Hiatus again

It struck me yesterday that perhaps I should hold off work with Rita for a while, and return to writing my sequel to Babe in the Woods. Nothing is likely to be lost by doing this, as Charles can use the time in his extended study of the material, and will draw up a list of questions it suggests, so that when I resume, we will have an idea what holes need plugging.

So, that’s what I did this morning. This may be a good time to retrieve the first of Rita’s discussions, for those who came in late, and post them.

4 thoughts on “Hiatus again

  1. Frank and Rita, I will seriously miss your almost daily conversations until they resume. They have become a vital part of my daily life and retrieving them the most important thing I do on my computer. I have them all printed out in Rita’s Red Book, so I will try to read them again with perhaps new eyes.


    1. While I’m giving it a rest, I plan to re-post all the sessions from December on. In fact, I have already posted the first three. Re-reading them after you know what followed may be an interesting experience. And meanwhile Charles can work on assimilating and translating.

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