Rita — Question five (2)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

F: 6:30 a.m. Rita, you said 3D life is in support of non-3D life, just about the time I ran out of gas. Is that where you want to pick up?

R: I am continuing to answer the question of how I spend my time here, as part of what I experienced as I moved my consciousness from a 3D focus. It isn’t a question that can be answered in 20 words or less.

[Charles’ question: “I know that a misunderstanding could occur if everyone believed all death experiences would be the same. I also know that everything, including 3-D life, is subjective. With that in mind, Rita, would you please tell us your “subjective” experiences? The “specifics” that Bob and I would like to know pertain to how you, Rita, are perceiving your “existence” now. Most, if not all, of the readers knew you as Rita here in 3-D. Most of us have read that in the afterlife beings take on a body, continue learning, help others make the adjustment, act as guides, as well as other “activities”. So, bearing in mind the question does come from a 3-D mindset, would you tell us what “life” is like for you now, maybe as you might write a letter describing your new environment and activities to someone after you’ve moved?”]

If you bear in mind the conditions I described “yesterday” (to you), you will see that nearly all descriptions of the afterlife you have ever received have been analogies, conscious or unconscious, designed to motivate, to encourage, 3D consciousness to

F: Dammit, went wool-gathering. Again?

R: There is no hurry. Just stay with the process and we’ll get there.

Descriptions of the afterlife are analogies, for one simple reason. Describing additional dimensions (or rather the effect of awareness of additional dimensions) in terms comprehensible to fewer dimensions can only be analogy. So what’s the solution? Twofold: (1) work hard remembering (on both sides) that it is analogy, (2) work hard (on the receiver’s end) to stretch to try to feel the meaning rather than to read it as a logical exercise or a travel story.

Any such description is provided in the hope of encouraging the reader or listener to make just such a stretch of comprehension, because the very process of stretching will open new possibilities. What did our Sphere and Hologram book do, after all, but put into words new ways of seeing things, for the purpose of helping people to stretch? What did Seth do, and intend to do, but the same thing. But it does no good to read something intended to change you by making you aware of unknown parts of yourself as if it were merely a travel diary that assumes (and leaves) the accustomed 3D life as if it were a stable, fixed, immutable reference point.

Prime among distorting background assumptions is the one that thinks 3D and non-3D are two different things. They are in that they are relatively different. They are not in that they are points on a bell curve rather than either-or.

That’s why I started with my experience while in a coma. When I was ready and able to drop the body, I moved pretty seamlessly to a new awareness, because I had been moving toward it for eight years, not to say my entire lifetime. After all, who suggested to me that I suggest to you that we do weekly sessions to follow up your new information obtained in 2000 and shared with me and others?

So what happened? Because I refocused from 3D to non-3D consciously, I had no need to reorient myself. That is part of what I meant in saying my past-life review was merely a process of seeing my 3D life from the point of view of my non-3D component.

Because I didn’t need orientation, I didn’t need analogies or scenarios. Hence, no past-life review, no crossing the river of no return, no white light, etc. All that is a 3D-oriented description of a change in consciousness, and the process that enables or smooths the change.

So, seamlessly, I was “there,” or “here.” But what did that mean?

Immediately, it meant a sort of reorientation, as I remembered that my non-3D self experienced my 3D life as I lived it. Then I knew that I had been in the higher dimensions all along, regardless how oblivious to them I was.

But at the same time, I realized that I was still in the 3D dimensions even though not focused there – because, again, how can there be any dimensions we are not in? if reality is six-dimensional, you can’t be only in three non-physical dimensions, any more than you can be only in three physical dimensions. In either case, you can be aware only of some and not of others, but in no case can you not actually be there.

Think about that!

Really, think about it. You always were in the non-3D dimensions, but your awareness of them differed at different times, and certainly differed by different individuals. It isn’t any different from “the other side,” from the higher dimensions. We remain in 3D, though our awareness varies both in time and between people.

Now, if you move over thinking you are exchanging the physical world for the non-physical world, what you experience (at least internally) will differ from what you experience if you realize that you remain in the one, undivided, reality, moving only your focus. And between the two extremes may be found every description of “the afterlife” ever expressed. By the way, can you see the assumptions hidden within the word “afterlife”? you might taste what it is like to think of it, instead, as the “non-3D life” or “life beyond 3D” – assuming you can hold in mind that you always did live in non-3D, regardless of your focus.

Now, if you are still with me, you may begin to see why contradictory accounts of the non-3D initiation and continuation are all expressing any one aspect of a huge and simultaneous experience. Words are too slow and sequential to show it easily but I will try to give it in word-sketches, and maybe Frank can come up with a line-drawing to express it as he did with TGU’s self-portrait.

Hmm, let me try that right now. I get what you intend to say. Let me fool with pencil and paper and if I get something, I’ll sketch it here, and if not I can always continue. My assumption is that you will help provide the sketch.

Well – I will try to keep the point to be illustrated clear in your mind. But the actual work of translating it will be up to you.

F: All right, let’s see.

[Six sketches.]

All right, that didn’t take long. I don’t know how I will reproduce sketching on the computer, though.

R: As an interim measure, merely scan the page and include the scan as an attachment. Meanwhile, say a few words on the six sketches.

F: [I will scan them when and if I figure out how to download new drivers to accommodate windows 8.1]

All right. I drew a vertical line with a sort of tripod at the bottom. The tripod represents the three physical dimensions; the vertical, the extension of ourselves to the other dimensions, however many of them there are.

Our awareness after death may remain in the 3D, in which case we are “stuck” and may benefit from a retrieval.

Or, it may move entirely to the non-3D, forgetting Earth (that is, the 3D dimensions).

Or, it may alternate between the two.

Or, it may expand to incorporate the whole.

R: I think you will find that even this description of these very simple stick diagrams makes it more comprehensible, what I am to say.

F: I think so too, just as our earlier sketch in 2001.

R: In my particular case, I experienced the fourth possibility, after a relatively brief period of concentrating on the new non-3D dimensions. But a description of all this must wait till you are recharged, as your hour is about up.

F: Interesting to have to participate in a more active way. Thanks for your continued efforts here, Rita.

R: You’re welcome, and I now understand what “the guys” – our non-3D dimensions – meant when they expressed equal gratitude for 3D attention to the problem. Only in 3D can you act, as you were always told. That doesn’t mean quite what it appears to mean, but close to it.

F: All right, till next time.

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