Rita on heredity and good and evil

Sunday March 1, 2015

F: 7 a.m. Late start, this morning, Miss Rita. The dog ate my alarm clock. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to sleep as late as I did. Continue with the questions? Something to say first? Your move.

R: You may go to the next question on the list.

[Jim Austin’s question:

[A. She seems to define compound beings as “anything created in 3D by sexual reproduction uniting different strains”

[– Does she mean the standard biological joining of gametes from two or more 3D beings … or are there more ‘complex’ forms of “sexual reproduction?”

[– Does this imply that compound beings are always created through sexual reproduction? This would seem reasonable, as the physical process starts with joining material ‘pieces” from different 3D beings.

[B. “Compound beings … are both battleground and reconciling force for opposing forces.” That reminds me of Rita’s earlier comment that the story of the Fall (Lucifer and the ‘fallen’ angels) is “true enough.” THERE is a (big time!) story of “opposing forces”; would she care to elaborate?]

R: In this instance, sexual reproduction means merely what it seems to mean – the creation of a new unique physical heredity by means of taking half from one individual, and another half from another individual. It is the continual mixing and matching going on in the gene pool that makes different opportunities for new individuals being inserted at any given time.

This is not to say that such new opportunities are the only reason for sexual congress, nor that bloodlines determine fate. I am answering the question as posed. New mixtures define the opportunities among which the individual chooses. If you are born human, you cannot decide among options limited to whales, say, or trees.

Part B of the question should have been answered by now (though after the question was posed, I recognize). Given that the non-3D world is a part of the 3D world (and vice-versa), it should be clear that it exists within duality, even though duality manifests differently outside the specialized conditions of 3D. Therefore all polarities are experienced in non-3D no less. So yes, there is the tension of opposites, but stopping at that leads people in misleading directions, so that they think of war rather than recognizing that war is one condition but never the only one. When a scale contains war, it also contains reconciliation, just as a scale containing competition also includes cooperation. These are not either/ or so much as either / or / both / neither.

F: In short, it isn’t as simple as good vs. evil, which is where we tend to go in thinking about dualistic forces.

R: No, but the reasons why it is not that simple are so complex, so intertwined with seemingly unrelated matters, it is hard to get a handle on the subject, and harder to keep it once you get one.

F: Which is why questions help?

R: It is why they can help. Whether they do or not depends largely upon the choice of question, and the order in which they are pursued. It is a matter of preserving and extending a line of inquiry.

F: I actually got a sense of your being overwhelmed by the size of the subject matter.

R: Not the size of it, exactly, but the complexity. To understand A, in this case, you must understand not just B but a whole alphabet, and the same for each of those letters.

F: Is it hopeless?

R: Nothing is hopeless, but it is necessarily not as straightforward as you might expect, because we have to continually go back and explain apparent contradictions, or sketch out essential but not obvious connections, or redefine material that was slurred over previously in order to continue on a previous line of inquiry.

F: So how do you want to go about it?

R: The only ways I know are either a prepared statement, or a close response to questions, or a loose response, using a question as a springboard, or, in practice, alternation among the methods. You will have to be prepared for a good deal of restatement, often seemingly redundant, because the process of explanation involves not merely the presentation of material but the presentation of that material in different contexts. To say it once and leave it is to leave it undigested, or at least over-simplified.

F: I seem to remember the guys often going back over previously covered ground using that background in new contexts.

R: Yes. We may have thought them somewhat plodding at times, somewhat dogged. I recognized what they were doing, but still sometimes it felt slow. And I was nowhere near as fast as you were! So the pace was not nearly as far from mine as from yours. Plus I was by temperament and training more methodical and careful, and that also made it easier. The years since have perhaps made you more able to participate in this process in the way I did then. Let’s hope so, because you will need to.

Even this explanation is an example of the process, and of the difference in you. You are not champing at the bit, saying, “get on with it! What about the question?” instead you are patiently waiting for it to be revealed. That patience, whether you know it or not, is rooted in a faith that the process will produce results. This allows you to go along for the ride without suspecting that you are merely traveling in circles and without wondering if I am merely evading a short answer for whatever reason.

F: In other words, description of the process – illustration of the process – is an important part of the explanation, and not a diversion,

R: That’s right. The process is the often-taken-for-granted illustration that will help you glimpse the situation behind the larger questions, regardless whether it illumines any particular detailed question.

F: It has been only half an hour but I am tired already. Is this because of the need to concentrate on this? Or some other reason? Or just one of those things?

R: Prolonged concentration on one detailed subject can produce fatigue, more so than concentration on first one thing, then another. And concentration on a message whose purport and intention is not clear may be more fatiguing than when you have a sense of where it is going. These are two different processes, and the difference is similar to the difference in effort required by thinking as opposed to associating.

F: So I am doing a different kind of work when I bring in unfamiliar material than when I bring in easier stuff?

R: It may look that way. It would be closer to say, different when you are bringing in material that is not clear to you over a long span, as opposed to material each bite of which is clear and makes sense and builds on (as well as towards) something easily comprehensible.

F: It is the working suspended in air that brings extra fatigue?

R: You could put it that way. But this small digression on process has restored your attention for the question, you will notice.

F: I thought it was the coffee. But, proceed.

R: When you consider good and evil, you tend to do so either as abstract concepts or as specific examples. Neither alternative is wrong, but neither is sufficient in itself. Every time you go looking into the nature of reality, context is all. Context determines how a thing looks. If you examine it always from the same viewpoint, in the same context, it will seem to you immutable and unquestionable. Indeed, this is a trap the true believers fall into; they mistake preferences for objective reality.

We will need to look at the subject of good and evil again (and, probably, again and again), each time reminding people to change contexts and see how it looks now. Those who will not or can not examine a thing as it actually presents itself in a different context will be unable to follow, and will drop away. Nothing wrong with that, everybody has a different path. But for those who can, greater understanding can emerge.

Look at it this way. The situation – especially as concerns you while in 3D – may be described as in the Bible, a war of good versus evil that spills over between non-3D and 3D, as it only to be expected. You or anyone could easily produce an overwhelming case for the truth of this by looking to history, or to the news of the day, or to one’s own experience. That is true, but not the whole truth, and so, [while] being true, it also contains implied falsehood, not from intent to deceive but from inability to express non-sequential reality in sequential terms without distortion.

F: I remember working hard to make sense of things as you elicited explanations in 2001-2002. You were not receiving the answers you expected, I seem to remember, and I was not equipped with concepts to explain the logic behind what we were being told.

R: You may consider this a rematch. Now, beginning with the Biblical view of good and evil, which as I say is accurate but inadequate, as a mythos must always be, consider in context the fact that compound beings are, by nature, compound! That is, we are not representatives of only one set of virtues; we are mixtures. Then add the fact that what deed is evil in one circumstance may be good in another. Add that the same is true for tendencies, like them or not, approve of them or not. Add that a physical situation is always more complicated than it appears and hence cannot really be accurately judged even by the most intuitive. Add that given “individuals” change moment by moment (in that different parts of the community that they really are may take charge for the moment, then be superseded, then may return, etc.). Where is the stable platform from which you can say, “this is good, that is evil”? And yet, in any given situation, that is not only what you do, it is what you should do, even must do – only, do it provisionally, because you can never have the data for a final, absolute judgment, even on an individual, even on yourself, let alone a complex situation.

F: This doesn’t seem an obvious place to stop, but I got the sense that you are pausing.

R: It is a good place to pause. Much food for thought in today’s material, little though you may think it at the moment.

F: I guess we’re going to continue with the question next time.

R: Perhaps, or perhaps not. Play it day by day and it will work out.

F: All right, I can do that. Our thanks as always.

10 thoughts on “Rita on heredity and good and evil

  1. Hi, Thanks again for the work. This question is a bit yesterday and a bit today. How does energetic healing work from the 3-D segment effect the non-3-D segment? I had always just assumed (silly me) that when we engage in healing work we use our non-3-D segments to effect 3-D results. Are we effecting non-3-D which just trickles down (sideways?) into the 3-D area?

  2. Thank you very much both Frank and Rita.
    Hmm, in reading this today….something came to mind: “Man, your name will be complexity.”

    IF to examine good and evil as such, I have a story to tell, experienced by myself.

    Approximately 25 years ago moved from one place to another, as the husband began to work at another Airport. The house we had bought was situated in a remote area, a narrow valley (and I am talking about HILLSIDES on each side of the valley), with only some farms and the farmland about us. In a way it “seemed” to be a beautiful place to stay, because the view in front of the house was toward an Fjord.
    On forehand only watched the pictures of the house and the surroundings, but I had never been there before. And like a complete fool, (never having been there in person on forehand) did NOT travel to investigate the house before buying it, or to investigate the history of the house and/-or the environment.
    It continues:
    As my husband and I were driving along the narrow road, a distance from the highway about half an hour…..All of a sudden I felt something like a clenched fist hitting me in the stomach, hard enough to take my breath away! And as of me breathing out to the husband:”I cannot stay/- live here within the area!”
    The husband replied smilingly, with the eyes on the road: “You must be kidding me.”
    I never dared tell him about me being hit by the invisible clenched fist in the stomach, as I could not believe in it myself.
    BUT I DID KNOW (and felt) something happened to me out of the ordinary.

    Well, it is a whole novel of what happened about experiencing “the invisible FORCE” at the place. Something “going on” in the house and the surroundings for a whole year in living there. Even our dog became “attacked.”

    It became really BAD after we moved into the property, and much (more of it) worse after the weeks and months passed by. My health (I have always been healthy) suffered as well….NOTHING to see, but sometimes shadows, and the ice cold temperature indoors even of me to use all the ovens and fireplaces to find inside. EVEN in the hot summer days, the house was icy (no need of air conditioning, that`s for sure).
    After ONE YEAR there, I had had enough of it….And I moved out of the house, never coming back…It almost ending up in a divorce between the husband and me as well.
    He felt nothing of “the unseen forces” but he was never at home either (it does not bother me, and never did; I was used to it because of him being an pilot).
    Luckily the three sons never lived at the place, all three of them in the military (two in the navy, and one in the air force) at the time.
    IT HAPPENED, and it is REAL. Do not tell me of it is IMAGINATION as the husband did all the time please ! “It” was BAD and “IT” did HARM to the dog and me. The dog was often frightened, often jumping up into my bed when we were alone at night; and running about in the house as if to be chased by “something” several times at night.
    And the dog became ill, really physically sick. We went to the Vet with the dog several times too, but the Vet could not find anything which made the dog to become sick at all.

    Luckily of never have experienced something similar ever since.
    Okay, it is the very first time of telling the story in public, for whatever it is worth.
    Cannot laugh about it either (I`d rather not thinking about it at all). It was a nightmare.

    Truly, Inger Lise.

    1. Inger Lise, I cleaned up the grammar a little– not everywhere — to make it easier for English speakers to read, as i think it is important. It must be discouraging to be married to someone who pooh-poohs your experiences, as well as your beliefs, but it seems to be a very widespread pattern, so it must have some utility. I wonder what!

      1. Thank you Frank, you`ll know I am appreciating EVERYTHING VERY MUCH indeed.

        But do you know what ? When thinking about it now. I came to recall to have been warned TWICE about the move beforehand….At first by one of my good friends who had been visiting the same area and even had seen the house and the property once. She felt it to be too far away and lonesome. She said the house did NOT felt “right.”
        AND my late mother phoned me (she was still alive at the time), she had never been there of course….but still to recall what she said to me:”If I were YOU, I would never have have dared to move unto a place not to have seen before.”

        And then thinking about Edgar Cayce and HIS “takes” on the warnings(the warning signals).

        One might really wonders?
        Thanks a lot again, Inger Lise.

        1. I think it’s an important lesson when we learn to listen to that quiet voice that tells us things that may not make any logical sense, but tells us with great insistence. Naturally, while we’re still learning, we’re going to make mistakes — which will help drive home the lesson! Somebody said good decisions are the result of good judgment, which is the result of previous bad decisions. 🙂 Funny, but true, too.

    2. Thanks for sharing your experiences w/ the bad-energy house, Inger…I’ve not encountered anything that extreme, but have sensed “bad vibes” in homes I’ve visited (when I lived in Seattle, I became an “Open House Junkie”, that is, I spent Sunday afternoons visiting houses for sale, open for viewing–must’ve seen hundreds of places!) Often, I’d come home, from open house tours, quite depressed; not always, but enough times to wonder if I was “picking up” some negative energy in the houses I visited. There was one particular place, in an older neighborhood of quite lavish homes (Capitol Hill) I viewed twice–before and after a remodeling. It felt “ominous” and cold, esp. in the basement, moreso on the first visit (where I noticed that a fire the real estate agent had lit in the fireplace seemed to give off no heat)…

      A friend of mine in Seattle and I did a little “ghost-hunting”, primarily at a movie theater in which there had been many reports of apparitions, feelings, and sounds. All seemed “benign”…Never did see anything, but one particular stairway in the place (one not used much) gave me a really spooky feeling, and we both heard footsteps in the main theater balcony one night…Later, this friend expressed interest in investigating a home for sale, in which a double murder had taken place…I wisely suggested we not do that, for the sense of “poking after things which could bite w/ a stick” to be very unwise.

      Got “off-track” here w/ my “ghost stories” (even my Ballard house felt “sad” when I first bought it; perhaps some left-over energy/aspect of the widow who died there, apparently quite lonely and sad)…

      And, yes, trusting the “still, small voice” is highly important to me, even if surrounded by “logical and reasonable” voices, telling me that such-and-such is “silly” or “impractical”.


      1. Thank YOU Craig.

        From time to time I am feeling a bit silly in of “to open up” as much as I do in public nowadays.
        YES, “the vibes” all about us obviously exists even it is invisible to the eye.
        We are energetic beings by no doubt, and “the left-over” imprints “hanging in the air” so to speak. I`ll guess it is what`s called Akasha-imprints(or the Akashic-recordings).
        The Hologram in TIME.

        But do you know what? A couple of years AFTER to have moved from the house and the area,still wondering about the happenings there: I went to meet with an well-known Swedish intuitive/medium(he is trustworthy), who told the area have had OLD ANCIENT thought-forms inhibiting the place, which NOT were humans….therefore the DOG(a Border-Collie) was chased about in the house.
        And when of me to ask WHAT “Thought-Forms” he told was ELEMENTAL, and even soul-less. I have never heard about “such things” before in my life. Yes, Fairies, gnomes and dvarfs of course, it is a part of the Nordic Mythology and Fairy Tales….The Trolls as well.

        But then in the years afterwards have studied Edgar Cayce, and HE have had several readings about THE SAME.
        As a child the late Edgar Cayce have had “small unseen friends” to play with. The small children often (seemingly),speaking with unseen `playmates.’

        Life is never boring that`s for sure.
        BUT one thing Edgar Cayce always stressed, was to do the PROTECTION(asking for protection,or to pray for protection) before of him “went” into (sleep), the trance-state on the coach.

        As the famous Shakespeare says:”It is more between Heaven and Earth, Horatio.” If not to recall it all wrong, it is a sentence from the story about Hamlet/The Prince of Denmark.

        I`m very grateful in of to have somebody talking to/with- about the methaphysical material….it is not many of them about me
        here, that`s for sure.
        But as Frank says: “It must be for a reason”(somehow). AHA, Edgar Cayce says PATIENCE will be among “the deeds.”
        Smiles broadly from Inger Lise.

        1. Indeed; thought-forms are a strong probability…did the Intuitive you met with mean the thought-forms inhabited just your house, or the valley/region as well? Certainly would explain why your dog picked up on the energy moreso; animals seem very sensitive to this sort of thing; occasionally, our cats, napping on the bed while we’re reading at night, will sense something outside (likely a passing animal below my range of hearing), get up and growl, before hurrying off to get a better look out another window.

          Jane Roberts encountered a “thought-form” of her own fairly early on in the sessions; it took on an animal form, and “attacked” her one night. Seth later came thru, and said that this was a thought-form of Jane’s own creation, based on fearful thoughts concentrating (what he might refer to as a “haphazard and unenlightened construction”.

          Bob Monroe also described two “demonic” attacks he had in his early days of OBE travel; one was “like a large dog, and fought at the animal level”; the other seemed much more sinister and cunning, yet “had no personality (soul?)” He was able to “bypass”, eventually, the levels at which these thought-forms seemed to exist (“lower astral realms”, perhaps), and continue has explorations. This is described in his first book.

          Robert Bruce (“Astral Dynamics”) describes meeting such beings in out of body travel; his theory is that they are from the “lower astral planes”, and exist independently. As it is, when I go to sleep at night, I mentally recite the TMI “Gateway Affirmation”, and include “…and protection, if needed, of those individuals, whose wisdom…etc.”

          Then there are the Tibetan “Tulpas”, which are thought-form beings intentionally created by practiced meditators in some Buddhist (and perhaps Hindu?) practices; they are more like “body doubles”, and seem to be linked to “the fruits of a contemplative practice”. In “Autobiography of a Yogi”, Yogananda spotted his guru, Sri Yuketeswar, wandering about the market one day, while the “real”, in-body Yuketeswar was meditating at home.

          Likewise, I am grateful to find more people w/ which to discuss Metaphysical matters. Especially, when you get into something like “The Seth Material”, there seem to be relatively few of us, but we manage to find each other!


          1. Craig,bless you,… you are certainly your own book of wisdom, and you have put it all together in a very understandable manner. It is a VERY good summary (and appreciated), you to have done in putting it all together that`s for sure.
            Yes, yes and yes ! I have studied the very same material as of you to have done. How fantastic it is ! I have the book by Swami Sri Yukteswar titled:The Holy Science (it was a bit difficult to understand in the english language at first, but some years ago the same book came into the bookstore translated into norwegian, and “the holes” came together). And also to have studied the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. I have the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and the Egyptian Book of “The Dead” likewise.
            Gosh, when thinking it all over of to have done a lot of the same “things” as you to have done. Also to have been visiting Egypt a couple of times with The Scandinavian Theosophical Society. Luxor/Karnak, and the Giza Pyramids back in the 1980s.

            And a couple of months ago bought a book titled:THE DAEMON (A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self) by Anthony Peake. I have not finished reading the book yet…I`m on my way, after having done the ordinary housework as usual. Nice weather today by the way, almost spring in the air.
            …As always reading four or five books at the same time (I have learned to be a fast reader).

            And as Frank has said: We are picking up what`s most needed within any occasion….it is very true. And I DO BELIEVE if we TRULY (with good intent) search for the answers to life, we will “be answered” one way or the other….and sometimes “in the hard way”, ESPECIALLY when the wrong choice have been made, and NOT listening to the small voice within. I`m fully convinced of it is WRONG choices which could have been avoided.

            Well, here comes another story about the area and the place, and it can explain much of what you have told about thought-forms and FEAR(The Fear-Constructions).

            At the one neighboring farm in the same area back then….I came in touch with (later on contacted) the housewife on the nearby farm…first after TWO MONTHS (you can imagine how very private the Norwegians CAN BE, but NOT in U.S). Well, she was a psychic, but WHAT sorts of psychic-“contacts” or levels can do many questions, it must have been the lower astral levels no doubt…or what is called “black magic” of old.
            And later on by another friend of hers learned to know (the friend was a friend of the neighbors housewife), SHE told me the farmers wife did NOT WANT me/us, as neighbours there at all (BEFOREHAND).
            Good Heavens, the farmers wife did NOT know anything about us on forehand at all (very peculiar). Well, she WAS psychic no doubt. The question is WHAT KIND of medium/psychic? What sort (kind) of the psychic realms did she “contacted”? I was never scared at first: I was LAUGHING about it, making jokes….BUT then it became worse and worse. And ending up with me moving, never to return….I`ll believe that`s EXACTLY what she wanted.
            Approximately 10 years afterwards came to meet with “the one friend of a friend” by the farmers wife, and she told of the farmers wife had died in cancer. She had visited her on the bedside at the hospital, as the lady told me: The farmers-wife seemed to become “in-and-out” of consciousness while the friend did the visit. According to the friend; she was “mumbling” something about DAEMONS!!And the doctor told they could not “came in touch” with her, because she was “out of consciousness.”

            I have thought a lot about it afterwards in to have learned by the particular experience(s), and have come to one conclusion somehow: It is to have learned ALL was True. Especially about FEAR(S). I was NEVER of “the fear”- type of personality BEFORE.
            I was the kind of person who just “jumping into,” all sorts of things…as: “come what may” (impulsive in all directions).
            The elderly of to have become, looking upon it from a distance (more objectively); now wonders if all of it will be “delusions.”
            As ACIM (and several more sources) says:”Love is all there IS.”

            You cannot imagine (it must be experienced) the MANY things that happened there, it is only ONE PIECE of the
            story i have told you.
            Seth: YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY, both as individuals and as the mass-consciousness.
            What “a mess of mixtures”! Cannot but smile after all (it is nuts!but serious as well).

            Thought-provoking all the way, Inger Lise.

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