Eleventh talk – 12-20-2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

F: 7 a.m. Charles asked, “What does she do?” What can you say to that?


R: I gave you a minute to remember how blank you feel about the question, before I try to answer it. You can’t imagine. Not really. You were told [years ago, in a session with “the guys”] “we relate” and accepted it, but it did not really answer anything.

F: You have to admit, that’s pretty vague.

R: It is a complicated answer actually brilliantly compacted into two words. The reason it is difficult to explicate is the number of hidden assumptions it needs to respond to. We have started to look at them, but only started. If you try to impose (silently, unaware that you are doing it) 3D qualities to the explanation, you will only get that much more confused. But to remove those unstated assumptions, you have to be aware that they exist. That awareness is the first piece of the puzzle. Nothing can be done without accomplishing it first. Or – it can be done, but the resulting picture will be unnecessarily misleading.

What do I do? Remember what we have to keep in mind: Who is “I”? Not the apparent unit you (and I!) knew in the body, but more like a community of reaction-systems bound by a will that was formed and exercised during the lifetime, which may be said to be the real accomplishment of the lifetime. That is, the components existed separately before the incarnation. It was the controller of the newly assembled bundle that was added, and what was that controller but the will, the ring that bound them? But outside of the very specific 3D conditions of existence, the relationship changes. The various strands, though continuing to be associated, function more autonomously (because not tightly bound by one controlling consciousness in a limiting environment). The extensions in all directions –

Let’s begin that sentence again. While in the body, the community making up the individual functioned more as one individual, isolated from everybody else, than it does outside 3D, where consciousness no longer limits.

F: Let me try to rephrase that. I think I know what you want to say, and you can correct whatever I get wrong. I think you mean, all the strands always connect to their previous lives (put it that way) whether in body or not, but while in the body, they can function only in the background unless called to consciousness. Once you are outside of time-space, without having to deal with the constrictions of 3D, those strands and their extensions in many directions increase in relative strength – that is, they are more prominent in your new consciousness. [Typing this up, it occurs to me that what I said was only from the point of view of the former individual. Those strands, viewed from other points of view, may seem entirely different.]

R: That’s all right. Now let me rephrase it, not to correct – for it is a correct statement as far as it goes – but to provide triangulation. “I” being now outside the body, need not exist, as I did in 3D, with a limited intense field of consciousness. Need not, can not. Conditions do not allow it. Instead I inhabit a far wider consciousness, correspondingly less intense except under stimulation from 3D contact or other things which we cannot go into now. Therefore my self-definition is different. “I” am not the same as the Rita you knew, or no, put it this way – I as I experience myself am not the same as I experienced myself in 3D. Therefore I am aware of things I didn’t know in the body, and I react differently. Remember when you were told that what Jung called the unconscious was in many ways a definition of the guys upstairs?

F: Not specifically. I remember having had the thought.

R: Well, it would be closer to say his unconscious – be it the personal unconscious or the racial unconscious or other levels we can’t discuss here without going off-track – are more or less the strands that connect us in all directions.

So when you think you are talking to Rita, you are and you aren’t. You are, because everything you know of her is here; you aren’t because the vast bulk of the iceberg that was hidden from you in life – “past-life” connections, etc. – is actively participating.

Can you see why you were told (well, Rita was told, through your voice) that “we relate”? We relate on so many levels –

We relate to all levels of ourselves, and that can stand some explication.

Consider the levels involved. First, of course – or maybe not “of course”; perhaps you never thought of it –

Let’s put it this way. Think in terms of ever-widening spheres of influence. First is the specific bundle of strands that was “assembled” to create Rita. (And by the way I see that we didn’t have the threads and traits description quite right, mingling two different kinds of things. Later we can untangle that.) Those strands, that spent a lifetime functioning as part of a community functioning as a unit, continue to relate to one another as they did, but, as I said, under changed circumstances. They are less constrained, more equal now that there is not the inherent bias provided by a limited field of consciousness.

F: Meaning only so much could be held in mind at any given time.

R: Meaning much more than that. But let me briefly finish the sketch of spheres of influence. First, those that were the most active strands in the lifetime; then, those plus the strands that were relatively or entirely inactive during the lifetime. Then, all that plus – gradually, as fast as one can absorb it or as fast as one chooses to absorb it – wider and wider ripples, because of course every strand that had a life connects thereby to other strands with which it is in intimate unbreakable connection. And so on and so forth, for no matter how far you extend the chains, there is more beyond, and who can absorb all the connections available to creation?

Not all those strands were human. Not all were even the kind of animal life as, say, whales. Some lived in other places, for Earth is not the only field.

So, consider what an unending research project, or extended foreign travel, or pen-pal correspondence, it is to be outside of 3D’s constrictions but still aware of what they were.

F: I knew you were on extended research, which you once told me was your idea of endless fun.

R: I don’t believe I said “endless fun” in so many words – but it is!

F: I think that is as much as I can do today, but, a nice start on the subject.

R: Small bites may ultimately prove more digestible anyway. Don’t forget to compile questions and for that matter compile answers. You will possess new material only to the extent that you chew on it. Merely reading it once will not make it yours.

F: Thanks, as usual, and I look forward to a continuation.

7 thoughts on “Eleventh talk – 12-20-2014

  1. Frank ~ Can you define the word “will” for me? If it’s the “real accomplishment of the lifetime”, I’d like a better idea of what it means.

    “a community of reaction-systems bound by a will that was formed and exercised during the lifetime, which may be said to be the real accomplishment of the lifetime”

    Thanks, Martha

  2. Dear Frank and Rita, Charles,

    An excellent question for sure.

    I am not unfamiliar with this territory which I have read about before in various forms like the work of James Merrill for example and Jane Roberts, Malidoma Some, Jung, which helps me in terms of comprehension, but I hope we can explore more and specifically what Rita means when she/he all that she is, says, “Therefore I am aware of things I didn’t know in the body, and I react differently.”

    What does awareness mean there? Are there deep feelings and emotions too?

    Can she give an example of what she did not know in the body but can now know?

    When someone contacts a loved one on the other side and they sound somewhat the same as the I in life is this because they haven’t expanded or they are simply trying to help the person here with recognition?


  3. There is a gold mine of information in what you and Rita are bringing forth to us, and for me it is coming in more than one layer. Re-reading and pondering a single session multiple times, which I often do, might bring out the first layer. However, after going through all of the sessions so far, my base of understanding changed, certainly my perspective has. So now re-reading these sessions again is bringing another layer into focus. No doubt this is intentional.

    I was having some confusion, some randomness in my own conversations with “wisdom” (since what I’m really communicating with is nameless). More questions kept coming, too little time for answers. After a day or two of this, I was instructed that I was being given the questions—that was the point of the dialogue. Furthermore, the questions were not only to focus “their” thinking but also my own. For example, related to the subject of the overall awakening that is going on, the question came, “Who is waking whom, and why?”

    It wasn’t a question meant for Rita, or immediately for my own “guys”; it was meant for me. Having been through all the Rita sessions, that question forces me to think, and think differently than before, about our community make-up, relationships with higher intelligence, ability to change, how we and our non-3D greater beings change,… the point is that working to absorb this material again, this time with different focus questions in mind, brings out meaning that I totally missed the first time around. I find myself saying, “Wow, that couldn’t have been there before!”

    All of which Rita summaries in her last sentence, “You will possess new material only to the extent that you chew on it. Merely reading it once will not make it yours.”

  4. Frank,

    It’s seldom that I get to see a description, or at least the beginnings of one, that so closely fits with what I’ve found explore “There.” Thanks, Frank, for sharing your exploration of There with Rita.


    1. Thanks, Bruce. Given your achievements in the field, that’s a compliment that means something. You should have been at the TMI Professional Division when Al Dahlberg, Jon Holt, and Dick Werling — all of whom knew Rita well — were asking her questions and watching me write down the answers. Fun, but kind of high-stress, too! But ultimately very reassuring.

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