Course-correction, anyone?

Okay the election ended before the Mayan calendar did, though not by much. I have just a word for any political partisans who might read this.

The election is over, and your man won, or lost. Your party won, or lost. Your ideology won, or lost. 

None of that is nearly as important was whether you won or lost.

 And how could you judge that? Simple enough. Compare yourself to four years ago.

Are you more fearful than you were?

Are you closer to a state of chronic political hatred?

Are you less able to give the benefit of the doubt to opinions that oppose yours?

 Some years ago, now, during the reign of King George the Unelected, one day I realized with a shock that I was moving close to a state of chronic anger. I realized that only hatred lay in that direction, and hatred is delayed self-destruction.

 Sound familiar?

 The good news is that the condition is curable. It can be reversed by a decision, an act of will. We can choose not to live in a state of fear, and anger, and self-righteousness. But we do have to choose.

 Isn’t the aftermath of an election as good a time as any to make that choice?


6 thoughts on “Course-correction, anyone?

  1. Thanks Frank.
    I`ll believe all nations(maybe espcially in the western world?)needed the suggestions as of you have given here.

    Congratulations with the election by the way. B.O.,is very popular in Europe.
    Met with two american tourists a couple of weeks ago. And they told me of to have felt the norwegians were the most close peoples to the americans in the attitude and the behaviour, more than all the other countries in Europe. And I could not let be of to have some fun, and replied. Yes, agree, but you see: The native Norwegians are reincarnated americans by birth…and after the laughs of me asking if they have visited all the other countries in Europe? And they told me yes,they were “surfing” as many countries as possible on the same tour.

    Once more thank you very much, I am the sort of person who becomes highly irritable by listening to the politics at large, especially the naive folks within the own country of course. Many a time it is much better of to let be watching the news.
    OR,rather summond the whole affair in the spiritual way, such as:” Let it be, Let it be, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be!”…by The Beatles(for those who do not know whom The Beatles will be….is it an english pop-hit-idol, group of musicians of the 1960thies, living parelel with Elvis Presley….I have visited Graceland)
    All you need is Love.

    1. I doubt if there’s anybody on earh who doesn’t know who the Beatles were — at least, no one over age 50!

      As to Norwegians being reincarnated Americans, i like your culture and your mature attitudes, but i am hoping to come back someplace warmer than that! 🙂

  2. Frank?

    Please, have you ever been to the state of Washington, and/or, in the Seattle, Tacoma area? Norway have excatly the same surroundings and the same climate my friend.
    Of course if going up to the northren parts of Norway is it much the same as in Alaska.
    Or else along the coast-line in the southren part of the country with the gulf-stream, is it the same weather as in Great Britain.
    All-in-all the North-America and Norway have the very same climate, it is depending upon which part of the country you are living.
    It is absolutely no Polar Bears in the streets, then you`ll have to take a flight up north to the island of Svalbard/Spitsbergen, but I have never been there.

    Cheerio friends, and a Happy Christmas preparation…..”The same Procedure as last year James”(it is a old Tv-show made in England long time ago,in black and white colors, and have come to be a tradition each year of to watch).

    1. I’ve gotten as far as Oregon, on the other side of the Columbia River, but that’s as close to Washington state as i’ve come. If I ever decide to go traveling again (which doesn’t seem likely, but who knows) maybe I’ll look up you in Norway and my friends in Denmark.

      1. And your friends in Denmark would really like that 🙂

        One of them is the great grandson of a Norwegian who emigrated to the US by the way.

        1. You don’t know how much i would like to do it. In the past, i have seen how different it is, to travel to a country where you don’t know anyone and “sightsee,” and feel like you’re looking through a plate-glass window at other people’s lives, on the one hand, and on the other hand to actually know someone there and wander around, talking, sightseeing, whatever. No comparson. So, be warned, it could still happen, though it isn’t likely. And of course you and your ex-Norwegian American are welcome here any time.

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