Second communication with Rita – 12-7-2014

Sunday December 7, 2014

F: 9:15 a.m. So, Rita, here I am – hopefully here we are – and I’m more nervous than when I first started talking to Ernest Hemingway (at your suggestion). OT1H I feel like we’re at the beginning of something, maybe something big. OTOH I’m worried, trying not to be but worried, lest the material not be there, you not be there, nothing make sense – you know the litany. But I don’t know anything else to do but to open shop and see. So, over to you.

R: I think you will find things different now, because the landscape is different. You have now had so many years of doing this, and you have seen so many reassuring results of the material, that continued nervousness or apprehension is more like a nervous tic than any real apprehension that might cripple your ability to interact.

F: Let’s hope. Okay.

R: Yesterday was “continuous communication,” and I said today’s would be “all is one,” so let’s look at that.

Material given to you when you and I were doing sessions, and in fact before, tell you that it is a mistake to think that there is any such thing as an individual in the way the “modern world” thinks of individuals. But, as you were also told, neither is the other side shapeless jello. Rather, one productive way to see things is as an endless cascade of communities, each of which – anywhere up or down the scale – could be experienced or conceptualized as an individual.

You sort of got that, and sort of didn’t, so let’s look at it a little closer.

You need to expand your focus sideways, so to speak. Not only do you need to try to keep in mind the great chain of being, you need to remember that every link of that great chain also extends to the non-physical, because everything is one thing, as said. There can be no absolute separations in a fabric, and all reality is one fabric.

I feel like we’re beating a dead horse, restating this, but different people will require different ways of seeing it, and the same people will require different ways at different times – partly because different people are in charge at each different time. (That is, a person, being a community, will find that community dominated now by one, now by another, member.)

Beating the horse or not, here goes again:

Any division is only provisional and for the sake of convenience. Buddha said when you start to make distinctions, you start making errors. I don’t think he meant that a snake and a bowl of rice are the same thing (after all, “all is one,” right?) – he meant, the snake and the bowl of rice do not exist in isolation regardless what the senses report.

It is certainly true that we must make and observe distinctions in life – and that by the way means non-physical life no less than physical life, for here too, although the strands that connect everything are obvious, so are the individual communities, which is why I am communicating with you and not a rock. But it is equally true that we misunderstand the nature of reality if we forget that nothing exists unconnected to the whole.

Now, so far so good. What I’ve said is still New Age cliché. But you have to build on something, and if you don’t have the foundation, agreed upon, some people’s castles, at least, are going to be built in the air.

So, all is one; let’s look closer.

A molecule, an atom, radioactivity, anything you can name – it all has its non-physical component, however little obvious it is.

[Here, an interruption in the form of a phone call.]

F: 10:30 a.m. Can we continue?

R: Watch your energy, but provisionally –

These two ideas are often held in different compartments of people’s minds – the great chain of being, the connection between physical and non-physical. The lack of connection between the two concepts makes for distortion.

F: Sorry, got distracted. Continue?

R: Perhaps this is enough for today, though less than I had hoped. It may be as well – given that you are broadcasting these sessions live, so to speak – to let people ponder on that connection before building on it. Everything is all connected – on the physical side. It is all connected, on the non-physical side, as well. and it is connected at every level between physical and non-physical. This is an important concept, much more important than it seems at first blush. If it is kept in mind, gradually it changes everything.

Here’s a way of thinking about it, building upon a thought you have had more than once. It is obvious that however many dimensions exist, anything that exists exists in all of them, by necessity. You could not live in height and width but not in depth. You could not live in height, width, and depth but not in time. If a dimension exists, you exist within it, regardless how you misperceive it, or fail to perceive it. As you have been told, reality has more dimensions than people typically experience, and all the dimensions they do not experience, or they misperceive, are crammed into their experience of [the nature of] time. As they learn to distinguish elements of other dimensions, the nature of time, as they perceive it, correspondingly changes, for it then reflects less of the misperceptions that it previously had reflected.

The nature of time doesn’t change. The experience of the nature of time does.

It might be worth your while to start to think about the non-physical as additional dimensions of reality, rather than to make a distinction between physical and non-physical. The advantage of reconceptualizing in this way is that it will gradually entice you to remove that seemingly impermeable barrier – the “veil” – between physical and non-physical.

F: That’s the theme anyway, isn’t it? Cease regarding the non-physical as something separate from the physical, something awe-inspiring and – well, something other than part of normal life.

R: That’s right. You’ve laid good groundwork for that, by seeing your guys upstairs – of whom I am now one, you’ll notice! – as people rather than demigods or statues. More another day.

F: Thanks, Rita. I’ll leave you to start on tomorrow’s lesson. I’ll get working on the erasers.

4 thoughts on “Second communication with Rita – 12-7-2014

  1. I like this, “It might be worth your while to start to think about the non-physical as additional dimensions of reality.”
    I once asked spirit, “how many dimensions are there?”Their reply, “how many would you like there to be?”
    I see now that we control reality and un-reality. We limit our experience of reality, not intentionally, or not with awareness. It’s a small step to be aware of awareness, but we make it impossible. I wonder when we lost that?

    1. I have come to think that “dimensions” may be only artificial constructs rather than inherently existing properties — just ways we cut up the pie, rather than slices pre-cut by the baker, so to speak. This would go well with that “how many would you like there to be?”

      1. I love it Frank, thank you.
        …..and it is connected at every level between physical and non-physical (Rita underlined it as an important concept)…. And more:”The nature of time doesn`t change.The experience of the nature of time does.”

        According to Seth: All conceptual matters will be the projection of consciousness (or “in” all matter of creation). “Time” is “created” as well… and thereby we are capable of “manipulating” time. And any time-sequence as such. As Seth says: You are fluids (as the winds and the waters). In the same way as “time” will be fluid.

        Both E.C., and Seth have said we have the inherent ability to master the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. They “did it” in ancient times.

        I`m having a challenge nowadays between “extremes”… such as the two entirely different world-views with my husband toward mine (it`s comical in a way, because to “acknowledge” it is to learn within a world of duality). IF it is true, and eventually exists that is.
        I cannot make my mind up but it is all an illusion. It is FELT as “a dream” more than once.
        If watching the VISIBLE news in the world.. one might wonder what`s “going on” within “the inner realms” (the subtle non-3D within us). It is obvious The Parallel co-existence working about all “levels”.

        …and on we go…into eternity!
        Smiles,Inger Lise.
        P.S. Nice weather today.

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