Brief reminder from Rita

Saturday March 21, 2015

F: 5:50 a.m. Am I “here” enough for any real dialogue, after so many days of busyness and company? Miss Rita, what say you?

R: It is good that you realize – as representative of those who undertake this path – that the variable is always, not are “they” on “the other side” ready and willing, but, are you? Because we are not carried along by the ever-moving present moment, we are always available, and cannot be too tied up for you. This is multi-tasking, only without the slight overtone of distraction of split focus that must inevitably accompany multi-tasking in 3D.

F: Okay.

R: You have many reorganizations to accomplish in your life, and for a while it may seem like a whirlwind, but remember your insight about Hemingway’s final years.

F: Rightly or wrongly, I got that Papa’s last years were somewhat shaped by an increasing discomfort with being away from the Finca. He got too ensconced in a routine, even though that routine included having many people around him. After a certain point, he became uncomfortable, then somewhat fearful, of the uncertainties of travel. But I may be seeing this wrong.

R: In any case, whenever you read of someone’s life and search it for lessons for yourself, what you are left with is what resonates for you – thus, it has value for yourself regardless whether it could be said to be “objectively” true.

F: Yes, I get that. Like flipping a coin to make a decision. It’s a very efficient way to see how you feel about it. You flip the coin, and then you don’t necessarily do what the coin toss indicates, but you do know, more clearly, whether you are happy it came up heads rather than tails or vice-versa.

R: Now go do the many things you have to do today. I will be here as you (or anyone) desire.

F: Okay. One of those things to do will be to send this out, as a place-holder if nothing else. Till we can really talk again.

One thought on “Brief reminder from Rita

  1. It is nice to have confirmation of this from Dear Rita.I did not know her in form but having read S&H so many times, I feel that her essence shines through as it does with these communications. It is not that I think that the
    S&H is a bible. In fact, many of the subjects it brought up were very familiar to me.

    It is all good, very good. Thank you, Frank and the one (s) who was Rita.

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