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 I was lying in bed, sort of daydreaming – free-associating – and a cartoon I saw on facebook yesterday came into mind. One panel showed little kids of the 1980s in an outdoor scene, running around, playing. The other showed kids of 2012 in the same scene, all sitting under one of the trees, clicking away at whatever game or device each one was using.

First bounce: the kids in the 1980s scene looked supervised and tame next to my memories of our life in the 1950s.

Second bounce: whoever drew the scene (thinking it seems of the 1980s as paradise lost) probably had no idea of how life had been after the war, in the same way that we had had no idea of how free life had been before the war, and in frontier days, etc..

Third bounce: people tend to assume that the change is for the worst, and in a way of course it is. And yet, maybe not, for I often suspect that all this electronic-ization of our lives has a subtext  unintended by anyone in the body. I suspect we are being prepared for the great change in which we will take the non-physical world for granted in the way prevous civilizations did, and yet in a new way.

Fourth bounce. What if we began to train ourselves to look at everything that happened, not as the result of chance, not as the result of some conspiracy, but as another tile in the great mosaic that is our lives? What if we began to see what is, rather than always trying to measure what we see against what we wish we were seeing? Not only would we probably be happier and less fearful, we might see a lot better, too.

Thought for the day. Season to taste. Individual mileage may vary.


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  1. Re#3. Agreed. When thinking of all The”electronic-ization”, I get feeling that it is much, much more than it appears to be, in a positive way. I’m unable to articulate what’s behind it, but it’s vast.

  2. What if “seeing what IS” reflects the human responsibility for loss of species, ongoing degradation of environment, untested chemicals awash in water, air and soil, impaired children and animals because of it?

    One of the responsibilities of being in the physical is to make decisions about how one will BE in relation to any given situation, thereby determining the occurences in one’s life.

    In my mind, knowing we are connected inextricably with the nonphysical does not remove that human responsibility, but gives us a resource for a fuller and richer source of wisdom to make better choices. I do not feel being aware of our natural connection to the unseen world and its benefits in any way eliminates our responsibility for our actions in the physical.

    Adding a touch of salt. 🙂

    1. i agree with all that, and certainly i don’t mean to imply that being in touch with the other side is escapism. My assumption is that they better connected we are, the higher we function, the fewer stupid and/or malicious things we do, individually and collectively.

  3. Thank you Frank, very interresting as always.

    The broader perspectives have become a part of our lives by the internet connections.
    And to read bunches of methaphysical literature. Since the childhood have been an avid reader of all sorts of books.

    Not to mention lots of “weird” experiences in the former years. Peculiar enough but nowadays it seems to be “back to the future.”
    And since am married with a member of the human race who is NOT interrested in it; have come to the conclusion of each of us cannot be on the same “level” on the path. And more or less have learned of “to keep the mouth shut.”
    And therefore am really grateful of to be connected with others who would have the same experiences as myself.
    Actually, it must be a self-made “test” of some sorts, of to stand firmly in the own reality (of to create the own reality according to Seth).
    Seth is telling of “framework I and framework II.”
    Framework I will be here and now within a physical body, and framework II, will be the awareness outside of the physical body(also manifested at death)….It is the same as you are telling of shifting the focus by intention.

    btw:EVERYTHING will be(it IS, time is simultaneous as you`ll know)much better in the fifthies and in the sixthies by no doubt(laughter)!

    1. If (as Seth and the guys upstairs both assure us) nothing in our life is by accident, any obstacles are self-chosen ways to work on whatever it is we came into this life to work on. So it is our job to figure out a way to live the problem creatively, which it sounds like you are doing.

  4. I was reminded of Carlos Casteneda and his writings of the sorcerer Don Juan Matus in Sonora, Mexico and at one point Don Juan tells a story of the Toltecs; an ancient people who gave themselves to “dreaming” in which they would pursuit the non-reality of their life and try to interpret their world through the messages attained in dreaming and traveling. Then he makes this statement that the Toltecs were so involved in “dreaming”, in clicking their little devices under the tree, that they forgot to farm, to hunt, to copulate, to be. I wonder if that is where we are headed, toward a whimpering in the dark because the electricity has gone out because no one has mined the coal. I want to embrace those that have gone on before us and tell them to talk with us a little louder. Don’t be so quiet in the midst of our noise as we don’t know what we are doing; the externalities we create every day in our actions become exponential multiplied by billions of individuals acting in their own interest. Who could possibly “know” the outcomes of these actions. Maybe those with a better view?

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