Hogwarts? For real?

The current issue of Fate magazine has an article by my friend Michael Langevin, titled, “Is There a Real World Hogwarts?” As you may imagine, it’s about the magical possibilities of a certain institute in central Virginia. I must admit, I read only one Harry Potter book, and didn’t like it, so the comparison has no charm for me, but it’s nice to see The Monroe Institute get some favorable ink. I don’t know the demographics about Fate readers, but i would think that at least some of them ought to be interested.


For nearly two dozen years, TMI has been a major factor in my life, and it, and the community I tapped into there, have done more to make me whatever it is that i am than anything else i can name.

If you don’t know about the place, take a look at their website. Poke around, see if intuition prods you in that direction. You never know.


8 thoughts on “Hogwarts? For real?

  1. Hello Frank, and thanks for the links.
    Nothing surprises me anymore, and who knows what to believe?
    I have never been interested in Harry Potter, but have been “forced” a couple of times by my grandchildren to watch two of the movies with Harry Potter with them (I fell asleep).
    LOL,Inger Lise.
    P.S. I`m totally “shaken up” by listening to the one tape (I wonder what`s next?)… I`ll need a pause.
    I was asking Lily on the cassette about two strange names:The one name is “Avalanka”…the other is”Solace Tiara” (totally forgotten by me).
    And here is what she said in trance:”Avalanka” is a Star-Conciousness, from a Star-Constellation unknown to you within your Solar-System…but still your “contact” and guide from “the beginning of all Creation.”
    AND the name”Solace Tiara” belonged to the DEVA-KINGDOM, a connection with “the inner Earth” and the development of the Earth, in bringing the earth “up” to a higher crystalline vibration.”
    I must MEDITATE more… because I have “skipped”the whole thing, it became too much to digest and to handle; and have closed myself “into the shell”.
    I am retired as you know!!
    Not to mention what Lily told about the SEVEN incarnations (corresponding with the seventh Chakra, the eye of Horus in the Egyptian Life, which Lily told to be my connection with the wise old man and the Pyramid), besides the Seven incarnations with my husband…and it was pretty STORMY to say the least, OH MY… I am to have an afternoon nap after all these things… totally exhausted… and shocking to “the bone.” It is all depending on “how to overcome Limitations,” us to be FREE (I am thinking seriously about finding myself a resting-home instead).
    LOL,Inger Lise.

  2. Near enough perfect comparison for me.

    Nancy Penn center has that same “magical wow factor” as Hogwarts does for the children entering it.

    As with school, at TMI we are taught tools to use in life but are also evolving as people, finding our places and what resonates with us.

    It can seem like the rest of the world don’t understand us, and also to a degree fear us (or at least, fear the possibility of change and of the unknown), in the same way “Muggles” do in the book.

    And I guess that, like Harry Potter himself, we’re searching for answers to seemingly impossible questions and sometimes have to show courage and face (inner) demons in pursuit of them!

    1. Hello into the deep south of England (smiles)from across the North-Sea.

      Well,it is very true indeed.Both in The British Isles and here in Scandinavia of us “to be born with” all sorts of Sagas.The mythical world “is a natural part of us”(though largely repressed or subjugated in the latest decades).

      I am still into “Seth Speaks” (the eternal validity of the soul). And Seth says: “Even physically you have not categorized all of the life-forms, and there are many co-inhabiting your system that you never physically perceive. You do not understand the multiple reality of your own thoughts or thought forms, and you are not able to follow them out of your mental home.

      The Multiplicitude of your own system is but one small example of the infinite realities that exists outside it.
      The gradations in matter in physical matter forms alone escape your scientists.
      That matter exists in other forms is scarcely understood.
      You see but one form of matter. There are diversities within each system as there are diversities within your own, that are chemical universes where thoughts are patterned in ways that would be incomprehensible to you.

      There are frameworks so tenuous and so divorced from your own concept of reality you would ignore them,and yet they are richer and more varied than your own.

      You are part of other systems that you do not know, and dreaming portions of your process exists as thoroughly in other systems as your physical body dwells in one.”

      And Quote my me: Hurrah, everything about the Fairy Tales and Myths/-The Legends are true… The Gnomes, Brownies, Gremlins, Elfs, Dwarfs, the terrible River Sprite (Nixie). The beautiful Wood-Nymph with the long tail who allures/seduces the men into the mountain, never to be seen again along with The Trolls etc.etc.

      Next Christmas, I will have to renew the old tradition of boiling a pot with rice-porridge and place it in The Barn for the Brownies to eat… or else they became mad at us and doing harm at the farm. They have temper.

      Oh, I love NATURE. It is fantastic. It is like being a child again. Hmm, well, there is a saying which is true— The older we become (seemingly)— “there is always the eternal child within us”.
      Cheerio,Inger Lise.

  3. What a hoot….Hogwarts 🙂 For me too, TMI has helped me see more of who I am than any other set of practices I’ve ever experienced. We all respond to different ways of opening and what a blessing there is so much out there these days but Bob Monroe gave us 3Ders an incredible pathway from which to remember who we really are. Always feels like home.

  4. …indeed, like Ben above, I felt a “magical” sense when first driving around the bend in Roberts Mountain Road, and seeing NPC’s tower coming into view. There was also an almost-instantaneous feeling of “family” or “tribe” (as Frank said) when I toured the facilities, and began to meet the other program participants (this was the very first NDE Intensive offered).

    There was even a bit of a sense of the “students” being from different “houses” (a la Hogwart’s); there were those heavily into CIM/David Hawkins, those whose profession is calling for a more expanded view of death/transition, and a few of us (well, me anyway) seekers, there trying to come to terms w/ mortality, and w/ a burning curiosity (which I’ve had about TMI since first reading there was such a place, in an issue of New Age magazine in late 1988).

    Need to catch up on these posts; I actually turned off my machine for two weeks, having “suffered information overload”, and not able to track too well anything not in a book or in my gardens! Due to unusually high sensitivity, I find I have to be careful what I read/take in lately, and I am very careful about who I share my experiences at TMI with (even tho–I think–nothing terribly profound, that I can recall, occurred)…


      1. Thanks for the Q-Link reminder, Frank; I think I still have mine around someplace. I may have a degree of electronic sensitivity; however, my sensitivity is related to a lifelong pattern I’d like to “break”. It is “deferring to the Experts”, rather than trusting my own intuition and experience, as far as spiritual/consciousness ideas go.

        Too much to go into here; I feel I could write a book on my experiences of “working my way out of the boxes” of conventional thinking (I have a real problem w/ the seemingly commonly-accepted, in current society, “Doctrine of Materialism”. I know many who have had to work their way out of the “religious boxes”, but I’ve not met many who have the same issues I have.)

        I feel it’s come the time for me to stop equivocating, and start really trusting my experiences and intuitions. I’m tired of “being scared” by articles/book titles/discussions which seem to espouse Materialism and Rationality over Mysticism/Spirit/Consciousness (not to worry about me “going off the deep end”; I seem to have enough built-in “safeties”, and I apply PMH Atwater’s term: “Trust, but Verify” frequently.)

        1. ” I feel I could write a book on my experiences”

          i think maybe you should listen to these promptings. Start writing and discover what you have to say. If it doesn’t work out, who’s going to force you to publish it? But trying to write about it should clarify your thinking (including your true values and beliefs) amazingly.

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