Tuesday February 10, 2015

F: 11 a.m. Given that we didn’t get to talk earlier today, and given that I’m not really hitting on all cylinders yet (but given that the alternative is packing books, getting ready for my move!) I thought maybe we could try this directly on the computer rather than writing it out in longhand first. If so, that will save more than an hour of work. Rita, is this fine with you?

R: The experimentation with procedure is fine with me, provided that you don’t let yourself get overextended. Today is a good day for this experiment, in that the questions are small and easily disposed of. Take them in any order you wish.

F: All right, let’s start with this one: “3D is not really a duality but instead a continuum in which we look at both ends of one stick. Is this true of love and fear as well?”

R: The short answer is “yes,” and for once there are not caveats or cross-currents to look at. Although people talk about living in pure love, entirely banishing fear, that is more an ideal to be lived toward than a goal that can actually be reached. This, despite what people claim. If you are living in a world of duality, what makes you think you can station yourself on the extreme end of the spectrum and not participate in the other end, or rather, in gradations?

F: Makes sense to me. All right, how about this one? “In one sense there is no reincarnation. Neither Rita, Frank nor Charles will return other than as a strand in a new entity or soul. Is this correct?”

R: Again, yes. In this case we need remind you that the question as posed says “in one sense.” Look at it another way and it looks quite different. This, though, not for today, because we are not going to do a full session, or anything like it. Just make a note that the question could be considered in more detail and from different starting places.

F: Another, as we continue to gallop through the easy ones. Charles says, “Andrew Bartzis says Earth is a 100% free will and no memory planet. No memory presumably means we do not recall the strands and bundles that comprise us. While in 3D wouldn’t it make life easier if we could relate to the strands composing us?”

R: Remember, the fact that someone says something, even if with great certainty, has nothing to do with whether the statement is accurate. Your own experiences, and those of so many TMI participants (that is, people whose first-hand testimony you can weigh), tells you otherwise. If it is a “no memory planet,” how did the field of past life review and NDE experiencer and psychic communication across time and space come to be? And as to 100% free will, that is true in a certain sense of the words. From any given moment of time (which of course is always experienced as “the present”), your free will is at least theoretically large. However, it is hardly unlimited! Everything that came before that moment could be regarded as a limiting factor. This statement is at best somewhat true, but not very.

The demonstration of the fact that it is not very true is that in fact you can relate to the strands composing you. It is a skill that can be learned, which means it is not closed off.

F: Another? “Why was the 3D world created? Is it working as it was planned? If not, is it possible to change the direction and get it back to its original formation?”

R: This one makes me smile. Do clouds work the way they were planned? Do the elements of any system you can name work the way they were planned? And if they did not, would 3D individuals, even working in close harmony with their non-3D components, know what to do to bring things back to balance?

F: This one, I’m afraid, is going to require too long an answer for today’s energy level to handle. Charles asks, “I’d like to turn the conversation to the questions of why the 3D world was created, why larger beings continue to create new souls, and why the 3D experience so often feels like “suffering”. Several people have asked questions about reincarnation with the hope they would not have to return. I think readers would like to know how to learn to make better choices, presumably in line with the reason for the creation of 3D and with the help of their larger beings.”

R: You are quite right. Save this one for another day, and the other one as well.

F: The other one is this: “A new soul is a combination of a continuing entity or larger being, genetic parents, and cultural environment. Around age 7 an ego band forms around the compound and the new soul begins functioning as a unit. The `purpose’ is to see what this new soul can add to its larger being and beyond.”

R: Bear in mind, this is Charles editorializing, not me. I don’t think that’s quite right, but, again, we’ll have to go into it at another time.

F: Well, we did get at least something done. Are you okay with the process?

R: It doesn’t matter on this end except insofar as it renders you more able or less able to do the work. Suit yourself and experiment away.

F: Okay, thanks. More tomorrow, I hope.

6 thoughts on “Rita

  1. Hello Frank,

    I hadn’t checked the blog in a while and was so pleased to see you posting this kind of work again. Thanks to you and everyone involved.

    I wonder if I might pose a question to Rita? No worries, if the answer is no. And in any case I need to expend some effort deciding how I would encapsulate the question so as to make it provoking and useful.

  2. I hope you feel better, Frank. And I hope Rita will expand on today’s answers. Every day I ask what in the world can be the purpose of all of the suffering in the world? After eons of time, haven’t these so called Larger Beings had enough of it? I’m sure their 3-D strands would appreciate a break from these never-ending plotlines of pain and war, disease and poverty, pollution and cruelty. And back to yesterday’s session, could she expand on the part about non-3-D entities that interact with us and how much influence they have as telepathic trouble makers or helpers?

    1. i sent your question on to Charles. Many people, including him, have asked about suffering. Rita was always concerned when she was in the body. it will be interesting to see what she has to say now.

  3. Frank,
    This is all so interesting! I have to ask…where are you moving? C ville is so beautiful.

    I am concerned about the question of suffering.
    When we are not in the body it may be seen as
    “experience” rather than suffering.


    1. Not far, just across town. Bought a townhouse after years of renting.

      Looks like we’re going to be considering the question of suffering from many angles. I trust that won’t be in connection with my forthcoming move! 🙂

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