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If you have lived without friends, you know the value of friendship. If you lose your health and then regain it, you know the truth of the old saying, “if you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.” And if you have lived a good part of your life without having a community of like-minded others who understand what you understand, and value what you value, you know the value of community.

My community primarily centers on The Monroe Institute. Those others who are drawn there are, I often say, my tribe.

A tribe is not a cult, and it isn’t even cohesive, necessarily. It’s more like an extended family. Families quarrel; sometimes they feud. At one moment, what they have in common may unite them. At another, they may be overwhelmed by their awareness of difference. (What child has never felt that it had somehow gotten placed in the wrong family? Since that is a common element of many fairy tales, it must reflect a deep psychological truth.) But just as Robert Frost said that home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in, so your tribe are those people with whom you are at home.

What I would have given to have had such a tribe in my lonesome 20s and 30s!

Long intro to saying, what I thought I would say in just a few words, how much I enjoyed talking to a TMI Guidelines group last night. It’s something I get to do only a few times a year, and every time is different and every time is similar. I went up and had supper with them, and then we talked – well, at first, and mostly, I talked and they listened, God help them 🙂 – for about three hours.

Three hours? Talked about what? Not trivialities; not politics or ideologies; not “what do you do for a living.” We talked about the skills they were learning, and possible obstacles on the way to learning it. I told them parts of my own story, mostly as illustration. I talked about Rita Warren and her contribution to the institute that began more than 30 years ago, and talked about what she was doing from beyond the grave to continue our education. Participants and trainers told of their own experiences, and posed their own questions, and interacted among themselves, and as usual, it all flowed together.

Wonderful time, as always, and a long late drive home in the residual warmth of the encounter.

TMI thinks it offers programs, and its consciousness-development tools such as Hemi-Sync, and SAM and the exercises built around them. And that is true enough, in its way. But to me, what it really offers is community. I never cease to be grateful that my life has been a part of it.

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  1. I had gotten into my mind that I wanted to attend a Gateway Journey. Through some maneuvering, I got the Army to pay for it, interestingly enough through the Navy. However, that is another story. I arrived early on the first afternoon of the program to check in. Sitting in a cafeteria like area, another of the attendees sat down across the table from me and we introduced ourselves. It took no time and we were in an amazing conversation that included philosophical & psychological concepts ranging from ancient Hindu, to Jesus, and to very modern ideas expressed by Carl Jung. It was a very natural exchange of ideas and introductions happening so smoothly it was as if we had known each other for years. Suddenly, in a surprising flash of self-insight, it occurred to me I had never experienced that depth of conversation and openness in my entire life. The idea, the reality of the experience, exploded out of me in a non-thinking impulse, almost shouting, I had never had a finer conversation in my life. My fellow raconteur was clearly surprised, possibly even a little stunned. Then, with an understanding smile, he said, “Thank you.” Someone called out his name and he excused himself. Sitting there in quiet reflection on what had just happened I realized that I had finally found my family of like-minded souls.

  2. Craig, your “introduction” was interesting, and one that must have been very reinforcing that being there was where you were meant to be. I would say your experience was not accidental, and TMI is our tribe, both real and virtual. I’ve was guided to Gateway and Guidelines, and am shortly going to the Canadian version of Remote Viewing. So far it has been clear why I was there by the end of the program, and I expect RV will be the same. The tribe members have been as valuable to the experience as the program itself.

  3. …likewise, when I recently attended the NDE Intensive (expertly, lovingly, and w/ humor, too, led by Dr. Scott Taylor and Charleen Nicely), I found myself in very “deep” conversations, likely across that same table which our friend, Craig H., sat at, on the Saturday afternoon of check-in.

    What is a little different for me is that I’ve been blessed to have such conversations, on a daily basis, w/ my wife, Susan, plus w/ a few others we’ve gotten to know locally. I guess I’ve been “lucky” that way, but I think, even more so, that these “bigger questions” have burned intensely w/in my human “sojourn” for so many years in “this focus”. Likely has set up an “attractor pattern”, and I “find who I need to find”.

    Likewise, I’ll echo the “tribe” (or “family”) idea of TMI; I missed these folks almost as soon as they began departing Friday AM, I was seeing the faces of the program participants in almost all the faces I saw later that day in Staunton. I also found those who I had “special resonance” with, and those with whom, while I appreciated everyone there, I felt led to “not spend so much time around”. The love was there; our paths were just different, and my ideologies were somewhat “in contrast”.

    And indeed, I felt instantly “at home” in the TMI setting, and the surrounding “New Land”…. I hope to return “sooner” rather than “later” (maybe Gateway, or William Buhlman’s OBE Intensive…)


    1. …in addition, the TMI experience “opened me up” in ways I have felt in the past, when attending a Religious Science camp(Centers for Spiritual Living, nowadays), and the re-entry feels as if I have to “sew myself shut” again, which is painful. After Monroe, it manifests in that I don’t feel like being around too many others right now, esp. those who I would feel obligated to explain “what I was doing in Virginia” (save for a few).

      The R.S. experience was much more of an emotional opening/baring of souls; then it was time to get back to the “real world” of work, traffic, bill-paying, house-upkeep. But, what is the “real” world? All of it? Or, as some disciplines point out “this is all Maya/illusion”, which implies a “grand fake” to me. Reviewing the earlier Frank/Rita/TGU conversations in “S and H” is proving helpful. Some days, it feels I have a long, long ways to go….


      1. I don’t know about the path for others, of course, but for me, the turning point was when i ceased to apologize for being different and instead thought, “no, you’re wrong” when confronted with people vigorously defending the commonly accepted fantasy of what reality is. I don’t mean i got into confrontations about it — that’s a waste of time and temper — but i ceased to allow it to put me in the wrong in my own mind.

        Here’s the concept that i think is the most harmful of all, at least for explorers, the idea that there is the protected space in which we can open our souls, and then the “real world” in which we have to conform. This is worth an essay, come to think of it, but for now let me say merely this: If what we know is real, it applies in what i sometimes call “the unreal world” — the commonly accepted world that confuses television and Congress with reality but disbelieves in the larger reality that WE HAVE EXPERIENCED and now know is real.

        And if what we know is real, and we don’t apply it in the so-called “real world” — then how real can it ever become to us, all the way down to our bedrock?

        1. Thanks, Frank; your reply seems “spot on” to me. I even said, to a couple of the TMI participants on the second evening (“chats around popcorn”), “You know, I’m effing-tired of apologizing for myself all the time!” It seemed to be triggered by a conversation about “the purpose of life”, and I said, rather spontaneously, “to have as much fun as I possibly can!” (which is easy to say; practicing this has been a challenge). I know, from experience, that this is downright offensive to some! Maybe because it implies that I’d automatically be “irresponsible”, and my “fun” would “harm others”. If anything, I feel “hyper-responsible”.

          One of the other participants objected to the term “non-physical” for the realms we were visiting; he came up w/ “Real World” for “non-p.”, which I like. In fact, the facilitator began using that on his spoken suggestions in the CHEC unit exercises we did, from that point on. I still think it’s ALL real, and am seeking ways to increase my understanding of these “Real Worlds”, and integrate my findings “here”. Perhaps I need to do some “personal ceremony” to let go of all those old, limiting learnings I so readily absorbed growing up, and even well into my adult life. It would also let a lot of folks “off the hook”.

          And what so many call the “real world” already, to me, seems so contrived, and leaves me with the question, “why on earth are we doing THAT?!” Just means it has little meaning to me, personally, and I’m still searching for what DOES have meaning. More trust in my intuitions, synchronicities, and impulses needed.

          The co-facilitator, in a conversation w/ her that last morning, expressed what I’ve felt intuitively for a long time: “Gurus make me nervous!” I laughed, as I was lining up my little statues of Buddha, St. Michael, Mary, Jesus, and the Rev. Sun Moon on the table (a joke, son)…


  4. Thank you so much for telling Frank.
    “Peculiarly” enough—it must be “something in the air” in these days. “The Synchs” and the coordinates. Because in the last week old friends from my time back in the Scandinavian Theosophical Society and among The Rosecruzians (they are NOT members there anymore) have phoned me, and we have met after not seeing each others for over 15 years of time. I need not to say it was MORE than just a joy– it was the feeling of ONENESS– all of us expressing the very same, it was FELT (of us to be together), and never has been (or never was) separated at all when to meet again.
    Well, we are looking older of course.

    Inger Lise.

    1. This doesn’t surprise me at all. These days you are probably radiating in all directions (mentally), as these conversations keep you thinking about these things.

  5. Frank,

    Funny, I also feel the times I have felt most at home in this world was when I was part of a spiritual group whether at TMI, or with Brugh Joy, at Yoga or Tai Chi camp. I feel more alive and more at home than anywhere else in the world, but then when I leave, I feel lonely and wonder if this will be what it is like on the other side? Does Rita find a community of this type, a school for growth? Here it seems to come and go… about at the rate you describe. I even set up groups myself but then someone comes along and it is broken up into competition or going for marketing. Ah, nothing here lasts as long as I wish.

    1. Not sure what Rita would say, but my take on it is that behind our loneliness n bodies is the fact of perceived separation in space and time. Absent that sends of isolation, where is the scope for loneliness? Either Bob Monroe or Bruce Moen described the incredible joy people experience when they rejoin the rest of themselves after their 3D exile.

    2. Hello Louisa and Frank.

      I have thought about these things as well and it occurs to me most all of us are searching for freedom without restrictions or curtailment (we are born free). Very often when one is a member of some group, after a while “the leader” (the leaders/teachers), will be caught up in teaching us (us,the so-called pupils) in STRICTLY following what they are telling us. That`s my own concept of course (I do not like “concepts”).
      F.inst.,in 7 years of participating within an Qigong-group (there are many different Qigong-techniques and each say they are the best) with a Leader/Teacher who was very firm and effective in every way no doubt about that! But when the group traveled to Italy and stayed in a old CONVENT for a week– guess what!!! — We were not allowed to go anywhere unless the teacher gave approval/permission, to do it!!! Us (all between the age of 39 up to the age of 65) being grown up folks, about the half of our group made an “uproar” about it (the whole group counted about 30 persons).
      It must be what Edgar Cayce called “The Rebellious Forces.” BUT, we never became angry, rather saw the comical and looking at the whole situation with a good portion of humour (the sense of humour oby the ridicule) in the situation,and we made a whole lot of jokes about it too (the other half did not–laughs).
      OF COURSE of us to do our own sightseeing outside of the convent to see the beautiful surroundings at the country-side of Italy when first to be there. But at the same time to try to be in the respective Convent for the appointment of the teacher (in doing the meditations and exercise hours)– but by the FREE will.
      SOME “rules&regulations” are necessary naturally.
      BTW:Italy is a safe country to go everywhere you want all alone or otherwise. The ancient history everywhere. At least back in 2012 (hmm, well, take care of your wallet).

      YOU Frank(and Rita/TGU, likewise), have the unique gift in giving ALL the freedom of expressing ourselves without “restrictions.” AND it is much appreciated to say the least.

      LOL,Inger Lise.
      P.S. I have had more than enough of Convents that`s for sure (laughs).

      1. Inger Lise, i cleaned up your grammar a bit, but i am not sure what you meant to type that came out “the sense of humour oby the ridicule”

        I have to smile at the idea of trying to dictate what people are going to think or say. You know the expression “herding cats”?

        1. Yes agree Frank,
          and thank you very much.
          We are dreaming the world it is true.

          Hmm, I think to have meant to say; “obey” the humorous sense when to see the ridiculous.
          always, Inger Lise.
          Paramhansa Yogananda said The Whole Creation was designed as a test for man. And the essence of our being was to be Love.
          Further: “Self-Realization is the knowing in all parts of the body, mind, and soul that you are now in possession of the kingdom of God; that you do not have to pray that it come to you; that God`s omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all that you need to do is improve your knowing.”

          1. I like that very much:

            “Self-Realization is the knowing in all parts of the body, mind, and soul that you are now in possession of the kingdom of God; that you do not have to pray that it come to you; that God`s omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all that you need to do is improve your knowing.”

            That certainly rings tue to me, and it isn’t something I had thought before.

          2. Yogananda’s words reminded me of Rita’s words.

            In Rita’s words, “Enlightenment is merely a matter of experiencing and comprehending on-going connection. Once you redefine yourself as part of all that is in a real and everyday way, neither the world nor you yourself will look the same. You will not function the same nor will it seem to you that you are constrained in the same way you thought you were.”

  6. I also have that “Monroe Institute” magnet in me. After a spontaneous OBE during a deep meditation, I found Robert Monroe’s books and eventually attended a Gateway Voyage program. Can’t even begin to describe all that happened at the Gateway Voyage program, the wonderful people that I met and the effects that have carried on throughout my life.

    It’s the nature of the discussions with this tribe that feed my soul. I love reading about and listening to others talk about the varied ways they experience their conscious connection with the non-3D. What I treasure most about Frank and Rita is the real time nature of the discussions and the gift of being able to ask questions or get clarification as the sharing/teaching progresses.

    I have been experimenting with ILC and am slowly becoming aware of the subtle differences in the energy and information coming through me. The hardest part for me is clearing my head and staying focused, being patient and not judging. In meditation this morning I was making contact with my father (he transitioned in 1990) and thinking about Rita and the concept of choices “Every combination is possible… unlimited choices…. unlimited “. l got the message that “All choices are viewed with love. How can it be any different?” At the end of my meditation I had the thought of Albert Einstein and wondered if he had known Carl Jung. Others here may know they met but I didn’t know that until I searched the internet. I read that Jung and Einstein met over a series of dinners in Zurich between 1909-1913. The article said that both were positively influenced by their conversations on acausal time (the concept that time exists as a dimension and it is only our conscious minds that perceive it moving). I also felt that the meeting of the minds of Jung and Einstein was symbolic for my father and me, his engineering background and my engineering/counseling background and the part that plays in learning from Frank and Rita.

    Reading about Jung and Einstein also made me think about the energetic shift that I feel around synchronicities when they are occurring. Most times I recognize a synchronicity after it happens and I’ve put the pieces together but in some rare instances I recognize a synchronicity as it is unfolding. I feel an energetic shift when this happens. Words won’t really do it justice but it’s like a shimmering, shaking energy and I feel ungrounded (partially lose my sense of my physical body – vision etc). There’s also a feeling of reverence. Wondered if anyone else has had some kind of experience around synchronicities that are unfolding?

  7. Regarding synchronous events, I, too, have had sensations while they are happening. Feeling ungrounded, as you say, floaty. An intuitive sense of “knowing” with certainty that something “extraordinary” was occurring. Once, the hair on my arm stood up, as another person touched my arm and provided me with the exact information I needed to resolve a problem, and their exact words had previously been predicted to me by a medium.
    I think it reflects a “knowing” that something sacred is happening.

    1. Thank you Cassandra for your confirmation on the sensations that you feel while synchronous events are occurring. I think this ties in with Rita’s request for us to “experience the part of yourself that has been excluded from your self-definition, the part that was not born into one time and place, that perhaps was never born at all”.

      Indeed as you say such events reflect a “knowing” that something sacred is happening. I too experienced a feeling of reverence with such events. Meditating on the subject this morning, I got the impression that such experiences provide an inkling of the part we (in the 3D) play in co-creating our 3D lives with our larger selves. It is an energetic expression of our wholeness and connection to our vast being. I look forward to seeing what new experiences we all have with Rita’s request.

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