Seth and our culture

As I look around at what most people seem to believe, it’s like living in an insane asylum. Scientists have their particular brand of insanity; religious fundamentalists theirs, liberals and New Agers their own, gloom-and-doomers in general, theirs. What a relief, then, to pick up a Seth book and see this calm survey of these life-denying beliefs, putting them into context. And what an affirmation to find my own beliefs put better than I can myself.

“The species is in a state of transition, one of many. This one began, generally speaking, when the species tried to step apart from nature in order to develop the unique kind of consciousness that is presently your own. That consciousness is not a finished product, however, but one meant to change, evolve, and develop. Certain artificial divisions were made along the way that must now be dispensed with.
“You must return, wiser creatures, to the nature that spawned you – not only as loving caretakers but as partners with the other species of the earth. You must discover once again the spirituality of your biological heritage. The majority of accepted beliefs – religious, scientific, and cultural – have tended to stress a sense of powerlessness, impotence, and impending doom – a picture in which man and his world is an accidental production with little meaning, isolated yet seemingly ruled by a capricious God. Life is seen as “a valley of tears” – almost as a low-grade infection from which the soul can be cured only by death.
“Religious, scientific, medical and cultural communications stress the existence of danger, minimize the purpose of the species or of any individual member of it, or see mankind as the one erratic, half-insane member of an otherwise orderly realm of nature. And or all of the above beliefs are held by various systems of thought.”
From The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, pp 45-46, May 16, 1977

5 thoughts on “Seth and our culture

  1. Frank, my copy of Mass Events shows that your word “spies” in the second sentence should be “species”. I agree that this is a fine passage from a great book.

  2. Frank,

    “You must return, wiser creatures, to the nature that spawned you – not only as loving caretakers but as partners with the other species of the earth.”

    This was the message of Findhorn and many of the writers with a spiritual focus.

    The how is really the challenge. Your implication or statement from your conversations with Rita and I quote, ” I mean changing the world radically, individually as if by magic. Changing your viewpoint, your life, and our world.” is the hope.

    I have been on a similar journey and truly believe this purpose and probability. However, when I get caught up in looking at crisis after crisis, I wonder if this is a counter purpose at the same time .

    There is also the great support with our Guys clearly which is telling us we can make the change magically and that defies old paradigms. I am exploring the magic.

    1. I wish i could keep up with the news without having to watch, listen to, or read the newscasts. I neither watch nor read nor listen, but the cost is that i am farther and farther from the main stream of what is going on. Worth it, to remain free of the gunk, but it has its cost.

  3. Hello Frank&All.

    Since “Time” is “a play of the game” as Seth says…well, in “The Early Sessions (book 9)” on page 50: “Time is useful only as a method of organizing perceptions. Perception itself does not require time. Within your system however perception does seems dependent upon it. Using your terms non-time is as plastic as space seems to be.
    Space can be formed into tables and chairs, mountains and continents, but Space is not dependent upon tables and chairs, mountains or continents.”
    On page 51:
    “It is important that you understand that time puts limitations and barriers in the way of perception. You will not need to see thoughts materialized in physical matter, for you will have long since have learned that the thoughts and not the matter are the basic reality. You will be able therefore to dispense with many seemingly permanent mass images, but when you form them you will realize why and how.”

    “You manipulate within your system of thoughts.”

    Hmm, it reminds me about one of the E.C. Readings which says: “Thoughts are Things”.
    And another Reading likewise: “You are Your Own Thoughts.” Well, it takes a while to realize the same “as a matter of fact scenario”, that`s for sure.

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