Carol’s condition worsening

Just received this from TMI about Carol Sabick de la Harran.

On the one hand, while I don’t have any inside information one way or the other, it does feel like the end may be near. I woke up feeling that, and got an email from a friend saying: “I’ve felt Carol de la Herran very close by all night and this morning.  It feels like she is close to letting go. .. I talked to her about ___’s transition and that she knows how to do it and she can just let go and drift out there and she’ll be fine – with no pain or tubes or physical restrictions.  The the last hour or so I’ve felt a shift and was infused with warmth and a feeling of peace.  It feels very quite and reverent.  I feel like something in her has shifted and she can make her transition now, if she hasn’t already. Anyhow, the purpose of this email is not about me – it is to ask you all to keep her in your prayers and send her loving energy for a smooth transition if that is what she has decided.”

On the other hand, it’s never over until it’s over.

On the third hand, so to speak, i always remember something i learned 20 years ago in somewhat similar circumstances, when I was first learning about the use of such energies – sometimes “healing” means getting better physically, and sometimes it means being able to make your transition. Whichever way it goes, loving assistance freely offered is never a waste of time and effort. My personal thanks to all who have joined in the effort to bring healing to Carol, and we’ll see which way it goes.

Special Letter to the TMI Family
July 3, 2013

Dear TMI Family,

The news is not good. We received word that Carol has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Her body is fighting an aggressive fungus plus system-wide inflammation. Carol’s family does not expect her to survive.

Her children from Europe are at her bedside. They send sincere thanks for all of our love and support.

Please join us in keeping Carol in our thoughts and prayers.

You will hear from us as soon as anything changes.

With love and appreciation,

The Monroe Institute


4 thoughts on “Carol’s condition worsening

  1. I´ve just discovered this blog of you, so interesting. Thanks you for sharing all your learning. I get here because of Carol, a good friend and teacher for me. The fact of found it is a precious present from both of you. Many thanks. If you give me permission, I will translate some posts to Spanish to publish in my own blog. Always linking you, of course. Best regards.

    1. You will have seen that Carol made her transition today at about noon Eastern time. She will be missed, and with time appreciation of her contribution will continue to grow.

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