Totally unexpected clarification re reincarnation

One of my longer conversations, this morning — 13 journal pages instead of 9 or 10 — and the realization it led me to was SO satisfying.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

F: I awoke with the warmest feeling. I had been one of the inner circle, and I knew how lucky I was to be working for Jack [Kennedy]. We were moving into office the first day, everything was a huge mess, stuff [some leftover, some incoming] all around, in our old clothes, especially me, joking. I had to supervise the workers putting my own office in shape, but I didn’t want to leave his presence. When I did, I found three shelves of dusty volumes that had obviously never been read – Congressional Records, I thought, but they weren’t. They were some woman’s self-published diary over decades. Gradually woke up and did not lose that happy feeling, as though I was and am one of them, one of the inner circle of idealists of whom Jack Kennedy was the center. And in an odd way it still feels true. It is as if I am in touch with unsuspected parts of myself that have been functioning all along. I am connecting it to the article I read yesterday about Castaneda’s work being reproduced in a laboratory, and my work of recovering lost journal entries of my own, and watching “The Adjustment Bureau” again last night. Odd confluence.

F: 6:45 a.m. Oh. Took till now to realize, I can ask. Guys, what’s up with the dream and that feeling?

The guys upstairs (TGU): Left you happy, didn’t it?

F: Oh yes! Happy with a feeling like nostalgia rather than with any present-day responsibilities, or any longing. It was like I had been part of something wonderful, and I was remembering the glow.

TGU: “Pass through the glowing.”

F: Does that old poem, purportedly by Yeats [that I got while in a Lifeline exercise 20 years ago]have something to do with this? I remember seeing it yesterday in one of the journal entries I printed out.

TGU: Surely you see

F: I have “Yeats strands” within me, as he had, perhaps, “Bertram strands” within him. Oh – Oh.

TGU: Yes. Now on the one hand don’t allow yourself to get puffed up, because it isn’t special to you – it is universal – and on the other hand, now you see.

F: And I couldn’t have handled this earlier, no matter how welcome the news would have been.

TGU: It would have been a strain, to avoid an enhanced superiority and inferiority complex.

F: Wow, I see it. And seeing other people’s reaction to such ideas on my blog, and on TMIE, has provided me with great mirrors, letting me see the same reactions, in other combinations, and from the outside, as it were.

TGU: Now, slow down, damp down, and spell it out.

F: Okay.

It is another aspect of “we are all one,” except like most things the understanding differs.

No, that’s not the way to put it. Rita’s daughter [the psychic Laurie Grant] has had the experience of oneness with everything, and others have had it, and it totally transforms them and the world they live in. Mine is a somewhat more localized experience than that – a sort of halfway house between thinking oneself individual and isolated, and (on the other hand) thinking oneself – realizing oneself – one with everything.

TGU: With the caveat that this is a transient if helpful understanding, that will change with further experience, proceed.

F: What I have, this morning, is the sense – the knowing, the reconceptualization that became a feeling, and reciprocally the feeling that has led to a knowing and a reconceptualization.

At some point I could spell out the long journey that took me from conventional views of reincarnation to this, but not now. Here is what I realized – here is what is real to me, at least right now.

Everyone we are ever drawn to, for any reason – karmic links, people call them – is not because we have dealt with them before, but because in a sense we have been them. Not that I was Yeats or I was Hemingway or JFK or Lincoln or Thoreau or Emerson or Churchill or the Wright brothers [Wilbur Wright, actually] or so many others, but that at one time or another, in one way or another, each of them –

This is going to be hard to put into words. I seem to remember having tried to do it before, but I’ll keep trying.

TGU: Maybe a chart.

F: A chart?

TGU: A mythical chart, not a genealogy or even a soul genealogy, but a conceptual aid.

F: Okay. The rings-and-threads picture?

TGU: Start with it, anyway, and see where it leads. But do it left to right, instead of vertically.

F: Okay, let’s see. [an unsuccessful, half-hearted attempt.] no, I’m not getting it.

TGU: Then try it with descriptions working backwards from yourself, which is what anybody doing this is going to have to do anyway. Everybody starts with themselves, even if they hide that fact from themselves. When else could anyone start?

F: Okay. There’s me. I hear about Abraham Lincoln and I am instantly attracted to him.

TGU: Try to keep your biography (that is, your present-day life) out of it. What you are attempting to do is to sketch as an example for others your new awarenesses.

F: Okay. Mr. Lincoln.

1 Lincoln complete as one strand within me.
2 the spirit that became Lincoln and the spirit that became Frank sharing a soul, prior to 1809 or not. That is, this sharing does not depend upon Lincoln having already lived, as #1 would have.

TGU: If 2, [then] that soul – call him X; he may be unknown to history as are most of your or anyone’s connections, of course – that soul forms as unbreakable a connection to Lincoln and his other connections as if you descended from that is were Lincoln.

F: Thus leading to people’s confusion about “I was a famous man or a famous woman.”

TGU: That, but on the positive side, giving you the mechanism for how we are all one, on a more localized level that will have an impact on some people that “we are all one” does not.

F: Okay, I see it. And the only reason to use famous names as examples is because we have heard of them.

TGU: Well, not quite. People who become famous do so because of some reason, which enhances their effect on people. But, in general, yes. You are, and everyone is, mostly connected to people who aren’t famous, but are harder to recognize for just that reason. But just as genetically a king can have millions of descendants after enough generations, so in soul terms, everybody has millions of connections, some of which are going to be famous.

The practical take-away here is that by doing the work of reconceptualizing who and, more, what you are, you have moved into a different sense of yourself – and anyone who does the same kind of work on themselves will have a similar growth of identity.

F: That last phrase was awkward, but I know what you mean – they will see themselves differently and will experience themselves differently from then on.

TGU: Nor is the new experience anything more than a temporary halt (although each can make that halt as long as they wish).

F: Halfway house, I get that.

TGU: So now go type it up and send it out and enjoy your new connections.

F: It is as I was told in that vision in Gateway – “you are not alone.” This is in a way I hadn’t considered. We are not only accompanied by what we could call our spiritual friends – guides, angels, whatever – but by what we are, who else we have been, all those other lives we internally connect to.

Just like you outside of 3D. That just struck me!

TGU: Well, we are the same thing in different terrain. Haven’t we been saying that for 15 years and more?

F: But I never saw it that way. Of course! We are part of the same interconnected network, but 3D obscures the threads that are so obvious in non-3D.

TGU: That’s it.

F: And ego is needed to know who we are in the active-voice sense, and is a problem if it is allowed to distort things by making us think we are particularly important because we “were” Cleopatra, or even because we “shared a life” with the spirit that went on to become part of Lincoln.

TGU: Precisely.

F: “You’re special, just like everyone else.”

TGU: How else could it be? Different people get a chance to shine at different times, but nobody is the chief clown at the circus all the time.

F: They said Teddy Roosevelt wanted to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.

TGU: Colorful, certainly a role model who influenced people greatly, but you see the disadvantages of such a thirst to be the center of things. How many people can be the center (of what seems to you to be external life) at the same time?

F: But we are all the center of our own life.

TGU: The life you are entrusted with, that’s right. The life you have been given stewardship over.

F: Well, I’ll put this out there, and people’s comments will tell me where I failed to make something clear.

TGU: For fun, you – any of you – could make a sort of spiritual affinity chart. Merely start with those you feel closest to, famous or not, and keep going as connections occur to you. you may surprise yourselves, seeing how far even your present awareness of such connections extends.

F: I started with those unknown lives that came to me. Not a famous one in the lot, and now I see why. I see why I couldn’t find David’s book or Smallwood’s real name and military records.

TGU: It frustrated you but it also preserved a record of a search for the reality or unreality of ideas of reincarnation.

F: And preserved my from ego-inflation.

TGU: And that.

F: Well, off to the keyboard. Many thanks for the dream, the feeling, and the information.

TGU: Our thanks for paying attention – except you realize, or should, that this amounts to us thanking ourselves, both ways.

F: Well we can form a mutual admiration society.

TGU: We sometimes have a mutual aggravation society, you are sometimes tempted to think.

F: That too. Till next time – and even if it is to myself – thank you. Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Totally unexpected clarification re reincarnation

  1. I wanted to share here some comments I made to this on the TMI site:

    OH, Yeah. AHA. Of Course! It took this input, a very different kind of dream for me a couple of nights ago and an AHA moment in the shower this morning for it to come together in a very real and new way—in spite of the fact that I’ve had more than one of those “we’re all one” experiences before.

    I had never had a dream like this and it was vivid. I was being murdered, shot in the back of the head, in a German prison camp. I knew it was coming, all the anticipation was there. I heard first the shot of the person next to me, and I heard the shot that entered my head, somewhat muffled, as I was leaving my body, feeling no pain. I knew I wouldn’t feel it; I was wondering where I was headed…

    I was very connected to that person, but how? Because I was on the verge of being born when it happened I thought it was not possible that particular individual could be part of me. Now I see he and I were connected by a common strand, a life lived before either of us.

    In the shower it dawned on me the common threads that tie me and cause my attraction to past as well as contemporary people who are iconoclastic change agents. In the business world Peter Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, Joe Juran: for 40 years I was one of those (kinds of) people. Now Jane Roberts and Seth, Elias, Rita and Frank, Frank’s blog group, TMI and TMIE.

    A few months ago when I felt I was getting synchronistic inputs with what Rita was saying, I asked if I was related. The answer was “you share some common strands”. It didn’t strike me then like it does now.

    The “no names” (I mean it in the most positive way, lives that have been lived and are a part of continuing lives, but we can’t name them, at least now) tie us together in “real time”. I am grateful to them, and grateful to be of them.

  2. Back in 1995, I had the experience of dreaming the poet Rilke and then reading a biography and crying because I felt a link to many of his friends/associates. I had a private session with Samuel, (channeled by Lea Schultz),here in Lexington, Ky. Samuel says to me,”You shared a projection, (into form), with that one”
    I think I get what that means now…thanks to Frank and TGU!

    1. I think a lot of us are going to get some clearing-up-of-old-business because of this reincarnation thread we have been pursuing! Delighted to hear that it rang true for you.

  3. I love this conversation and also realised what you’ve shared, although not as eloquently, over the last few years. I’m a great admirer of your conversations.

      1. Ditto to what Simon says.
        I am considering this blog by Franks` as a GIFT(to all of us I think).
        What came to mind as well is the old bible-quote:”What you do to others you do to yourself”….and vice versa.

        And of course simultaneous time(time as artistic illusion,smiles).
        B&B,Inger Lise.

        1. Frank?
          I wonder, please have you ever heard about Gary Renard? The author of “Love Has Not Forgotten Anyone” and”The Disappearance of The Universe” and the book “Your Immortal Reality.”

          It is several years since I read the books, but Gary Renard`s “Guides” which he called The Ascended Masters& Teachers (or the male&female aspects of himself) showed up to him PHYSICALLY as Arten and Pursah in his home-environment.

          I came to recall his books because not long ago I woke up from a dream where “someone” said to me loud and clear: “You are LOVED.”
          As in the dream (as much I am able to recall the dream right now) I struggled with the concept about “Unconditional” Love. Especially The New Age-Concept about it.
          It is in the cell-memory… The built-in old teaching: “You reap what you sow” (more or less doomed by your actions), and the old saying: Like attracts like (the law of attraction; unless you change your manner, you will be”doomed”).

          Rita,TGU,and Seth have clearly stated it is nothing of the kind… As have ACIM told (Jesus-The Christ, eventually The Holy Spirit,about Oneness) as well.

          Seth says there have been THREE CHRIST`s, and Edgar Cayce said:”There has NEVER been “a time” without The Christ.

          Okay,on with the daily housework (very much symbolism in it, I suppose).
          LOL,Inger Lise

          1. Well, I don’t know why either saying should be taken as a threat rather than a promise. If you reap what you sow — be careful what you sow! If like attracts like — be aware of what you want to attract, and BE that, as best you can. This all sounds like good news, to me, and sounds realistic.

            My “old friend” Henry Thoreau once said he wouldn’t want to be a happy man — that is, one subject to chance — but “a necessitated or doomed one.” A mroe cheerful take on the concept of necessity, you see. 🙂

          2. Re: the comments by Seth and Cayce on Christ. If “Christ” is interpreted as the Christ Consciousness, both statements could be true. As I recall, Seth said the Christ Consciousness incarnated in three humans: John the Baptist, Jesus and Paul. Whereas, looking at it “strand-wise”, the Christ Consciousness strand could be in everyone, certainly if not direct, then indirect.

          3. The digital age has it’s advantages. An Order Outside Time is on my iPad literally in seconds. I look forward to getting into it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Joseph Campbell said this:

    Individualism is perfectly fine if the individual realizes that the grandeur of his being is that of representing something. Even representing a system of ideals and images that the rest of the world and the environment doesn’t have; he still is the agent of something and he is a presence. But when the individual is acting only for himself or for his family or for his team, then you have nothing but chaos.

  5. At various times in my life I have been obsessed with Thomas Jefferson, Crazy Horse, Cynthia Parker, Marie Antoinette, Chopin, Michael Jackson and others. These characters even show up in my dreams. Soul group?

  6. At various times in my life I have been obsessed with Thomas Jefferson, Crazy Horse, Cynthia Parker, Marie Antoinette, Chopin, Michael Jackson and others. These characters even show up in my dreams. Soul group?

  7. Frank,
    I’m working on your phrase “the spirit that became Lincoln and the spirit that became Frank sharing a soul… “
    Would it sound right to say this as ‘Strands from Mr. X became part of Lincoln and part of Frank, forming an unbreakable a connection’?

    1. You aren’t the only person to have trouble with that phrasing, so I’ll try to restate it a little more comprehensively than your specific question. (My situation reminds me of Jimmy Durante, when people laughed at his jokes, saying, “They write ’em, I just says ’em.”)
      As i got it, we are looking at two possible conditions, either or both of which could be true. The first is strands from X going into Lincoln and other strands from X going into Frank. A second situation, less easily comprehended, could be a life (call it W) comprising strands from y and from z, y having been one of my past lives and z having been one of Lincoln’s. In such case, W could enter into both Lincoln and Frank, or either, and it would be a recurrent strand reinforcing itself and braiding — but i haven’t mulled this. Hopefully time will give us a better handle on these ideas.

      1. My sense is that the possibilities are enormous. Not only are there large numbers of second, third and fourth tier connections, but that there are connections that could be made in similar ways via lives in other physical realities, of which are uncountable.

        1. ABSOLUTELY agree with you John(hm, well, it seems to be true all the time to me, smiles).

          I came to be thinking about of what Frank pointing out in “Trust” yourself all the time.AND then came to recall (how very odd the remembrances seems to”awakens”, somehow latent, by listening to all of you indeed !
          MY own experience back then vividly comes to mind: I was in bed all alone, in a pitch black bedroom. not my own usual bedroom, and it never occur to me to light a lamp, pitch black as it was, as not to be afraid of dark rooms or dark cellars), but I was in deep sorrow of a loss and could not manage to fall asleep. I was crying heavily… For the very first time in many years said The Lords Prayer with the total surrender of everything (a very deep-felt surrender, and intense) while in bed. THERE and THEN– A SHINING BRIGHT STAR showing up in the corner of the ceiling at first,and there after moving closer to me (it was more shining than the Sun– more WHITE of “the color”): I became SCARED at first, pulling the quilt (blanket), cover over my head and face, but after a while became rather curious and pulling a flap aback to have a look again; and The Shining “Star” still “hanging” there in the corner of the room (it seems to be “pulsating”/-a sort of vibration/-breathing). Well, NEXT what”happened” was me to fall into a deep PEACE, which cannot be explained by words only– AND then fell immediately into sleep.
          When upon awakening next morning, the very same DEEP PEACE (a peace which passes understanding) continued to be with me the whole day and it lasted the whole week. I went to work as usual (not in any metaphoric way), but with a calmness and inner peace never to have experienced before in my life.

          Too bad it did not lasted forever that is.
          BUT, it was “a peace which passes understanding.”
          How else, eventually, in explaining it as somehow our (W)Holy-Oneness”?
          Since back then (by the particular experience) to be convinced about the existence of The Christ Consciousness everywhere about us.

          Wishing you, and all, a happy week ahead– see you when back from Sweden.
          Heartily, Inger Lise

  8. As a one-time engineer, Frank, your TGU reincarnation inspirations induce some thoughts float to the surface. It seems that we’re each bits and pieces of past incarnations selected, I’m told, for the functions and purposes our greater Being has in mind for us(?) Are all those parts selected from incarnations within our clusters, our higher Beings? Given the exponentially sophistication of our 3D technology, which I am told reflects creative acts first performed up there, may it be that our personal incarnation designs are increasingly ever more refined? If the answers to these are as I suspect, it appears that the present human greater Beings are on many development trajectories, the extremes of which are opposed. On the one hand, I’m thinking of our dominant modern culture centered on the myth of the separate individual and survival of the fittest; no purposeful lie too great, if it serves this purpose. On the other extreme is an emerging culture focused on mutually supportive relationships and community in the large, all “living” Beings included. In some sense, a war is going on and our designs have been chosen to further related activities on each of our greater Beings’ behalves(?) These thoughts are all surely far too simplistic, but I have hints from upstairs they may be in the ballpark. Any insights your TGU may have would be invaluable, because we or most of us are struggling, actually sinking in a swamp of storied confusions and me-me-me misdirections. It is so easy to spin away time and effort, while it seems there isn’t enough of either. The bang-on-the-side-of-the-head watch words I repeatedly hear are “let loose” and “trust”, i.e. apparently, focus on cutting the draglines and turn it all over to my greater Being. TGU comments? Rita comments?
    Other commenters bring up Christianity, which leads me to pose some other questions for your TGU. Those at Monroe and the OOB like tell us that, yes, there are heavens and hells—that we create for ourselves depending upon the stories to which we are clinging. The idea of God judgement appears questionable, because we are not different from God. If we need a savior, it is to wake us up to that which in essence we are, which is how I read much of what Jesus presumably taught. That idea, however, was condemned as a Gnostic heresy by those few who got Constantine’s mother attention and could, so, clear the ground of all contenders. Christianity is a bunch of stories, mostly some say badly supported. My guides tell me to let loose of all word-ridden stories and to become intimately aware of that which is, to allow inspiration to flow. Am I misunderstanding my TGUs, your TGUs, and Rita?

    1. There is material here for quite an interesting essay, or at least a guest post for my blog, and I hope you will write it. I will talk to someone tomorrow morning (I never know who it’s going to be ahead of time), probably Rita or TGU (probably not a presidential contender), and we’ll see what reactions this gets.

      My own immediate horseback reaction is that “trust” is good advice, provided you don’t throw later judgment out the window.

    2. Thanks, Frank and Don, for your contributions–I feel in a similar position of “late”–and I need to get at least some of this written down. Whether “published”, or just to clarify it for myself, I need to get “my story” out, if only to “heal” some very old patterns, even just those accumulated in the living of “this” life.

      That’s a great idea; I may well compose my own “chart”, of those w/ whom I feel an affinity (early on, it was Ben Franklin, and Thomas Edison; I’ve had a peculiar fascination w/ light bulbs of all sorts, since age 9!) Another hint was to whom I felt drawn, when I did the “NDE-Intensive” at TMI in April; these may “merely” be “energetic resonances”, but…One person, like myself, is deeply moved by music; another was a pilot and sailor; still a third was a psychotherapist from New Jersey. And the co-facilitator, and massage therapist on site, as well. Conversely, the ones I “limited my time around” were more “into gurus”, and certain teachings w/ which I feel little/no affinity. Good “hints”, I expect….

      Just “checking back in”, after being offline (by choice–my “sensitivity level” demands these breaks fairly frequently).


  9. Thanks, Frank, for the guest post offer. Some related events have happened in my life in the past couple of years that I feel will fascinate others, but my curse is always drowning the telling in too many words. My writing simply happens and what appears on the page is often, maybe usually, a surprise to me. When the “demand” that I write raises its head, I have no choice but to do so. Otherwise, there is a bright, beautiful world calling out there and I refuse to sit in front of a keyboard. We’ll see what happens. Don

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