Alien Messages and Our Genetic Code

i like anybody’s thinking that is outside the box. Particularly when it is scientific speculation, i sometimes get my hopes up. But usually it turns out to be about half an inch outside the box, as here. How’s this for a stupid quote? (My boldface):  “Biological SETI inevitably smacks head-on into an idea that is completely antithetical to science: the concept of intelligent design (ID).”

Perhaps the person saying it is an example of the improbability of intelligent design, but I don’t think it applies to the rest of us. Accident is more likely than intelligent design? The sacrosanct evolution-by-chance-over-uncounted-millions-of-years is more likely than intelligent design? I don’t think so. But the question is, who is doing the designing, and this article can’t seem to even consider the possibility that the physical was created out of the non-physical. Thus, if reality resembles a hologram, it must be a program running somewhere else in the physical universe.  Ridiculous.



Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code?

APR 1, 2013 11:27 AM ET // BY RAY VILLARD

The answer to whether or not we are alone in the universe could be right under our nose, or, more literally, inside every cell in our body.

Could our genes have an intelligently designed “manufacturer’s stamp” inside them, written eons ago elsewhere in our galaxy? Such a “designer label” would be an indelible stamp of a master extraterrestrial civilization that preceded us by many millions or billions of years. As their ultimate legacy, they recast the Milky Way in their own biological image.

Vladimir I. shCherbak of al-Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan, and Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, hypothesize that an intelligent signal embedded in our genetic code would be a mathematical and semantic message that cannot be accounted for by Darwinian evolution. They call it “biological SETI.” What’s more, they argue that the scheme has much greater longevity and chance of detecting E.T. than a transient extraterrestrial radio transmission.


One thought on “Alien Messages and Our Genetic Code

  1. Frank ? It is really interresting material.
    I am to recal of the Edgar Cayce readings telling of us “must finish the sojourns within our own Solar System, before moving on unto “others.”
    And if not to recal it all wrong…of Emanuel Swedenborg told about the very same(and even of Swedenborg lived in the 17th century !!!) E.Swedenborg even explained how “the other systems” operating in the many “forms” in comparison with ours. But how “physical” it is —– do not know. Especially when of to have studied the material by Jane Roberts which am convinced of to be true.

    And wishing you a nice Sunday within the spacious all-encompasing-universe from Inger Lise(smiling).

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