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Bob Friedman’s press (Rainbow Ridge Books) is going to publish the Rita material this fall, but he and I are still searching for the right title/subtitle combination. It occurred to me, why not ask those whose lives are being changed by it?

Any ideas for a title and/or subtitle, folks?

12 thoughts on “Looking for ideas

  1. There is no river to cross…. How your life continues.

    Be There Now.


    The Rita Material

    One Life, Both Sides

  2. Frank ? I have yet to see any book-title known as”I of my own knowledge”printed elsewhere(at least not to know about as yet).
    Your blog with the particular headline caught my interest by “the very first sight”.
    …..or else would not dare to suggest anything at all…!

    Good Luck with it,and looking forward to buy the book when it is ready of course !
    B&B,Inger Lise.

  3. No matter what you decide to call it, I suggest that the linkage to The Sphere and the Hologram be apparent to the prospective reader. It’s my opinion that any reader will get even more out of it by first reading S&H. One way to encourage that is call it: “The Sphere and the Hologram, Book II”.

    1. Why not John….I have thought about the link with The Sphere&Hologram likewise.

      “A dialogue through space and time,” as Jude has mentioned.

      B&B,Inger Lise.
      P.S. All of us here knowing The Sphere&Hologram of course.
      A book-title can be “attractive” when to watch the Headline for the new readers.
      It is very much the individual view upon everything.

  4. I find this a fun idea. I guess you and Bob will have to key into the audience you want to attract. If you want a broad attraction you may want a more informal encompassing first line. The Sphere and the Hologram is not for the average person in terms of a title.

    This morning while I was thinking about your question And all the material I got

    “You’re more than you Think You are/ further conversations with Rita and the Guys upstairs.

    Last night I felt “We’re closer than you think we are/” as the first line grabber for the market.

    Best wishes as the journey continues.

  5. Hi Frank, So glad you’re going to publish!

    How about:

    As Above, So Below:
    A Conversation From Both Sides of the Veil

    Good luck, your books just keep getting better and better ~

  6. Hi Frank:

    Wonderful that this work is going to publication!

    Terrific suggestions from all!

    Here’s mine:

    Conversations With Rita: Accessing the Wisdom of Your Vast Consciousness

    Best wishes

    1. Ditto to what you have told Karla.

      The only thing is the below title have been “used” before in other books.
      You know There is a vast library of New Age Books “out there.”

      We have to figure out something “rare”–something “unique”–Whatever that could be, that is!

      What about:Knowing You, Knowing Me.
      Subtitle: A Joint Journey in Timelessness with Frank and Rita.

      BTW:Wonderful weather in these days.We will have to enjoy the short summer months “up in the North” with Daylight all Night long.
      Yesterday all of a sudden realized we are “living-on-the-sunny-side-of-the street” (A song by Frank Sinatra or was it Dean Martin?).
      B&B,Inger Lise.
      Ooobs–A THOUGT appeard right now while sitting here at the PC!!Why not a book with the title:” A Song To Remember”!!

  7. “Lifting the Veil”
    “You Are Connected Community”

    You are getting some good suggestions from many dedicated followers. It appears you’ll need to be thinking of a lot more books to use all those good potential titles!

  8. I like the suggestion of:

    Conversations With Rita: Accessing the Wisdom of Your Vast Consciousness

    The name Rita is easy to remember because of the Beatles song. A book title that is easy to remember is a big plus. It also feels personal, accessible and relatable, because it is a person’s name.

    I also like the “Your Vast Consciousness.” It communicates the subject matter while at the same time delivering an attractive & affirming message to the reader about themselves. People are attracted when it is about them, when it includes them in the picture. An ATTRACTIVE book title would be a plus!

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