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Yesterday Bob Friedman dropped off advance copies of my latest book, Imagine Yourself Well a book that was a long time in the making. A lot of practical experience went into this one, and I got it into only 100 pages.

Frank DeMarco holding copy of Imagine Yourself Well


I meant for it to be severely practical. Here’s the first part of the intro:


In this book you will find simple techniques to improve your health. They are free, they have no side-effects, and they cannot interfere with any medicines you may be taking. You can mix them with whatever form of medical care you prefer. You can do them with your doctor’s blessing, or you can keep them to yourself.

You can use these techniques, no matter how serious your present condition. Are you in continual pain? Seriously injured? Enduring a chronic degenerative condition? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You can use these techniques.

The only catch is that you cannot benefit from these techniques while actively disbelieving in them. You don’t have to believe, but you do need to suspend disbelief, or nothing can happen. You cannot be open to new possibilities and at the same time be closed to them. It is that simple. And is it so hard, suspending disbelief? If you try and you can’t make the techniques work for you, what have you lost? A little time. But if you succeed, you have more to gain than you can presently guess.

Please note, I do not promise you perfect health, any more than I promise you a life without problems. I have my own health problems, and anyway it seems to me that life could be described as a series of problems to be faced. I don’t think that’s at all a bad thing. It isn’t like we’re victims – as you shall see.

Neither should you get the idea that the state of your health in any way indicates your level of spiritual development. It would be a more convenient world – and a better behaved one – if the people at the highest spiritual level automatically enjoyed the best health, while those at the bottom of the spiritual scale endured suffering and misery. That would encourage people to work on their spiritual life! But your level of spiritual growth and awareness has little or nothing to do with your state of health, and I don’t think it is very hard to figure out why that it. We are all working on different things in these lives of ours, and suffering can be a very powerful aid to growth.

In other words, affliction isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, any more than perfect health is necessarily always a good thing. So much depends upon what is going on within the person, and no one is capable of judging this from the outside. Nonetheless, there is no reason why you shouldn’t acquire more effective tools to improve your health.

Does this book give you everything you need to maintain your health? Well, yes and no. If you come down with a serious disease, chances are you are going to the doctor, if not the hospital. If you have trouble with your teeth, sooner or later you are going to go to the dentist. And sooner or later you are going to die of something, if only old age. But does that mean it isn’t worthwhile to live according to the principles I have named here?

What would it be worth to you, to live in less fear? What would it be worth to be in greater connection to more parts of yourself than you once recognized? What would it be worth to recognize that your health is less a reaction to outside stress than an expression of what you are and what your life is? What is it worth to know that you and your family and friends need not be helpless before accident, and disease, and injury? Most of all, what is it worth to you to learn how to grow into so much more that you can become? Read on, and find out.

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  1. Hi Frank! Your new book sounds great! Congratulations on getting it this far! We’re looking forward to reading it. Greetings from the big beyond, Europe that is 🙂 Christel

  2. Hi ! Ditto to what Christel says. I`ll buy the book as soon it is published(hopefully at the amazon.bookstore, it is the easiest way of to buy the books).

    Peculiar enough but have looked into the books by Jane Roberts lately(the Seth-books about health issues)… is surprisingly similar to what Frank tells….It is “confirming” the same.
    Seth is very funny with “the camouflage universe”. And sitates from “The Early Sessions”book 2: If scientists think that the inner world is a murky maze of intimate chaos, let them see what happens when they attempt space travel; that is, journeys through a camouflage nonexistent space to begin with, with a camouflage vehicle. They will get no further to the heart of truth or reality than a fly buzzing around then outside, forever-closed-to-him, portion of a round, hard, unripe apple.
    There are definite experiments that can be tried in scientific laboratories that will enable your scientists to glimpse inner reality, and to actually discover the ways and means by which the inner energy-self transforms the ENERGY OF ITSELF into physical patterns. There are laws which govern the birth and death, not only of men but of all conscious beings, and these laws can be discovered by asking.
    If growth is one of the most necessary laws of your camouflage universe, value fullfillment corresponds to it in the inner reality universe.

    Further:” Now the so-called laws of your camouflage universe do not apply to the inner universe. They do not even apply to other camouflage planes. However, the laws of the inner universe apply to ALL camouflage universes, and ALL consciousnesses on ANY plane must follow the basic laws of the inner universe. Some of these basic laws have counterparts known and accepted on various camouflage planes. There are various manifestations of these laws and various names given to them.”…..and sitates ending in the present moment….Smiles, Inger Lise.

    1. This sounds extremely interesting, and renews my desire to read the Seth books sitting unread on my bookshelves. For a long time, i thing my guys didn’t want me to read Seth, lest what i get directly seem only second=hand to me, but maybe the embargo is lifted. Time will tell. Presently re-reading Deepak Chopra’s interesting novel, The Return of Merlin, well worth reading if you haven’t.

  3. Congratulations Frank! What a treat to see this one in print. I can recall several very illuminating conversations we’ve had on this topic and I’ve passed those helpful ideas on to others who’ve already benefited. I’m eager to see how you’ve put it all together!

    1. Let me know, when you’ve read it. I value your opinion. I do think this book can help anyone who is open to it, because it is entirely based on my experience, not on things i’ve read or heard.

  4. Congrats, Frank! My wife just informed me that we have this book on order! Looking forward to it; I personally can use the practice of “suspending disbelief” in working thru my issues, for I would dearly love to live my remaining life free of anxiety/fear/depression; it is no longer serving what I’d like to accomplish before it’s “time” for me to “shed this life-focus”.

    And, like Inger Lise, I have been finding some very good information and ideas in the “Seth Material”. I’m presently reading “The Nature of Personal Reality”, and the chapters I read on body and health, just yesterday, have amazing parallels to what Inger has been reading in “The Early Sessions”, plus your new book…it’s no “accident” that I should find this thread today!

    If you do decide to read some “Seth” (I think you said you had read some at some point?), I would personally recommend starting w/ “The Early Sessions”; these helped me enormously in understanding the “Sethian terminology”. Another good read is Jane Robert’s “Oversoul Seven” trilogy, which is an excellent distillation of “Sethian” ideas, and a fun “romp thru time”!

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