More of Bob Monroe’s cryptic book inscriptions

A couple more conversations with Bob Monroe held a few years after he left the body for the final time. Again, these referred to specific cryptic inscriptions he left when signing people’s books.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Sharon Hurtley-Durand (via email):

A friend of mine, Jena, got this one from Bob years ago:

6S + N (3C + 5) = MVL!
4T + P

Would Bob care to elaborate? She could never figure it out.

Don’t like to put the work on you, but, my attempt to link to Bob doesn’t seem to be producing much. Course, it’s probably because I haven’t figured out how to turn up the volume on my receiver. Some day, I hope.

F: (9:30 p.m.) Bob, no rest for the weary – or is it, for the wicked? Here is another of your past sins, back to haunt you. Can you meet the request I have received to crack another of your formulas?

RAM: Well, we can try, as before. That isn’t the same thing as setting up shop to answer every letter I ever left unanswered.

F: I understand and I sympathize. Here is the cryptic formula.

6S + N (3C + 5) = MVL!
4T + P


RAM: Let me recommend to any who want to decode these themselves that they begin as I do with the result. That will canalize (I hate the word channel ) your thinking through the rest. Or, not “thinking through” at all; more like moving into Focus 12, sitting there with the formula as a question, term by term, and responding. You will find that much more valuable than getting someone to answer it for you.

MVL! Multi-Valent Life!
6S six senses, plus
N your nature
(3C+5) three consciousnesses plus five
Divided by
4T four variants of time, plus
P presence.

That is, a Multi-Valent Life (exclamation point, for emphasis and enthusiasm) is the result of your balancing your six senses plus three consciousnesses plus five, which is your nature plus your presence in the moment.

F: I’m sorry, but that isn’t nearly clear to me.

RAM: No. it is a sort of test for you as well, this time, for you are putting out what looks to you to be self-contradictory nonsense – but still you are doing it. Good work.

Here is the explanation, a little closer to English.

A Multi-Valent Life – that is, a life with more than one “stop,” a life of flexibility, variability, responsiveness, altering with circumstances internal and external. This is highly conducive to the breath of life that is inspiration, joy. Hence the exclamation point – it is highly to be desired, and it is, itself, enthusiasm, as opposed to the frozen rigidity of self-defense or overcontrol.

F: Hmm. You were not unfamiliar with over-control yourself, if I read you right.

RAM: Well, nobody is perfect. Not much point in being perfect if you are going into a compressed learning environment.

6S is the first term that worried you. Six senses? Well, why not? Intuition, prophetic knowledge, is commonly called a sixth sense, isn’t it? So – five senses and your sixth sense. Using it all, in other words.

Now, N(3C + 5). Here I didn’t dare even spell out the five for fear of meeting enough resistance to end matters, so we slid by it.

N is your nature, that is, your total nature, not merely the nature of the ego self in TSI that you often identify with. Taking your larger nature to include other parts of yourself outside TSI, parts you may or may not experience on a regular basis, you get 3C + 5. Three consciousnesses: conscious, unconscious, and what we might call super conscious not as psychology defines it, but meaning the consciousness of your total self, far beyond ego consciousness.

And the five that is added to these three forms of consciousness (if it is permissible to refer to the unconscious as a mode of consciousness) ? This time, the five senses – as you intuited but couldn’t figure out – as a model of the locus of that individual ego consciousness; the “window” into TSI that it represents.

So you ask, how is it permissible or even sensible to add six senses and five of them again? That isn’t exactly what we are doing.

6S means your standard way of perceiving the world from an ego consciousness point of view. N(3C+5) means your total nature using your senses as their window on the bit of world your ego-self experiences and shapes. see the difference, and why I supply both?

Finally, all of that numerator is conditioned (divided, so to speak) by 4T + P, four variants of time plus the degree of presence you bring to your life at any given moment.

F: The four variants? I’ve tried to imagine what they are and failed, as I expect you wanted me to, for reassurance. So –?

RAM: You don’t commonly think of “the other side” – outside TSI – as having time of any sort, though some thought should make you realize that where there is change there are separate states, and whatever serves to separate them serves as time does in TSI.

Time 1 – T1 – time as experienced in TSI – seemingly non-elastic, one-way and inescapable.
T2 – what you might call psychological time, the factor that compresses pleasurable events and stretches staff meetings interminably.
T3 – whatever you care to call the separating medium on “the other side.” Highly elastic, multi-dimensional, and more a matrix like space than a vector like T1.
Finally, T4, the equivalent of T2 on “the other side” – for a moment’s thought will show you that if there is an “external” – that is, group – separator providing some of the functions of time, there will be an “internal” – that is, relative to whatever that “individual” relates to – as well.

All these variants of time condition your psyche; hence, your life.

F: Wow. Well, if nothing else you did come up with a plausible 4T scheme, and I admit I couldn’t have done it. Let’s see what response this meets. And again, thanks.
(10 p.m.)

Monday 4/3/06 11:50 a.m.
F: Now have another formula for you if you’re up to it – though Carol did seem to indicate that she would work on it herself.

SCC= T + T2 – 5
P (V+3)

I reversed it, putting product first, to match your method.

RAM: All right. Remember, no necessary consistency between formulas. So T2 here doesn’t have to have any relationship at all to T2 in another formula – though it might. It is strictly my own method of shorthand code.

Super-Conscious Consciousness = Time in TSI plus time in “the other side” minus the influence of the five senses, within the context of (divided by) your perspective, which is formed of your values plus the three parts of your human being, your ego self – which are, depending on how you want to see it, reptile, mammal, human brains, or, body-spirit, ego-spirit, trans-personal-spirit.

F: I’m not sure that makes sense, which means I’m not sure how good the transmission-belt at the moment.

RAM: Well, try it out on her, and if there are parts that are wrong, she will feel the difference; they won’t feel right – for she was part of that minute, that event.

[interruption, but maybe this was all anyway]

10 thoughts on “More of Bob Monroe’s cryptic book inscriptions

  1. Thanks for sharing these ADCs w/ Bob (or “ILCs”, I think you’d call them), Frank! His pragmatic “go find out for yourself” methodology has been attractive to me; no gurus needed…I wonder how the new “SAM” technology is working out; I may find out for myself one day…

    One enigmatic item for me is an expression Bob used at the end of “Far Journeys”, a French expression I’ve not yet been able to work out; I’ve shown it to a couple of persons who spoke some French; all they could say was it was “out of context” (but maybe also is so much of our lives, for those of us who dare “explore beyond where there be dragons”!):

    Pas de Lieu Rhone que Nous

    I also found it interesting that, included as an appendix at the end of the same book, was a conjecture by a couple of “learned” sorts, that Bob’s OBEs were little more than “the Daedalus fantasy”–a “wish to fly”…Considering Bob’s pragmatic (and very sane!) approach to his “journeys”, I hardly think this even applies. It seems Bob, like myself, if we wished to fly, would use a regular airplane, to experience the physical life/timeline joys, and practicalities, of this way of transporting our physical bodies around (besides, most of my OBEs do not involve flight–I seem to “walk”, or glide about the premises)…

    1. Re the “French” expression, I suggest you say it aloud, and then when you hear it, follow the advice! 🙂

      Re the learned conjectures, I wouldn’t waste any time on them. They literally don’t know what they’re talking about. It is one thing to read about something, and another thing entirely to experience it. Which of the two is likely to give you better knowledge base?

      1. Aha! I think I “get it”; good advice prior to getting into the CHEC unit!

        Yep; as to the “learned ones”, it certainly has given many much PhD material (maybe that’s where “Piled Higher and Deeper” comes from!) It’s probably been something of a “lower rung of Jacob’s Ladder” (wrestling w/ the devil) for me this life-focus, but I am awakening to the idea that I “came here to Experience”, vs. worrying about “who’s Right?” The former leads to those new “strands” and “windows”; the latter just goes over (and over…) old ground (“…and it irritates the pig, besides…”—an old joke).


  2. I won’t pretend to understand even his deciphered equations. But I love this: “Not much point in being perfect if you are going into a compressed learning environment.” I can live with that: We don’t need to be perfect. We’re in a compressed learning environment so perfection would be wasted. phew — that takes the pressure off.

    1. True, and at the same time, another way of looking at it would be that by definition we are already perfect expressions of the way we were made. Somebody said “God don’t make no junk.”

  3. OMG!!Very interesting, but cannot understand anything sorry to say(laughs).
    But if you don`t mind Frank….here will be something quite intriguing matters from the book by George McMullen(Born Many Times),and sitate:

    “How can anyone deny that Great Spirit is within all of us? To deny this is to deny life itself.
    Each one of us is unique and different. No two people are alike(I have always known that particular statement anyhow(smiles)),and when you think of billions of people on Earth today, you have a lot of different people(that`s nothing new(Laughs).Who could create this if not the Great Spirit(agree)?
    Oh, there will always be skeptics who claim it is just a natural occurrences. Well, I have a message for them, too! He made all the natural occurrences, and a lot more besides these, that no one person is yet aware of.

    Your science today has made it possible to transplant organs from one body to another so they can continue to live on in that body. Recently, a heart from a man who was an alcoholic killed in a motorcycle accident was transplanted into a young woman. This woman had never drunk an alcoholic beverage in her life.
    But after she recovered from the operation she had a desire to do so. Not only that, but she wanted a motorcycle, too.
    Does this mean that the heart of the dead man could still influence the life of the young woman after the transplant? It appears this is so. Scientists have now discovered that messages from the brain to other parts of the body are not transmitted through electric impulses but by body secretions. Perhaps this could explain this phenomenon.
    In the future, perhaps they will be able to analyze these secretions and take from one person`s brain and put them into another, and then they could communicate without being in the vicinity of each other. They could perhaps even see or know what each other was doing(hmm, I`m not quite sure if this is a good idea at all if you asks me). They may be able to transplant intelligence from one person to another who does not have the intelligence. This almost like instant telepathy(I have tried telepathy out several times—and it works!!!)

    I leave you with this thought. The man known by you today as Jesus once said(only to say this book is about a whole new concept about Jesus),”If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you,what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
    Amen, sitate(s) end.

    Amazingly enough—what`s told in the book will be VERY much the same as Edgar Cayce have told as well. George McMullen have told to be with the son of E.C.,Hugh Lynn Cayce(in the book), in doing some research on the Bahamas, about the remnants of Atlantis there.
    BTW: Wonderful Spring outdoors.
    Inger Lise.
    P.S. My back hurts!

    1. Hello again, Inger Lise!

      Why does your back hurt? Gardening? I’ve been doing some yard cleanup myself; after a very cold winter, it looks sort of “weary and sad” on the grounds, so I’m trying to clean up the detritus I didn’t get to last year, and in doing so, I notice how quickly I get tired in my upper body muscles!

      And indeed, I’ve read of the accounts of organ transplant recipients experiencing cravings and desires of the donor. Seth talks a lot about “cellular consciousness”, that the cells seem to retain an ancient knowledge, which goes “way before” their current lives in our bodies, yet all 50 trillion (give or take a trillion, according to Bruce Lipton) know how to cooperate and “hang together” to form “us”, even tho their individual parts (and lives) are continually getting recycled and renewed (“new” atoms and molecules).

      Also, the transfer of signals/intelligence via hormones; Have you read the works of the late Dr. Candace Pert (“Molecules of Emotion”, etc.)? Her work was ground-breaking; even if, to me, still concerned w/ “physical” cause-and-effects. I feel if one were to analyzed the hormones/secretions, we’d also need a method to analyze their energetic/consciousness “signature”. Also see Rupert Sheldrake (“morphic fields/resonance”). Or, we could just “intend” our own in-built abilities to be expressed (ESP, et.c.)

      It is indeed a “miracle”! But, as Frank points out below, Truth is a pretty amazing place (“…how sweet it sounds…”)

      Glad your spring is nice; still rather cold here, but the birds are busy “singing the buds open”…


      1. Hello Craig.

        Thank you of telling—And YES, I have read Rupert Sheldrake as well as Candace Perth,PH.D.
        She says:”Your Brain Is Not in Charge.Your Body is your subconscious Mind.”
        Wasn`t an Japanese guy(Emoto or something?)who have written a book about emotions in water(s)?

        I have experienced several times(especially during stress)how the BODILY-REACTION comes FIRST- BEFORE the thought(s)of reaction. The Body seems to react toward the particular occurence at first,which the Thought or the Brain could not understand or comprehend.
        It is a kind of “a automatic response”. But it is “wrong” to call it “automatic” because the Body have the knowledge and the senses.

        And ONCE have experienced of “walking” BESIDE myself. I could watch myself walking along the street, while “the other part” of me to walk parallel with me along the street. It was “my double” As to recall at the time of me to feel worried and stressful. I`ll believe it is what Seth calls “a projection” out-of-the-body because the Body felt the stress as “traumatic.”

        I`ll know the soldiers participating within a combat to have experienced the very same.
        As one of my young soldier friends have told me long time ago—He told to have experienced, looking at himself-from the OUTSIDE, as it was to participate within a dream–he was looking at himself when of him to fight(as within a dream)from the advantage-point of “an Dreamer.” The double part of him watched him during the combat. The whole ting became dream-like.

        Back to the weather-broadcast:Today is it the rain, and the rainy days will continue for the rest of the week….And as the grandparents of us to be….have volunteered in to have the three granddaughters to stay with us for four days, as their parents are away for the working-business. The dad in the North-Sea, and the mom as a professional Nurse, to do a course in Denmark.
        The grandparents are useful after all(laughs), and it is a pleasure of course.
        lol, Inger Lise.

        1. Hello again,

          There is, indeed, a book by the Japanese man, Emoto (do not recall first name), with a detailed study of water subjected to various emotional states, frozen, and the crystalline structures photographed.

          I am also currently following another blog, by a grief counsellor in Scotland, who is currently doing a series of blogs on “intentionality” (prayer) experiments, done in laboratory settings. His first article concerned “intentionality” using chocolate (!), and its effects on the emotions of a study group; the most recent blog involves curing a (normally) 100% fatal form of cancer in mice; results showed an 85-100% rate of cure, and continued immunity, even when the mice were injected w/ the agent which caused the cancer. If interested, look up Dr. Piero Parisetti.

          Sounds as if you did experience an OBE during a stressful time. I’ve heard of others, subjected to childhood trauma, who would “be projected” out of body, observing the abuse from a distance.

          Besides my fairly frequent sleep-time OBEs (rather vague, if interesting, sensations of both being in bed, and up, walking about the house; no really clear vision, yet), I once experienced a strong sense of “dissociation”, which was likely triggered by a drug-withdrawal reaction. I was talking w/ a real estate agent in a house I was viewing one afternoon–and felt as if I were standing just to the right of the self, observing the “me” holding the conversation. Interesting, if a bit unsettling (I still had to drive home!)

          Still cold here, w/ a little snow possible by this afternoon; our part of the country seems to be under a persistent, “lopsided” Arctic influence, expected to last thru next month. Ugh!!

          Glad you’re having fun w/ the grandkids!


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