I was going through some old saved messages, and came across this, which seems timely and in fact is probably always timely. I sent it out Feb. 15, 2013 and titled it “Causes.” As far as i can see, nothing has changed.

My friends send me emails and links about various things that concern them. Many of them I agree with but find myself unable to give more than casual assent. I was reading about something or other, realizing that I agreed but couldn’t bring myself to actively care, when I all but heard this:

“Care about what you care about, not what you think you should care about. Leave the things you think you should care about, but can’t, to those who are called by them.”

If we each stick to the things we care about, nothing important will be neglected. We are all specialists in this world.

6 thoughts on “Causes

  1. I find this a very good reminder. With so many “issues” facing us, I find I have to stick to the ones I can do–and prefer to do. So many “causes” about some very “large” matters currently at hand, and I’ve witnessed so many trying to “do good”, but seeming to end up “pushing against” what they’re “fighting”. Rather like “trying to solve problems on the level they were created”.

    Thanks for this reminder…


  2. Frank,
    The last several posts ‘speak’ to me through this one, in that the posts and responses have shown a very wide range of ‘causes and caring’, and I suspect many people feel there should be a ‘common cause’ here for us to put our caring into.

    I see Rita/TGU/CGJ suggesting just one ‘cause’ to care about: to individually work to connect better with ‘guidance’ in whatever form each of us perceives/understands it. In my life that growing connection makes life easier, more fun, less painful, and more understandable, sharping my awareness of what I care about while allowing me more attention and energy to ‘give’ to it.

    For me that’s what makes a line of knowledge ‘successful’ (useful); this one is all of that and fun too!

  3. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I was in school, having to learn stuff I had absolutely no interest in, which reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw that went …

    I’ve just spent another whole day without using algebra.

    1. And think of the careers that have been blighted (presumably) by low marks in algebra on their transcripts! Any passing grade i ever got in algebra was an act of charity.

  4. I’ve been away for a bit, *trying* to make sense of life (reading way too much of many diverse things and making my brain explode, without much more sense being made), and this post speaks to me, as do so many.

    I care too much about too much, it seems, and get frozen by all the suffering I see. I can’t save everyone, and every animal. I can’t even save my own daughter who is close to suicidal and we will both be homeless in a few months.

    BUT … if I see all of this as steps in growing my soul, lessons being learned, challenges being faced, however imperfectly, I can carry on. This experience will change into another one, inevitably, and all I can do is accept and keep asking my guides and hope I can stay clear enough to hear the answers.

    Thank you for letting me waffle, and for making some sense of it all. This place is an oasis.

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