Colin Wilson and Faculty X



New Dawn is a very interesting magazine published in Australia. (It is on line as well as print; a search will find it.) They asked me to give them 700 words on Colin Wilson and the Supernatural, and this is what i gave them.

8 thoughts on “Colin Wilson and Faculty X

  1. Nice, well-written article, Frank! This reminds me of what Darryl Anka (aka: “Bashar”) states as the “First Law”: “You Exist. You cannot NOT exist, because Non-existence is already full of the things which don’t exist!” (rather amusing wording, but gets the point across, I think)

    Also, a good reminder that, with countless reams of evidence and proof available now, what is considered “supernatural” and “paranormal” are completely “natural” and “normal”, respectively!


  2. Intelligent. Precise. Well-written. Thanks so much for this valuable article, Frank. One of the very few I’ve read over the years that “gets” Colin Wilson. Then again, I’d expect nothing less from you. All best!

    1. Thanks, Bill. High praise, and I appreciate it. I must say, I agree with you that so many people who write about Colin and his work don’t seem to understand where he’s coming from. Perplexing, as he certainly went to enough pains to make it clear!

      1. Yes, Colin was a genuine craftsman, a little-recognized aspect during the whole of his career as a publishing professional. Both in his novels, and nonfiction works, there flows clear, crisp prose–nouns and verbs.

          1. Prolific as hell, whether he liked it or not. I recall him mentioning (in regards to events during, I think, the writing of THE OCCULT) panic attacks he experienced when faced with multiple, incredibly brutal deadlines. But, as they say, “He did it anyway.” A human dynamo….

          2. And, typical of Colin, he took that adversity and learned about his capacity for even greater efforts — and discovered that high intensity effort over extended periods of time produced a new clarity and intensity of perception AFTER he had relaxed. Not the same as what you mention here, but it occurred to me.

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