The Sorrows of Empire

This came to me yesterday, and I thought I’d share it.

The sorrows of empire

We bomb their cities; we kill their men, women and children with drones, missiles, napalm, personal attacks, landmines and anything else we can find; we overthrow their governments, take sides in their civil wars, and still the ungrateful bastards refuse to love us.


6 thoughts on “The Sorrows of Empire

  1. yeah, why don’t they gratefully welcome and accept our ‘war is peace’ message, just accept it that ‘we’re Number 1’ and that they (fat chance anyway) really want to be us??

  2. Frank?

    If the Whole World will be The Mirror of The Self,then the innate condition of The Mind will be in the need of correction…And then it is true of what ACIM telling:”If we identify with the ego,our limitations become cause for comparison and judgement, and thereby impel us to seek ways to overcome the imperfections in our bodies and the world”.
    (it is written in the little pamphlet titled as:The Healing Power of Kindness, volume Two….Forgiving Our Limitations).

    How to live it all the time will be another challenge that is(if we will stay alive that long…smiles)and each of us have got the power of The Mind somehow.
    Inger Lise.

  3. …reminds me of Randy Newman’s song of about 30 years ago: “Political Science” (Let’s Drop the Big One Now). We certainly have projected a lot onto “others”; I personally agree w/ C.G. Jung and Robert Bly, that it’s time to own our own “shadows”, integrate them (in our World of Contrasts, we wouldn’t know “light” w/out the “dark”!) There is more and more coming out, from at least some “out of the box” Scientists, that “cooperation”, NOT “competition” is the “norm” (check out the works of Bruce Lipton, for one!)


    1. There is also a nearly unknown book by David Loye called Darwin’s Lost Theory of Love. Loye read an electronic version of Darwin’s The Descent of Man, the second volume of the two-volume set that began with the Origin of Species, and found that a computer search found the word “Love” all through it. That led him to examine it more carefully and he found that the science of Darwin’s day had taken only what it wanted to believe, and had ignored and denied the rest of the thought of the same man whose exploration of the primary stage of evolution it had adopted so enthusiastically. An amazing story of intellectual dishonesty.

      1. I hadn’t heard of that author; I know that in Bruce Lipton’s/Steve Baerhman’s (sp?) audio book, “Spontaneous Evolution”, that “survival of the strongest” is mentioned once, while “love” is mentioned at least 50 times. Sadly, many of us have taken that one statement as some sort of “ultimate/unchallengeable truth”, which has been used effectively by those currently in “power”…As a kind of humorous aside, whenever I see one of those Darwin “beagle-fish” on the back of a vehicle, I remark to Susan, “Oh, that is SO ‘1859’!”

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