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Expanded Reincarnation Input

(by John Dorsey Wolf)

“There are beginnings and then there are beginnings.”

One view of ourselves in the 3D is that we did not exist before we were born, and in one sense of the formation of our unique soul that is valid. However, the ingredients for our existence existed beforehand, and the capacity to exist as we are is inherent from before that. So when looking at reincarnation as a sequence of lives, where do you start? Following the flow “upstream” it could be envisioned that the consciousness stream that eventually became what we are did not even include Earth life reality. So is it accurate to say your spiritual heritage is only a product of Earth lives lived?

For the intellectual evaluation of reincarnation one could arbitrarily start the examination with the first life lived in Earth life reality by a subset (itself arbitrary) of consciousness called the greater being. If the region of consciousness is expanded beyond that somewhat arbitrary boundary of the greater being, what you just called “first” is likely no longer valid.

All one might expect to accomplish with an examination of a sequence of lives is the study of the characteristics of a portion of the flow of consciousness perceivable from a 3D being viewpoint. And that’s very limiting.

“Reincarnation as it is currently discussed in 3D is in the context of some sort of Earth life progression, which itself has to be put in context. Earth life progression and that process for creating new souls is not the only game in town.”

Reincarnation needs to be seen as a sub part of the overall flow of consciousness. It needs to be recognized as a process “mid-stream”, neither at the beginning nor at the end of the evolution of a soul, and it needs to be recognized as one of a myriad of choices that can help a soul form and evolve. (Moreover, help it’s greater being and beyond evolve.) To consider reincarnation from beyond the confinements of 3D, these broader aspects need to be considered.

“Furthermore the concept you’re dealing with here often carries with it the hidden assumptions of sequence, state separation and progression from a lower to a higher state.”

Reincarnation can carry with it hidden assumptions. Even though we may expand our thinking beyond the implications of serial time to sequencing, we may be assuming a separation of states and a low to high progression that is not an accurate representation of the more complex reality that reincarnation is a part of.

“Consciousness that creates new souls has always existed, all ingredients present from the beginning, active or latent.”

Our Earth life existence, even perceived narrowly as a “crystallizing soul”, is not simply the result of previous states of our existence or previous lives. Everything necessary, the potential, for “us” to be “us” is present in that core consciousness which does exist, has always existed, and continues to be in us (and everywhere else!). A so-called previous life, or even a community of lives forming a strand which contributes downstream to further souls, can be viewed as a means to activate latent potential that already existed.

(This muddies up any simplified logic of A leads to B, or even A +B +C leads to D. It would be closer to reality to say a previous life, or lives, contribute to the realization of the inherent potential to become what we are at this point.)

“Every element of consciousness has within itself the capacity to be all. And consciousness is (inherent in existence), and not subject to limitations of any physical or non-physical reality. There is no limit to the number of ways that consciousness naturally seeks to create and experience and be all that it is capable of.”

It could be said every element of consciousness has within itself the capacity to be All That Is; albeit, that potential may never be fulfilled. Consciousness naturally moves toward fulfillment, and is not constrained. Free will exists, and all roads do not lead through what we call reincarnation cycles.

“So a second (point) of greater understanding is to recognize that the growth or cycle
you refer to as reincarnation is one of myriads of choices that can be made, that are made naturally as the tendencies inherent in consciousness activate.”

The choice to experience reincarnation is made intrinsically and naturally, not as a result of mankind’s perceptions or judgements. There exists that tendency to experience what we call reincarnation as there exists other tendencies, and it becomes activated outside 3D.

“Third, all connections exist (always, even when not sensed), so that it is difficult to speak to action or choice of a sub part of anything. Everything affects everything else.”

One might be tempted to isolate the choice to experience reincarnation to that region of consciousness we refer to as a greater being. But that entity is connected to and an integral part of the rest of consciousness, with varying degrees of awareness. There is no such thing as an isolated decision at any level of consciousness. It is influenced, knowingly or not, by all else, and it influences all else as well, knowingly or not. (To me this makes a statement like, “Mary died unexpectedly very young, so she returned to Earth quickly in another body” highly oversimplified, even though that very well may be a valid perception from a limited 3D point of view.)
“Yet, here you are, in the middle, as you will always be, because there is no beginning and no end.”

You find yourself, now aware of these aspects, nevertheless searching for your beginnings and your future and those extend infinitely in both directions, and always will.

“You are consciousness of pure and limitless potential, and you are consciousness in process of becoming, and you are consciousness having uniqueness from experiences and paths chosen.”

(This caught me off guard). It was received in a way that meant these three states of being are not at all mutually exclusive, and in fact we always exist simultaneously in all three states. This makes it very difficult to define a specific starting point or point of maturity of soul formation, despite the valid concept of crystallization that Rita has discussed. In this context perhaps crystallization doesn’t really mean “complete”, but “lasting” and able simultaneously to provide an individual viewpoint, while contributing to and continuing to be influenced by further becoming.

“Physical Life, and Earth life specifically, is a crucible, a fabric producer, so to speak. It doesn’t originate consciousness but it can blend and create and solidify for further use and for further creation and expression.”

It is emphasized that physical reality does not originate core consciousness, the core ingredient of all. It can mold it, blend it, change it and stabilize the result. (To me this reduces the temptation to think of ourselves as being created solely via our birth on Earth, or birthed solely for the purpose of living an Earth life.) It follows that the more we are able to view what we call reincarnation as a part of greater consciousness rather than a part of evolvement of mankind (not that mankind’s evolvement doesn’t also occur), the better will be our understanding of it.

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