A talk with Rita this morning (4-28-2014)

Tuesday April 28, 2015

F: I awake from a dream whose point was, the reason the world doesn’t make sense to us is because it is continually aimed at affecting consciousness, not at anything external and fixed such as a narrative would suggest. So, just like a dream, we may experience the same situation time after time, unpredictably changed or changing with situations like [an absurd image from the dream].

The detail of the dream doesn’t matter. What matters is the realization. The world doesn’t make sense in its own terms because it isn’t real, it is just a dream we are dreaming. And somewhere a group of aboriginals has said that, but we are not very open to hearing it. “There is a dream dreaming us” doesn’t express it in a way ordinary life can hear.

This is why pain etc. doesn’t matter. It’s all aimed at something, and not at anything material.

Can I hold the reality of this? I wonder.

6:50 a.m. Rita, you know the dream I just waked from, and you know the thoughts running through my mind. What can you tell us about my conclusions, or insights, or unprovable sudden knowings?

R: Your knowing is so strong that nothing I could say could shake it. Is that not strong evidence in itself?

F: It is. It’s an overwhelming knowing, only I don’t know if it will disappear in the way the meaning of a dream does, so often.

R: Meanings don’t disappear, situations do, and narratives, and connections. Logic and language are sequential, so they cut against your (anyone’s) remembering such things in any real way.

F: Try that in other words

R: The guys had you paint the insight they had given you, of strands and physical objects. It was the only way to go around the limitations of sequential description. That’s what dreams do, they go around.

F: Yes but the insight I am grasping to keep – and maybe losing even as I retain it in words – is that life is itself more like a dream than like the external fixed happening we usually think it is.

R: That’s correct. It connects to the “internal vs. external” discussion we had a while ago. Beyond the physical 3D part of the world, there is no illusion of physical “external” existence. But that does not mean that 3D exists like a lump among fluid – it means the lump is itself fluid, only slowed down (as perceived) in order to appear lumpish.

F: So if life really is a dream, [then it follows that] affecting the dream — by magic, say – is as pointless as being a victim, if you keep on concentrating on the physical as if it had a separate fixed reality.

R: That is true enough. Life is for a purpose; never doubt that. But that you know the purpose, or even could know it, definitely and surely or even tentatively – doubt that.

F: I get that therefore we should live to whatever promptings and rules we find, because after all we are living this for a reason – but not be dogmatic about it.

R: Some people are here to be dogmatic; nothing wrong with that, any more than anything else. Every attitude has its place, or how could it exist? But for those wanting a closer look at the mechanism, I’m giving you these hints.

F: I seem to get that words are making attitudes seem more different than they are. [I didn’t put this clearly, though Rita understood what I meant.]

R: A better way to put it would be that insights have to translate through layers of processing, and – from our non-3D point of view – there is little to choose from between logic, superstition, emotion of any kind, selective blindness, concentration (you think of it as focus), or any form of mental / emotional processing. It is all filters, coloring added to the original in the course of processing. Meaning is added to perception, necessarily. But if one person adds “meaningless coincidence” and another adds “synchronicity” and a third doesn’t even notice, there is no question of “who is right?” any more than there can be a question of who is right vis a vis putting sugar or milk in your tea; it is a matter of taste.

F: So people who see the universe as meaningless?

R: Are you going to dictate to them what red looks like?

F: To pull [the meaning of] that one out a bit – meaning, nobody knows or can know who is right.

R: Meaning, there isn’t any “right.” Or, closer, there isn’t any “wrong.”

F: No, there wouldn’t be, if it’s all expression. But it does sound sort of meaningless when you put it that way – and I get your explosion of glee at the play on words when I write “meaningless.”

R: Yes, of course. Because that is just what I’m saying, meaningless, in the sense of without inherent meaning. You put the meaning into your life; that’s what you are there for, and you can’t help doing it (you call it making sense of things, or figuring out how the world works).

F: But my dream seems to say that there is some purpose somewhere, or why set out to affect consciousness?

R: I am not trying to persuade you or anybody that the world (in the sense of “all that is”) is without meaning, merely that it is not as simple as the answer that seems obvious.

F: Well, I get that.

R: Keep it. And you can go back to your novel-writing, if you please.

F: Perhaps I will. Thanks, Rita.

22 thoughts on “A talk with Rita this morning (4-28-2014)

  1. Frank,
    A simple analogy might be the bits of colored paper, pictures, shells, bangles, etc. that we string together to hang over a baby’s crib. ‘Meaningless’ at the material level, yet of incalculable value to the child’s growth and development!
    My path to meaning here is similar to the one that made me an engineer: read, listen, study, experiment, use, verify everything, and have faith (in the teachers and lines of knowledge I’ve come to trust) that there IS something there, even if I don’t yet see it.
    Thanks to you, Rita, and TGU that glimmer of understanding slowly but steadily expands, toward … ????

  2. WOW Frank… We were in similar spaces last night!

    Images with a strong meaning woke me up & I was told I said,
    I have to get materials to paint what words can’t express…
    then some kind of language that wasn’t understandable, then silence. I remember strongly focusing onto the visuals so I would remember how to replicate them. Then, back to sleep.

    Upon awaking, my first thoughts were that I had to get to an Asian store to find fabric & paints. First I saw woven material, then it was NO! a fused material like felt that can be diffused without borders.

    Sure enough all the materials were right there at the Asian store this morning!

    I won’t get into the details other than the main image was a gold metal lion that roared mist out of his mouth that morphed into numerous ancient & current humans ending with a smiling Buddha dispersing into consciousness…

    Guess I had better get busy while the iron is hot…Also don’t want to take up your time while you are one that can paint with words ~.^

    SOOO grateful to have your & Rita’s communications!

  3. Here are my feelings right now: As Ra says (The Law of One) this density, this focused, apparently material, world is to provide ‘catalyst’ (pain, illness, relationship with other-self, experience) in order that we become polarised as service-to-self or service-to-others. Here is for choosing!

    We are ‘sent out’ like thoughts, of the Prime Creator/God/Larger Consciousness System with free will, to experience and to choose and reunify into bigger groupings to return to that one-ness. We learn to love on this level, and love is unifying. We can choose to be more separate, but that only takes us so far.

    As I read in your books, we are here to choose. Our choices shape us into new groups of strands which go on to further densities and groupings. It all starts to make much *more* sense if I look at it that way. In fact, this world I live in has now become almost a dream to me. I can’t see it in any other way than a place for me to grow my soul. It makes for difficult times when everyone else is immersed in the stuff.

    I *feel* more than I can articulate.

  4. Frank?
    I can recall the Aboriginals (the same as you), have told it to be “The Dream-Time,”and the Cosmic Play was “a dream which came into “being.”
    ACIM telling the same. We are all dreaming the world and everything within it.

    Dolores Cannon seems to have considered the same view… The goal is Oneness and “back to the Source,”where we are “coming from”… and then, when all of us have realized it is nothing but a dream, then everything will “fade away” as within a dream. But if counted into the Earthly Framework of “time,” then one might wonder for how many eons of time it`ll be measured before Oneness will be reached by us will be another mystery.

    BTW: I have had a peculiar dream here the other night as well. A TURTLE “came to me”… looking at me, and while I was surprised to see the small (and very cute) Turtle slowly walking in the grass in front of me… The Turtle began to FLY up in the air… higher and higher up in the sky until it flew among the Stars (and Planets). THEN, the shell of the Turtle became transparent and I could watch the millions of Stars THROUGH the shell of the Turtle, and there the dream ended.

    Well, I know the Shamans talking about “power-animals” as Spirit-Guides, designed especially for each of us, and then felt a bit disappointed because everybody else to have heard about to have got theirs more powerful and strong ones, such as Lions or Eagles or Horses or Wolves or a Bison (much more impressive that is)… I have never heard about anyone to have “a Turtle” as a Spirit-Guide (hmm).

    It is all a dream anyway. AND I AM to believe in it after all the years of study.
    I do believe in your dream.
    As always, thank you very much indeed.
    lol,Inger Lise.
    P.S. I`ll ask before going to sleep about the little Elf and the necklace.You really gave me something to think about today Frank! A big good-night-hug from “over here”.

    1. !! Well, Inger Lise, I have some moderately big news for you.
      Turtle isn’t a good enough power animal for you? Not powerful and strong, etc?
      You might be interested to know that Rita Warren was connected in everybody’s mind with turtles. Friends were always sending her turtle statuary or knick-knacks. Methinks Miss Rita is telling you something about your (unsuspected and not obvious, but apparently existent) connection with her!

      1. Frank?
        I`m still speechless to the connection with Rita… Even when of not “thinking” of her in the ordinary daily doings. (caught up in the family matters, household etc.)

        Rita is FELT as to give me “hints. She”says” (in my mind): “Take another look at this or that of what Frank has written now).”
        I am “catching” thoughts which obviously are not mine, or rather to receive the thoughts unexpected, when not thinking about anything in particular).
        Such as last night.
        I felt rather dispirited one way or the other the whole day (do not know why exactly), and it became no better looking at the evening news and had the thoughts: WHAT AN INSANE WORLD, what`s the point in to create all the stuff-and suffering!
        And more or less gloomy of mind preparing for the bed.
        THEN, that special inner”voice” clearly came through once again and told me: “Go back to find a meaning in the meaningless.”

        It is many “voices” (f.inst.We, the Arcturians), but this time around felt distinctly it was Rita`s.
        It would have been great to have the capability in to RULE the emotions (the ability to do conscious Detachment from Emotions when necessary).

        B&B,Inger Lise.
        P.S. Nice weather today, but chilly (without nature I would be nothing that`s for sure).

        1. I see echoes of my own process here. I began with undifferentiated sources of infomration and over many years began to discern individual “voices,” and it seems that is happening to you, as you now discern Rita clearly.

          i don’t know the nature of your relationship to her, and neither do you, but clearly it exists. Try taking it for granted, and casually speaking to her as you would to an elder sister you particularly liked and respected. Not a big reverence thing, just a sort of mentor relationship based in affection, as you might with an elder sister.

          As to the news, and the world, if you took it at face value, you WOULD feel hopeless, desperate, enraged — so many possible emotions. But if you start to see it as a dream and remember that the dream has an instructive purpose — if you start looking for the meaning in the meaningless — your life transforms.

          As to the emotions, i recently realized that I can’t exactly choose what I will feel, but I can refuse to accept whatever mood presents itself, and request a different mood. Try that.

  5. Wow…This (today’s conversation) resonates w/ me today…a strong sense of Un-reality about this reality, which has left me rather dazed and confused.

    Intellectually, I get the idea that we are the ones who put “meaning” into 3D events, yet emotionally, I equate “meaningless” w/ “pointless”, “random”, “purposelessness”, which I have trouble with. What I’m trying to get is that I get to choose “meaning” in my experience, rather than my old tendency of “looking to others” to tell me what the secret/meaning is.

    I also suspect that my “intensive” at TMI recently has “opened” me in ways that are not obvious to me at the moment. I had experiences, but have yet to allow myself time to review my notes, and be open to the continued unfoldment of that experience (the word “collective” kept coming to me during the program; it wasn’t necessarily my individual experiences which were so important–yet, to me they were–but how my application of the energies added–hopefully–to the overall remembering of who we are).

    I do know I need time to “go within”; if anything, the TMI experience (and sharing my thoughts w/ Susan) have let me know just how much I’ve ceded my power to “those Others w/ the Big Smarts”…so that’s where I’m “at” today…

    Couple of thoughts; one for my recollection (and thanks to you and Rita for this reminder):

    All is well; all is always well,

    and (my own personal “take”):

    Maybe we never left the Oneness; we only get to pretend we did, and are now (hopefully) awakening to our forgetfulness.

    Best wishes for your new novel!


    1. Thanks for the best wishes. You know, the simplest thing is to ask guidance (your own Upstairs component) to cue you in on whatever you may have missed at TMI or may not have thought enough about. It isn’t like you need to put slivers under their non-physical fingernails. (I find that threatening to sing to them works; you might try “or else” and see how that does. :-))

  6. Hi frank & friends.

    So much to love here & so much that is familiar.

    It’s revealing that we place/perceive the target of our quest & investigations externally. Every descriptive & process we use by language & logic suggests the ‘answer’ is somewhere or something. It’s internal. I guess life is the movie of the internal dream, or the intent of the internal dream.

    Just thinking out loud. Talk soon.

  7. Morning!
    I am on the same page as Sheila though my dreams last night about being a ‘metro’ where time travel was part of your body function (even met a young JFK!) But…channeling this morning was powerful in that it brought to clarity about the artistry of our lives…truly the life is the art!

  8. The worry about the “overwhelming knowing” disappearing makes me think about gold miners. If they drill, blast and dig, and then suddenly discover a huge nugget, what do they do next? Some might spend minutes or hours admiring their shiny new find, dazzled by its brilliance and beauty. Some might spend days or weeks or months or years looking at that nugget. Then, when they’ve absorbed all the brilliance/meaning they can, they put it into their leather pouch (with all the nuggets they’ve collected, so far) and go back to drilling, blasting and digging.

    For me the nugget is never gone, it’s only that what was new to me at its first discovery has become knowns to me within the perspective/context I was in at its discovery. It may alter my perspective/context in a way that affects my admiration of the beauty of other nuggets in my pouch and the next big nuggets my mining uncovers.


  9. It is fascinating to see the nature of shared dreaming in a group like this (Frank & Sheila). I also hope Sheila is able to share her art creation with us.

    Inger Lise, respecting the personal nature and multi-levels of dream meanings, I want to thank you for sharing your turtle dream. My first reaction was that it was profound but I was not sure why. Now with Frank’s mention of Rita and her connection with turtles, I see the threads. The change to the transparent shell (what that represents) and its revelation of the stars and planets… wow, it’s your gift and your interpretation but I appreciate the sharing and the chance to mull it over myself.

    Speaking of dreams and turtles… My mother had a friend who moved to the coast of Florida and joined a sea turtle watch group. The common purpose of the group is to locate sea turtle nests, protect them until hatching, and help the hatchlings make it safely to the water. One interesting thing about this group is that each year just before the sea turtles start coming ashore, someone in the group has a precognitive dream that the turtles are coming. The first year my mother’s friend joined the group, she had the precognitive dream. I was told there was a bit of jealously among some of the other group members because my mom’s friend was so new to the group and she was the one to have the dream that year. I appreciate the beauty in the dream itself regardless of the dreamer and the message from the group consciousness of the turtles (or some other aspect of the non-3D?) acknowledging in advance the group of humans who will be on shore to assist them.

    1. Karla, thank you very much,and ditto to what you are telling.

      I became overwhelmed and speechless (almost fell off the chair where I am to sit by the PC), when Frank told about the Turtles and Rita. It was very unexpected because the Turtles has not “been my kind of pet”… though some folks have them as pets (I have never understood WHY). And yes, I have watched the very good series about wild-life on TV, and have seen the season (on TV) when the Turtles come ashore. I am thinking it is the growing “awakening” in the world at large (but still not enough), caring about nature. I have ALWAYS felt deeply bounded to Nature. Especially “the Sphere” “up north” so to speak. The five years of living in Bangkok (back in 1969-1974), with the heat, rain-seasons and crowds of people everywhere was not meant for me… other than to learn about how others live, I guess. Anyway, it was FELT as very strange “place” to be for me.
      I love to watch the programs at the National Geographic Channel (and History-Channel as well) with the good documentary-series.
      It is the two TV-Channels I have the most interest in watching.
      F.inst. The programs titled as “Ancient Aliens”. Many well-known persons expressing their theories along the way, some of them make sense and others do not. I have wondered if they have “encountered” the E.C. Readings about Atlantis and Lemuria?
      LOL, Inger Lise.
      In former years, I painted pictures a whole lot. But what shall I do with them all? I have them wrapped up in maps at the attic….The pictures are too strange for the folks in my environment. Back then (when to do the paintings) sitting all alone out at an lonely island.

      1. About your paintings, I have a suggestion. If you have a digital camera, take photos of them, ship the JPEGs to me and I’ll post them. I’ll post some of mine if you’ll post some of yours, and maybe others will, as well, and we’ll all learn something.

        1. This sounds fantastic~ I was involved with a forum once upon a time that only posted pictures to communicate & it was incredibly stimulating!

  10. I also woke up early Tuesday am from a powerful experience. It felt more like “experience” than “dream”, something I had no words to describe, like a great color filled expanding… , never had it before. I awoke thinking “this must be death”, but felt no fear and then realized I was not dead of course. Thought it might have been a bit of undigested meat or potato (ala Dickens) or a fever, but felt perfectly fine otherwise! If I can draw or paint it I’ll submit too. What a great idea. After a few weeks off, catching up with this blog this morning has been wonderful. The connection with all of you feels wonderful and feels strong.

    1. Mine too had expansive colors! Now, how to capture it without looking like tie-dyed fabric on the base felt as it looks now :-/ It’s evolving & dried in the sun today awaiting the next layers~ I’m receiving a good lesson in enjoying the process while not giving in to that haunting critical voice…

  11. My turtle story:
    In the late 1990’s, I had a powerful spiritual experience that spurred me to consciously seek to expand my spiritual knowledge and experiences. Part of that journey included attending Gateway Voyage. I also read tons of spiritual books at the time. I had many subsequent confirming experiences. One of the sweeter ones was an encounter with a turtle. I had a large flower garden that I devoted a lot of time and energy to in my back yard. I decorated the garden with small fairies and animals, to the delight of myself and my 2 small children. Several small turtles were included. One day, as I was in the back of the garden, “deadheading” (cutting off the dead blooms to encourage new ones) I saw one of the small turtles at my feet. My first thought was, “How did that get back here?” I reached down to retrieve it and it MOVED, Scared the hell out of me. Then I quickly became delighted to realize there was a real live baby turtle in my yard in the middle of urban Cincinnati, Ohio. I had lived In Cincinnati for decades and never seen one. I viewed it as a spiritual omen and for me the message was, “The energy has taken a long time in arriving, but it is here.”

    1. Your message serves as both a great and encouraging story, and as a sort of time machine! How did you happen to be reading my talk with Rita from April two years ago? Thanks for this message.

    2. Wow,Cassandra ! A beautiful miracle for you and for the precious message to all of us. Thank you very much indeed.

      And Frank, it is truly “a message” in time & space for a Reminder to all of us.
      It is Cassandra as “the messenger” as such about all the important (foregoing) dreams discussed here. It is certainly a vibration within it such as:”The energy has taken a long time in arriving, but it is HERE.”

      It is within a common VIBRATION. The law of Attraction.
      The Consciousness in everything obviously.

      Smiles, Inger Lise.
      P.S. I am in the need of the reminders.

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