Rita’s first lesson, 12-6-2014

Re-reading, particularly after some time has elapsed, has a way of revealing things that may have been missed, first time around.

Saturday December 6, 2014

F: 7:30 a.m. Well, Miss Rita, a dream tells me that you are ready to communicate – or maybe that you have been, and I am now, ready. It would be a pleasure.

R: You have had an effect on my life here, you know. Letting people in body know of our work together results in some of them contacting me, not necessarily being aware of it, which of course affects me here.

[I took this to refer to The Sphere and the Hologram, and my talks to Guidelines groups at TMI.]

F: Not an unwelcome development, I hope.

R: Not unwelcome. Unanticipated during my time in the body, certainly!

F: I suppose so. I seem to remember hearing that Bob Monroe was concerned about people trying to contact him being a problem – though come to think of it, that may have been people just talking. So, Rita, open for business. Those lovely months communicating nearly every day with Papa [Hemingway] came only after you were gone, so we never had a chance to discuss any of the process or contents.

R: You needed to do it on your own anyway. It had to be your process.

F: I guess. So – did you have something in particular you wanted to start with? Or did you already?

R: That’s as good a place to start as any – the continuing interaction between those in and those out of the body, not necessarily known to those in body, but real nonetheless. There is a tendency to think of life in the body as an interruption of life outside it, as though we come into form, have a lifetime’s worth of experiences, and then report. But it doesn’t work that way. I’d like to correct the picture, but it can’t be done in a hurry.

F: Well, I got the sense, the other day, that I was being primed for a new set of lessons. Didn’t guess that it was going to come via an old friend rather than anonymous “guys upstairs.”

R: You did get, by “accidentally” coming across that passage in the Hemingway book you brought forth, that your understanding to date was merely provisional unless you lost your nerve or your appetite for further refinement and redefinition.

F: Yes I did. I hope you have the outline, so that I can merely receive and question, and not have to try to shape it too.

R: Of course.

F: Say, you told me you always liked doing the research, didn’t like writing the report. Do I sense a division of labor, here?’[I sense your smile.] Proceed, then.

R: Rather than sketching your present understandings, I think it easier to proceed with positive statements, relying on your questions to clarify as we go. If you feel like writing a report, you know how to go about it.

F: Let me say, this is exciting! I have Papa’s Trial to finish, yet something tells me this won’t interfere and actually may help.

R: It will be reciprocal, as you will see. So, class, attention, today’s lesson.

F: F: No rulers, though.

R: If you are good you may get to clap the erasers and clean the blackboard.

F: Sure, set up impossible conditions. Go ahead. (It’s so good to be back in contact, Rita!)

R: Then let’s begin. We’re going to begin in a place that will perhaps surprise you, telling you what you think you already know, but hang on for the ride and see. The first statement:

1. “This side” and “the other side” are in continuous unbroken communication, regardless what it feels like to those in body.

Some, like you, won’t find anything to object to in that statement, but in fact, in day-to-day living, in ideas as expressed in action, few if any live that reality. In fact, in actual living, you live as though communication exists only when you intend it, or are aware of it.

This is not “good” or “bad”; it is how the separation of 3D life leads you to experience (or not experience) that aspect of life. But your life is bounded by your expectations of life, and we’re interested in expanding these expectations.

The idea that there can be a separation between physical and non-physical stems from the idea that different substance is involved in either realm. As you were told pretty much right away, there is no difference between beings in the physical and in the non-physical except the conditions of the terrain each is on.

In other words, although it is convenient to talk of different beings, in truth we are all part of one thing – the “everything” – in a way you can’t yet imagine, which I am going to try to help you with. Many of the contradictions between systems disappear if you see that all is one.

“All is one” – it is a New Age cliché – but what does it mean in practice? Next time.

F: Thank you. It has been only 40 minutes and I see my energy is flagging almost as soon as we begin. I’m out of practice.

R: Or maybe I’m helping you to go more slowly.

F: Well, I look forward to more. Any reason not to share these as we go forward?

R: None. That has always been your way, why change a winning formula?

F: If you don’t mind, I’ll invite questions as we go.

R: That will be fine.

3 thoughts on “Rita’s first lesson, 12-6-2014

  1. Thank you very much for Rita`s first lessons Frank. I have felt a sort of “to go within” and to replenish (oh my, where did I get that particular word from? I had thought to use another word such as “to recall” what to have read “in the past.”)
    It`ll never stop amazing me how much each connection corresponds (with the interplay in everything as a whole). I have begun to re-read “The Early Sessions” Books by Jane Roberts, and last week received book number 9 (and the last) book in “The Early Sessions.”

    I`m also looking foreword to reading more about “Babe in The Woods.”
    Hopefully I will have the time to read during the summer as well.

    B&B, Inger Lise.
    P.S. Came to recall E.C.,once told:”Never forget to live Your Own Book.”

    To me it seems to become “a time” to recall

  2. I believe I’ve spoken to Rita, not intentionally, but I have thought about her and have heard her greet me. She’s elegant and investigative. She’s curious about the similarities and differences of my process and yours.
    I reflect on my comment you shared and this is interesting and appropriate:
    F: Thank you. It has been only 40 minutes and I see my energy is flagging almost as soon as we begin. I’m out of practice.
    R: Or maybe I’m helping you to go more slowly.
    Talk soon.

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