Looks like we have our title

[Talked to Rita this morning, sent the following to Bob Friedman and he confirmed he liked the second combination, as do I, even though I had resisted the idea of having Rita’s name in the title.]

F: You have seen us casting about for the right title and subtitle for the book. Presumably it exists – can you give it to me?

R: I can if you will get out of the way. It is only information; no need to clutch and for that matter no need to think it is set in stone and you have to take it. If you don’t like it, go to another timeline with a different title.

F: Okay, got that. So what is the title/subtitle that will have the greatest success, make the greatest impact?

Rita: Seeing the world though non-physical eyes.

Did I get it right?

R: Not quite, but you’re moving in the right direction.

F: I wouldn’t have thought putting your name in the title – as the title, in this case – was the way to go.

R: Well, maybe you aren’t just making this up.

F: Yeah, very funny. Okay, let’s try again.

Rita’s World: The view from the non-physical


R: Close enough. Try it on Bob.

5 thoughts on “Looks like we have our title

  1. I like it!!! A minor suggestion: Rita’s World: A view from the non-physical. A slight tweak as Rita’s view is not the only one. But I am on board no matter what you call it!!

    1. Not bad, but we have a title and subtitle as of a couple of hours ago, thanks mostly to Rita.

      Rita’s World:
      A view from the non-physical

      i want to thank everybody who came up with suggestions. You never know what’s going to prime the pump.

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