Healing energy for Carol: A Call for help

The Monroe Institute’s Executive Director, Carol Sabick de la Herran, has been in the hospital ten days now, suffering among other things from pneumonia and exhaustion, and I’m asking my friends to join me in getting more proactive. I know from long experience that people can send healing energies to others, merely by focusing their intent. If you would, I’d ask that we all send her healing energy three times a day, say just before we ate each meal?

I don’t think it should be energy intending to dictate a result (a common error among beginning healers) but there couldn’t be any harm in sending energy for her best and highest good, in whatever way her own higher self could use it. There’s a terrific power in focused intent, and the people on this list sending blessings to her three times a day is perhaps the one useful thing we can do for her. You don’t need to know her, and you don’t need to know anything about her medical condition. Your intent is the powerful factor. It’s a way to be a channel for blessings, always a good thing.

Sound like a good idea? Three times a day, even if we don’t eat three meals a day? My thanks in advance to all who participate.

6 thoughts on “Healing energy for Carol: A Call for help

  1. A wonderful idea. Of course I will participate. As usual, my hardest job is to not attach my energy to any specific outcome. I am way too outcome-oriented for my own good, much less anyone else’s. But I do love Carol, and will try to stay wide open to whatever is best for her. She may well want something different. I am thinking aloud here, — sorry. Much love, Katie

    1. Thanks, Katie. I learned (the hard way, as usual) that we never know what’s really in another person’s best interest, because we never have the full story even of one lifetime, let alone all the other things that are bundled inside us from other experiences.

      But I figure we can’t go wrong by offering our assistance for whatever the recipient’s higher self knows it needs.

  2. Dear Frank,
    I have been participating in such things for many years. My spiritual group has the one heart@sacredstatus.net. We post,(always with permission), a request for wholeness/healing for the highest and best of all concerned. So be it. This has been very powerful. It allows for the highest good in that beings life, (not always what is obviously wanted). Thanks for your post. The one heart is used for many other requests, besides healing. I could not imagine living any other way!

    Much love,


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