We’re not alone, and we don’t have to work alone

As I had suggested to others, I have begun sending healing energy to TMI Executive Director Carol Sabick de la Herran (for whatever her own higher self decides, you understand, not trying to mandate a specified result) three times a day.

Yesterday, each time when I began, I asked for the active assistance of a couple of my healer “past lives,” a Norman English monk of the middle ages named Bertram, and a priest from ancient Egypt whose name translates as Joseph. All minds – all souls – outside of time-space are as alive as they were when within time-space. It isn’t as if in connecting to other lives we are talking to statues.

Besides them, I also asked the assistance of Columba, who was the very remarkable Irish monk who founded the community at Iona (off Scotland) a millennium and a half ago. My own “other lives” appear to have associated with him, non-physically, during their own physical lives, in the way that I am associating with them during my physical life. apparently such associations form a permanent bond.

I will not attempt to describe the power and energy that flowed through me. I will only say that, although this was not my first such alliance with non-physical powers, I was surprised at the unmistakable clarity and strength of the link.

I suggest that this is a process you may wish to employ. Obviously if such abilities are available to one, they are available to others as well. Those to whom you connect will probably be different than the ones to whom I connect, but so much the better. The more the merrier.

More than 20 years ago, in the culminating vision of my Gateway experience at The Monroe Institute, I was told and shown that we are never alone, no matter how alone we may appear to be. My life sicne then has only confirmed that vision.

We have very powerful forces available to us, which we may use for good or for ill. We may use them – misuse them – to serve our own needs at the expense of others, and my belief is that only ill can come of that.

Or we can choose to be a channel of blessings for others. What better way to do that than to align with the light and intend the highest good for all beings?

In our science-worshipping age, not only has the oneness of all beings been forgotten – so has the reality of the silent non-physical connections that sustain us in our physical lives from moment to moment. Science is slowly groping its way back from the intellectual extremes that led it to conclude, somewhat hastily, that the physical is all there is, and that humans are only accidental collections of atoms.

However, the religious institutions formed by our ancestors no longer serve us, for many reasons. Whatever institutions we eventually form to help hold us together with the other side are going to be significantly different, perhaps unrecognizably so, and we’re a long way from seeing that happen.

In the meantime, there remains, as a powerful tool, the exercise of prayer.

A friend suggested that I contact the Unity prayer support group online on Carol’s behalf, and I did. I like their prayer here: “You have the healing love of God flowing through you now, restoring energy and vitality.” If the word “God” makes you uneasy, feel free to put the same intent in your own words.

Do join with others in praying for Carol’s healing, in whatever form that takes.


2 thoughts on “We’re not alone, and we don’t have to work alone

  1. Hi Frank,

    I’m doing my best to put my new understanding of ‘spiritual’ connection into action and focusing positive intent on Carol’s journey and current experience.
    Thanks for this post, it reminds me that no matter how isolated and non-connected I might feel sometimes, my broader, non-physical ‘family’ is always with me. 🙂

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