At the end of the old cycle …

This is the last day of the old cycle on the Mayan calendar, and in any case the day before solstice, which is when the year’s solar tides change. It is a time for quiet reflection, a little thought about where your life has taken you to this point and where you would like it to take you from here. (Put better: Who you would like to make yourself into.)

Given that, is it really a good idea to spend your time, your attention, and your mental and emotional energy trying to convince somebody about your views on gun control? I mean, whatever your views, they are obviously right, and are obviously the only way that any sane sensible person could see it – but, so what? “One convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” When you have some extra time, send me an exhaustive list of everyone you have ever persuaded of anything they didn’t want to be persuaded of.

Is it, in fact, worthwhile to let the “news” media direct your thoughts toward and one crime in any one place, or in one issue among so many? To get down to the nub of it – this is not the time to pay attention to anything that is designed to convince you or remind you that you are helpless victims in a hostile universe.

The long nightmare (some people look at it as a thrill ride) is about over. The future isn’t going to be just more of the same. It isn’t going to change in a blinding flash, but it is changing. Has been already for some time, in fact, and high time.

Be well, friends. Happy end-of-the-old-cycle.


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