Watch this space

or, as the TV used to say, Don’t touch that dial!

I have been busy; closing on a house, then participating in the TMI Professional Division seminar, then moving into the house. But some interesting things have been happening, and I hope to talk to Rita again soon. Talked to her during the PD for some friends, and that was interesting, doing it while people looked on.

8 thoughts on “Watch this space

    1. And, as i shall report in due time, it was challenging and rewarding to have Dick and Al and Jon participating in real time. That is, they asked questions and waited while I wrote out what I got. With Dick’s permission, I will transcribe what Rita had to say about a prospective course on death and dying. Dick? Okay with you?

      1. By all means, Frank!

        For others’ info, I live in a “continuing care community’, a retirement community, with about 200 folks. More than thirty residents are over 90 years of age, and two are more than 100.

        A few show signs of significant memory loss, and every now and then one of us transitions. I asked Rita what might be appropriate to serve these folks and their families.

  1. Good luck on your move to a new house. Can’t wait to hear about it. Will post the Hemingway house soon maybe on fB. I will Let you know.

    1. Thanks. Even amid the post-move chaos, it already feels like home, so that’s a good sign. But substantive mental work is going to have to wait a bit, I’m afraid. Physical work for a while, first.

  2. I will look forward to “to be continued…”

    Interesting “coincidence”/synchronicity w/ your mention of the move to the new abode; just last night, while reading “Uknown Reality, Vol. 2” (Seth), was the first mention of Rob and Jane’s viewing the exterior of their home-to-be, the Pinnacle Road “hill house”, as it was known. Best wishes for your settling into your new “digs”!


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