Life After Rita

Just kidding, in a way. It isn’t as if Rita need be any less present in my life — or yours — just because our habit of daily public interaction is suspended.

If you find yourself experiencing withdrawal symptoms, here are a couple of suggestions:
– reread the material in sequence, or
– reread whatever calls to you at a given moment, or
. think about the material as a whole, or
– get into closer connection with your own guidance (gasp! What a crazy idea, huh?)

The conversations were meant to be a doorway, not an alternative to “ordinary” life. Sooner or later, no matter what the resource, we have to decide either to *use* it or merely to admire it from afar.

The choice is up to you. It always is.

26 thoughts on “Life After Rita

  1. Thank you very much indeed Frank, in to have “given us” Rita`s support of Life Readings.
    I`ll guess all of us have wanted more reinforcement in to KNOW what`s all about at large.
    What your effort(and Rita`s in common) have done for us—have made life much richer along the way—almost as never to have had enough of it.

    I have printed the material out, and do you know what? Some of the pages by Rita`s which fits with The Seth Material putting into the chapters there. And some other pages of Rita`s have put into the one book by Mark Thurston(the one titled as Discovering Your Soul`s Purpose, subtitled: From Techniques described in the E.C.Readings and Other Systems of Spiritual Transformation) AND some other pages have put into the book of yours, The Sphere and The Hologram, then it is more easy in “to recall” the material.

    Much appreciation for everything, as
    always, Inger Lise

    1. You are a very appreciative audience, Inger Lise, and have been from the beginning. I appreciate it, in return. Always nice to not feel we’re merely yelling in an echo chamber.

  2. It has been a progressing and building process. The Sphere and the Hologram and Cosmic Internet meant much more to me because of having “swam around” in the Seth material before. Likewise, your and Rita’s material adds to, fills in, and is taking me to another level of understanding. It is beneficial to be able to reread and reflect and it will mean even more the second and third time through, and practice and deepen my own links to wisdom. Nevertheless, I hope this is a “pause” and not an end. Of course it would never be “THE” end of learning–knowing there is no such thing as long as we don’t shut it own ourselves. Thanks much.

  3. …indeed, Frank and Rita, this material has come thru at an important time for me personally, and I shall go back and read the earlier sessions I “missed”. This material has been a good “reminder” for me, and backs up much of what I’ve sensed intuitively about non-3D. You and Rita have added your voices as suggestions, reminders, a possible beginning of a new “map” for me; I had allowed myself to become too easily “cowed” into thinking “someone else had the Right Answer” (and these “answers” were not MY answers).

    I shall (and am) get in touch w/ my own “TGU”, or Source Self, and still have my eye on a TMI program, hopefully soon. As you stated, “practical application in 3D life” is what this is about; as Bob Monroe said what we experience “here” is of utmost value “there” (and “there” is really “here”!)

    Many thanks for these conversations, Frank and Rita! I’m hoping some of us can continue to “meet” and discuss these ideas/share our experiences…

    It is also a good “jumping off point” for me, now that Spring seems finally about to arrive, with gardens to plan, an art-based business to launch, planes to fly…all that fun “3D stuff” to add to the Experience Base (I hope/trust!) of All That Is!

    Take Care,

    1. Craig.
      I too have felt “the need” to be with like-minded folks discussing all the Metaphysical-Spiritual materials throughout the years. It is not enough sitting all alone”on a mountain-top”all the time (at least not for me).
      Well, I have the husband (who works for ten all alone) one of the sons, and three of the grandchildren (three girls), who live nearby (five minutes away). AND two VERY GOOD neighbours, but the one couple of neighbours will be very religious (I`ll keeping the mouth shut). The other neighbours will be much younger than us, with four young children, with a dog, four rabbits and chickens and four pussycats (it is a FOX or two sneaking about in the Forrest, a lot of the Moose….and yes, the squirrels.
      All-in-all an very idyllic scenario, surrounded by the Lake and the Mounds.
      I can highly recommend the blog of Charles`(the friend of Franks`) too–The Headline– From my Reading– Charles is a treasure of knowledge as well (he hasn`t had the time lately other then here with us).

      Agree, let`s be in touch.
      Inger Lise.

      1. Hi Inger Lise,

        I’ll check out Charles’ blog soon! Your local environment sounds lovely, as well!

        The “spiritual community/sangha (I think that’s the Buddhist word for ‘spiritual community’) has been important for me, as well. When I lived in Seattle, I joined the Religious Science (now Center for Spiritual Living) church for a number of years, taking the three initial classes one needed to become a “practitioner” (an outgrowth of Christian Science, I think, from which CSL has its roots), not intending to go that route myself. That particular church is now a “mega-church”; I drifted away, feeling there was so much emphasis on “financial prosperity” (I DO like “prosperity”, but was feeling more and more introspective by then, ca. 1994).

        When I met my wife on line in 2001, I moved to North Dakota, which is sort of like “sitting on the mountain top”, although there were times I went thru (and still do) where it felt more like the “Valley of the Shadow…” She and I could discuss these ideas (she’s read “Seth” for 40 years; I only recently picked up the material, ca. 2010), but there were very few others locally (generally, two “flavors”: Catholic or Lutheran!) of like-interest. We were w/ a small Unitarian group for a while, but most of the others had “other fish to fry” (university profs., scientists, “rationalists”, w/ little interest in the ideas such as being discussed on Frank’s blog, etc.)

        So, when we moved to Oberlin, I “put out the request” (mentally) to meet w/ others interested in discussing esoterica, and we quickly “found” other folks, in town, and a few at a Unity center nearby, who meet at our house, once a month, to talk about these ideas, and view “Bashar” videos.

        As of today, it appears that Frank and Rita’s “sabbatical” may be short-lived! But, that’s up to them, of course!


        1. A good morning Craig.

          Yes, absolutely agree with you. But after all “the moving about everywhere” have come to the conclusion of it has been “a part of the learning-process`”…maybe planned beforehand (in-between-life).

          But what has really engaged me in the later years (about 30 years or so) is the fantastic groups I have “met” in the Internet.

          I have even met with them “face-to-face” in London/U.K., and here in Norway. “Face-to-face” with for instance Raymond Moody jr. And Dr.George Ritchie and Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, the author of the book “BEYOND THE ASHES” (the Holocaust matters). It was within an International Conference in the capital Oslo (in Norway)back in the 1980s. There were more “celebrities” there as well but cannot recall the names right now.
          And within an A.R.E. Conference in Copenhagen/Denmark, have met with the Grandson of Edgar Cayce, and have spoken with his wife.
          When looking “back upon it”…is it as A DREAM, it is felt as “dreamlike”…..not “real.”

          We`ll meet again—Don`t know where—Don`t know when–But we`ll meet again some Sunny Day.

          Smiles, Inger Lise.
          P.S. Wishing you a happy meeting with Charles&Wife…It must be “the perfect match” if you asks me.

  4. Frank,
    I really appreciate your “yelling in an echo chamber” … your and Rita’s work has helped ‘blast’ me to a new level of understanding, and much greater, trusted, and robust communication with ‘guidance.’

    I’m reading The Sphere and the Hologram (for the first time) and getting a LOT out of it; the two conversations/discussions in parallel (TGU in ‘Sphere’ and Rita here) amplify each other. I highly recommend it as an addition to your suggestions above. (Note: this is NOT a paid commercial by Frank DeMarco !)

  5. Rita and Frank, how to thank you for these last few weeks? Words truly do fail!

    Back last Thanksgiving or so I had just finished re-reading my much marked and dog eared copy of Sphere and the Hologram (again) and was longing to hear more, I just still had so many questions!

    So I went to your blog for the first time in a while, and guess what? It was the first day of your new sessions with Rita, except now she was “on the other side”! How wonderful… Rita, you are just such a good teacher, I’m just so grateful that we can all continue those earlier conversations, though now even much deeper as our understandings have grown over the years and through this new material.

    I feel such gratitude for all your efforts, and Frank, just do go take care of yourself, you are a treasure to share with such generosity.

    Many, many smiles and thanks~

  6. Okay, this comment/question is really too long for this format, but I want it on the record while Frank/Rita take a break. Perhaps others will profit from a consideration of it as well.

    First, thanks to Bob for his question on the 3/8 session. It elicited the kind of response I have been pressing for in my questions, so thanks Bob!

    That session is a deep well and it is best to throw one’s bucket in several times to get to the bottom of it, I suspect. Before I get to that; on 12/8 Rita said the following:
    –If everything is alive – and it is – and everything is sentient, and connected, and partakes of the nature of all dimensions regardless of 3D appearance – then perhaps you can see why the ancient and medieval world-views understood the world to be peopled with spiritual energies. It is. And the modern world’s blindness to those energies served the purpose of creating a new way of seeing, but the usefulness of the limitation has been outlived. A new spiritual scientific view is possible that would not have been possible but for the scientific view of the past 500 years, and won’t be possible until that older view is heavily amended.–

    In the 3/8 session Rita says the following:
    –All right, the short answer is that science as presently constituted cannot aid in the establishment or augmentation of individual or social realization of connection.–
    –My point, and it is an important point, raised by these questions, is that the way forward is precisely the way that may seem most irresponsible, because it addresses causes and not apparent causes, and employs real forces as opposed to pretend forces. Work on yourselves…–
    –It is well to recognize your values and act as best you can, to manifest them in the world, but how do you do that? By preaching to others? By serving as example? By organizing like-minded individuals? Nothing wrong with any of these approaches, but consider how limited they are, in that they attempt to reverse already-manifested realities, as opposed to concentrating on contributing what you can to the non-3D consensus of what should come next in the world.–

    Context established, this rings perfectly true to me–as in I KNOW it, always have. BUT, apropos of a 3D human, I’m still caught between a rock and a hard place. Why? My long academic training pushes me to understand (and change) 3D structures while my non3D being and Rita’s lectures says go in the opposite direction; finding balance in this reciprocal polarity is difficult. I’m in a position where it seems necessary to push the consensus (however slightly and in roundabout and esoteric ways) toward a “scientific” recognition of the aliveness of all things. I struggle with the sense that this is a waste of energy. The effort it takes to translate non3D insights into a materialist framework is not insignificant–and then, to what effect?

    So, if/when Rita and Frank go another round can you guys address the following:

    1. Can Rita define what are the “real forces” as opposed to the pretend forces? The term (real forces) has strong coincidental resonance for me at the moment so anything she could add would be helpful.

    2. What are the means and methods of contributing to the non 3D consensus in general terms? Rita’s statement on this tempts one to follow the old dichotomy of “here” and “there” with there being more important or fundamental…

    1. Cat’s Paw,
      I appreciate your question and look forward to Rita’s take on it. Your question brought helpful insight to me, even as i was reading it.

      Much of my life has been spent “beating my head against the wall” of what I would describe vaguely as the current Wall Street dominated mentality of our American technical and business community. I actually thought working on the inside of several companies, and being in some fairly responsible positions, that I could make a difference. While I might have made a tiny dent in parts of this culture, I have felt far more frustration, even guilt at my inability to make more of an impact to bringing what I now would call “spiritual thinking” to this “already manifested” business society.

      In retrospect I realize that it was not just about me making change, but me being molded, and confirmed in my own becoming. The environment I want desperately to change is what helped form me for what I have so far become.

      With what Frank and Rita and others have said, my view now (provisional of course) is that my becoming has a real time impact on the non-3D part of me, and also, when complete, could result in “a say” in what our future business society becomes and even could be a potential strand in future humans who help usher in that society. That in itself helps relieve my frustration, although that in itself is not the point.

      This is not intended in any way to be an answer to your eloquent question, but I thought you would want to know that I benefitted just from your asking of it.

      1. A couple of things stand out here.

        1. The better the question, the better the answer. As you point out, a good question can, in itself, re-orient our thinking in an unexpected and very profitable way.

        2. this conversation has the potential to be fully as interesting as mine with Rita. But how do we frame it? I can read all the comments in the order they arrived, regardless of which post they answered, and read in that way, they have their own logic. But i don’t think visitors to the site can do that. (Can they?) Any ideas on how we could capture all this in a somewhat more permanent, coherent form?

        3. Your entry seems to assume the primary importance of the 3D world, and I have never been able to make up my mind whether this is so. Does it, in fact, matter whether the Roman Senate passes this or that bill, invades this or that country, build this or that aqueduct? It seems obvious in the moment that it does, but it is not so obvious looking from a longer perspective. And yet, doesn’t the present lead to the future? Don’t today’s decisions determine which options are in front of us next? Can we say, for instance, that it made no difference whether John F. Kennedy was shot, or we engaged in the long Vietnam War, or we shredded the social compact that had existed before that? I can’t decide, but to me they are real questions.

        1. Relative to your Point 3, our 3D time-sliced and objective perspective on the one shared reality may not be primary or the driver, but it sounds like it can be effective in influencing what is. And wouldn’t it follow from Rita’s “all paths are equally real and equally theoretical” that all would potentially have consequences in both 3D and non-3D? Here’s an admittedly wild thought: “simulate” all possible paths before selecting “what should come next to the world”.

          Relative to your Point 2. If you feel there is value in it, perhaps Charles (who seems quite talented) could do some reorganizing of the commentary and then you could put out a one-time, or when-appropriate addendum post to your Rita ones.

  7. I hope Rita and you will take up the conversation again soon, Frank. I’ve been re-reading The Seth Material (after 40+ years) and have read all your books, all Moen, all Monroe, many Michael Teaching books, two about the afterlife by Michael Newton, etc., etc. Different language, different ways of describing things, but especially with this new material from Rita I am finding amazing overlaps, linkages, clarifications, etc. Can’t wait for more!

    We while in 3D may never have a complete road map or understanding and maybe couldn’t really understand it if we were given the map. But Rita is certainly helping with it (and you, of course).

    Many thanks,


  8. John:

    your description of your experience is helpful. And I’m reminded of a saying by whom I can’t recall that goes something like, “that which keeps you from your task is your task.” I suspect your interpretation is at least a provisionally good starting point on my question. Part of the “problem,” you may have felt this too, and the reason I say I’m stuck between rocks and hard places is I don’t know if I could play it straight in any case. Some parts (or strands?) of me want to push against the dominant paradigm no matter how quixotic or foolish the effort seems to be…


    I hesitate to make suggestions that create more housekeeping for you, but you could consider enfolding any discussions like this one which seem edifying or worthwhile into the post where Rita and you address the questions or discussion under consideration. Does that make sense?

    As for your last point, it addresses the limited and paradoxical situation we in 3D appear to be up against. No one in their right mind can say that general socio-historical conditions don’t matter–they do! Presumably, they are why we are here and not somewhere or some when else. But in listening to Rita (and others of course) and my own being, I get the sense that altering those conditions is best done in oblique, indirect, non-logical(?) ways. Hence my question about “real forces.”

    Of course, now I’m reminded of Rita saying in effect: “relax little one, it’s not all up to you. There are bigger ones on this problem.”

    1. I don’t remember Rita ever saying “relax little one, it’s not all up to you. There are bigger ones on this problem”! For one thing, she knows that if she ever called me “little one,” i’d hang up the phone. (And it would also be ludicrous unless i went on a VERY successful and long-lasting diet).

      But I don’t know, either, about “No one in their right mind can say that general socio-historical conditions don’t matter–they do! Presumably, they are why we are here and not somewhere or some when else.” That’s probably self-evident from a 3D standpoint, but maybe the point of the 3D world is to develop compound beings, and maybe the conditions under which they develop matter less than we think. That is, every environment is good for some things, not so good for others, and if as individuals we are always presented with new opportunities based on where we are as the result of previous choices, why shouldn’t that be true of us as a whole — and on other planets, too, not just Earth? Surely 3D development doesn’t depend upon any one “right” path being taken.

      As to your suggestion, it’s hard to see how i could implement that. Say any more on it?

  9. Frank:
    my translation of Rita’s words is not meant to cause offense nor was it intended to be condescending to you or anyone else participating, least of all to myself! One example of what I’m getting at is from the 2/21 session, but there are others:

    “You aren’t in charge of the agenda – therefore you can relax about it. You aren’t lost or perplexed at the non-3D level, and if you can learn to trust that – the easiest way to do so being “all is well” – you will find your own way easier not because “external” circumstances ease (they may, they may not) but because you don’t waste so much energy in anxiety.”

    And the little one/big one metaphor I inserted was also from earlier discussions in which Rita talks about the “larger beings” of which we are each part. Now that I think about it, the little one comment was also inspired by Monroe’s narrative in Ultimate Journey when he gets beyond the “aperture” on his final exploration and the very big beings he perceives call him “little one.” They tell him he can’t continue b/c he hasn’t brought his “gifts” which would make him “big” like them.

    As for your last point, it’s well-taken. I (over)stated it categorically in the hope that it would create response. Perhaps conditions matter less than we think; entirely possible. But why are we here and now in this particular time-stream and not some other (assuming that we’re not, of course)? This fact alone would seem to indicate that particular conditions do matter for the development of particular compound beings.

    Of course, if you are saying the particular conditions do not matter in the way we in 3D may think they matter, then I can follow that with more clarity. I see what I’m trying to do here: bridge the lessons, such as they are, of historical materialism to my limited sense of a non3D perspective…as to the benefit of that, I have little idea.

    My suggestion was something like:

    on whatever session you and Rita tackle my initial questions you might also copy and paste in the same session the overall discussion that took place in this thread.
    I do not know if that is practically, or even perhaps “metaphysically” unwieldy for you to do in a session: i.e. it’s not feasible for you and Rita to have a session with so much material on the table at once. I can certainly give it more thought, but I probably need a better idea of what your needs are or what your vision might be.

    1. And i can’t give you any guidance on it, because i myself don’t know. FWIW i didn’t take offense. You say, “I see what I’m trying to do here: bridge the lessons, such as they are, of historical materialism to my limited sense of a non3D perspective” and I reply, that’s exactly what we hope everybody will do: ARGUE with the material; try to see how it fits in with what else you know; wrestle with it until you know you’ve heard something, all the way down. That’s the right attitude to take, we think.

  10. Frank ? (Wow) The book you recommended by George McMullen (you have told me you met him if I am not recalling it wrong?) The one titled: “Born many Times” would certainly have been something to read for all of us.
    Even of never have heard about George McMullen before at all…but what he is telling have felt (somehow) VERY FAMILIAR one way or the other. The book is unique in many ways, even though i have read countless`books about incarnations and the “in-between-life” books.
    George McMullen including in the book conversations with so-called “Aliens” or our concept of “the outer-space-folks” as well, and in a very sensible manner (and I have read many).
    I have the conviction that “when the pupil is ready–the teacher will appear to you”.

    One other thing, and to have noticed many a time, whatever of us to read…either it is to give an resonance within you—or it doesn`t.
    Well, bedtime with me, see you tomorrow(hopefully).
    Inger Lise.

    1. Yes, I edited George’s first book with Hampton Roads and was responsible for our publishing several more — maybe five, all told. He stopped by our offices one day on his way between Canada and Florida (I think) and we finally got to meet face to face. (We had had many enjoyable telephone talks.) There was a book he put together of the papers of Dr. Norm Emerson, who had the courage to describe before professional societies George’s marvelous gift and the use he made of it. The book is One White Crow, and we published that one too. I never knew Dr. Emerson — he was dead before Geroge sent us his first manuscript — but George’s name was familiar to me from Stephan Schwartz’ The Secret Vaults of Time (another marvelous book). So I was very glad to become friends with him and help get his books into print, beginning with Red Snake. A very warm man, unpretentious, humorous, gifted. Thanks for putting me in mind of him. Hadn’t thought of him in years.

      1. Thanks a whole lot Frank…it`ll NEVER stop amazing me.
        I have ordered the two books’today.
        Hmm, I`ll be in the need of a new room for the Library in Time and Space(and to get rid of the idea in selling the house and to buy a condo….it is out of the question anyway to the husband).

        The song by Engelbert Humperdinck…”Another Time,Another Place…”
        It is nice dancing-music anyway(for the oldies). I have loved the dancing(but the husband did not, he loved the flying).

        lol, Inger Lise

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