with the particular ability more than others, even to know ALL of us to have the same ability one way or the other)… It is the same with what kind of work each of us have chosen to do I guess ? A sort of “specializing” in performance.
      …one of the many,and thank you very much again.
      always,Inger Lise.
      P.S.I have missed being with Frank& all of you while in Sweden.They are always teasing me about “my metaphysical interests” throughout the years (I have quit saying another word about it anymore to them).
      Seth said something very interesting about the peoples who have CHOSEN to FOCUS only in the physical reality.

  2. JUNG has underlined his empirical-ness in all of his work. Here’s the best example I have on disk about his most well known insight;
    “I have often been asked, almost accusingly, why I speak of four functions and not of more or fewer. That there are exactly four was a result I arrived at on purely empirical grounds. But as the following consideration will show, these four together produce a kind of totality. Sensation establishes what is actually present, thinking enables us to recognize its meaning, feeling tells us its value, and intuition points to possibilities as to whence it came and whither it is going in a given situation..somewhat like the four points of the compass..provid[ing] a system of comparison and orientation…”

    From Psychological Types (1976 Edition: paragraph 958-59) by C. G. Jung (1931)

    I believe that keeping those 4 functions in good shape and synced to each other could be called “integral ecology” of the Pope Francis kind..which we might say shrinks the “distance” between higher consciousnesses of everyone, living and dead, My view is different : in that as space/time is (useful) illusion, nothing “shrinks”, but personal time “thins” and I can “momentarily” ride on the exterior of “the space train of thought”, open to communication with the rest of the Kosmos…So i agree with Frank that un-worthy/super-worthy feelings/thoughts are problems because they keep us in the train…

  3. This was the real gem for me Today! I have been re-evaluating my life as all wrong, because I have followed my deeper impulses and they didn’t make the road very smooth at all.Perhaps as this implies this isn’t going to be the outcome of such choices:

    Follow your deepest impulses and things will go as they should for you. They won’t necessarily flow smoothly or quietly; you may not like everything that happens to you and around you, but you will be on course. Following your internal guidance is the surest, most practical, way to proceed.”

    thanks Louisa

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