Third talk with Rita – 12-8-2014

Monday December 8, 2014

F: 8:50 a.m. Miss Rita You’re on. I just re-read the first two sessions – and I will recommend to others that they do so as we go along, because they aren’t long, and it will help to keep the argument and the trend of the thought in mind.

R: If people are receiving this on their computers, they can perhaps save them as files and strip out extraneous material such as remarks like this so as to have a smaller file to review – a smaller file to which the dist of each day’s entries will be added.

F: Good idea. I think I’ll do that too, though I’ll keep the originals as well.

R: So. Both “sides” communicate; all is one; it turns out, there are not two “sides” at all, but one undivided reality in which perceptions determine characteristics. That is, as your perception clarifies, you become able to differentiate characteristics that had been lumped together as characteristics of “time” or had been missed entirely.

Now add this – another huge jump for some, especially those rooted in the scientific tradition. And trust me, I sympathize, because I lived my life in that tradition even to the end. Everything is alive, and sentient, and, of course, interacting.

Doesn’t seem like much of a jump? Well, consider: You have just left the world of dead objects floating in empty space, and have, you might say, re-entered the medieval or ancient world-view through a different door.

To find the blindest spots of the world-view you have grown up with, look precisely to those things it condemns as superstition. That isn’t to say that every superstition is a legitimate way of seeing things; it is to say that the ways of seeing things that are most antithetical to the prevailing world-view are going to be condemned as superstition because they are going to seem obviously nonsense.

You, Frank, will find this a small step, not only because of your Catholic background that you learned to appreciate, but because of your own experiences and reading. But trust me, some will find this a terrific obstacle.

All the world is alive. All of what is called the physical world partakes of the dimensions usually called non-physical. This can only mean that either everything is “spiritual” in nature, or nothing is. There is no separation into spiritual and non-spiritual, any more than into living and dead, or sentient and non-sentient.

Now, obviously, this isn’t how it appears in the three-dimensionally-experienced world. It is only when one escapes the limitations either by dropping the body or by achieving mental clarity that the truth of what I’m telling you emerges.

It must be understood: Life in the 3D world is one of deliberate structured limitation. While functioning
in a world with a body, blindness to a greater reality is possible and in fact likely. But it isn’t necessary, and can easily be overcome by a movement of mind, or shall we say spirit.

And this will be another fact to be addressed. Things you see as separate are usually the same thing seen in different contexts, or experienced in different ways. Thus, “mind” and “spirit.” Same thing, in a way – a continuum with mind on one end and spirit on the other, if that’s any easier to visualize. Just as color is a continuum, with any given color being one stop on the dial, so mind and spirit are more like two ways of conceptualizing than like two different things.

Let me try that again. Orange is not necessarily an absolute, distinct from yellow on one end and red on the other. It could be described, and experienced, either way, and each way would be relatively true except in so far as each explanation tended to exclude the other.

This is a rule of thumb to keep in mind: Any explanation may have value, but it will have the inherent shortcoming of seeming to exclude contradictory explanations. Logically, it follows that any one thing excludes its opposite. But in real life, as opposed to two-value logic, exclusions function mostly as strait-jackets, preventing you from turning to see the same thing from another point of view.

To return to the main point and proceed: If everything is alive – and it is – and everything is sentient, and connected, and partakes of the nature of all dimensions regardless of 3D appearance – then perhaps you can see why the ancient and medieval world-views understood the world to be peopled with spiritual energies. It is. And the modern world’s blindness to those energies served the purpose of creating a new way of seeing, but the usefulness of the limitation has been outlived. A new spiritual scientific view is possible that would not have been possible but for the scientific view of the past 500 years, and won’t be possible until that older view is heavily amended.

F: Only a little more than half an hour, but it feels like you’ve provided a lot in a small space. I’d say we stop here and I transcribe and broadcast.

R: That’s fine, this is not a bad place to pause.

F: Til next time, then.

[Re-reading this, I see that perhaps I should add Russell Targ told me years ago that two-value logic is not as accurate as four-value logic. Two-value logic says either A=B or A<>B. Four-value logic recognizes two additional intermediate conditions, one in which A is both B and not B, and one in which A is neither B nor not-B. I predict that this too will be an obstacle for some people. We’ll see.]

2 thoughts on “Third talk with Rita – 12-8-2014

  1. I love this!

    It must be understood: Life in the 3D world is one of deliberate structured limitation. While functioning in a world with a body, blindness to a greater reality is possible and in fact likely. But it isn’t necessary, and can easily be overcome by a movement of mind, or shall we say spirit.

    Movement of mind or spirit. I’m considering that mind and spirit are the same. During some healings I see myself standing beside myself. I wondered if my mind was recording my spirit, and then realised the location of the conversation in my mind, my thoughts, shifted from physical me to spirit me. Who’s watching who, or what’s watching what? I’m observing the healing and myself from both locations.
    At times, I’m also the spirit healers and client. My mind/spirit is in multiple locations simultaneously, or that’s how I’m experiencing it.
    In the past, I’d describe this as being out of my body, but that’s not accurate. I’m my body, mind, spirit and spirit. My 5 physical senses and ‘mind’ are experiencing life, or simply experiencing in multiple locations and ways.
    Clients have emailed and described seeing me in their homes — I’ve been seen in hallways, lounge rooms and standing beside beds — as if I’m a spirit. They thank me for the healings they received. I’m not aware ‘I’m’ there.
    Some clients experienced this without having met me in person. They visited my website or had contacted me to book a healing and reading.
    I would say the deliberate structured limitation has been altered or influenced. I believe, it’s influenced by intention. My intention is to heal, the client’s intention is to be healed/change and spirit’s intention is to assist.
    Intention absent of resistance, but I’m not certain how that’s engineered. Actually, I might know. If there was resistance in the conscious or subconscious process, it’s negated by the communication between the inter-personal consciousness of clients, me and spirit healers.
    Over the last 3 years every time I’ve thought about a higher power, my guide and other spirits indicate that’s me/us. My guide shows me the infinity symbol, a figure 8. He’s instructed that we’re all at the intersection of the loops, individually and collectively. So we’re individuals and connected to everything. An unrecordable number of figure 8 loops, energy threads, loop and spin in 360º in all directions. We are the centre and can access all information, lifetimes, periods of time. It’s time and experiences folding and unfolding.
    The entanglement, un-ordered chaos I mentioned previously is not only illness, but resistance. We can be in harmony with that resistance, though. The frequency creates patterns in generations of human behaviour.
    As Rita shared, resistance can be overcome by a movement of mind, or shall we say spirit.
    With discipline and faith — knowing or experiencing something without evidence — a critical mass effect occurs. Change occurs spontaneously, seemingly without conscious involvement.
    For you Frank, the information from Rita and others in spirit materialises without being triggered by a question. Although, parts of present conversations are answering unasked future questions.
    I’m thinking the pace of the information gives you/us time to breathe.

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