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Did a couple of nice radio shows today. One, Strategies for Living, has the show up as a podcast, which you can find on the left hand column of the site’s home page: www.strategiesforliving.com

It’s always nice when the hosts “get it” — in this case, understanding that Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway isn’t only about Hemingway, and certainly isn’t only about DeMarco, but is primarily about ways the readers can expand their range. It’s an introduction to ILC (Intuitive Linked Communication), and a how-to that shows my own stumbles and problems along the way. It’s a portrait of Hemingway as the complete man. And it is an explanation and an example of the continual interaction between the pysical and non-physical world. As I say, it’s always nice when the radio host gets it.


4 thoughts on “Podcast available for free listening

  1. Thanks Frank.
    I have been listening to it eagerly.
    And by the explanations thought of how to define the occurence of depressions…And then came upon another of the radio-conversations with Eric Maisel, and the book “Rethinking Depresion”(how to shed Mental Health Labels and create personal meaning)….Thinking of what it is told in the book of yours.

  2. Frank, What a great interview! It’s nice to have an interviewer let you get to the ‘meat of it’ instead of questioning your methods the entire time. I recall hearing that in a previous interview.

    I was at TMI on an Excursion weekend in Sept. I wonder if you spoke to the class up the hill when I was there. It would have been great to meet you!

  3. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for mentioning this interview. I just finished listening to it and really enjoyed it. I agree that it’s nice when the radio host gets it. I also enjoy when they make no big deal of how the information came about, and treat it in a very matter-of-fact manner. (That approach was one of the reasons I really liked the TV series “The uneXplained” which ended this season with a 2-part TMI Lifelines show).

    Anyway, from your Facebook page, I also see that there’s another interview with you on blogtalkradio.com (to find it I searched that website for your book, and found the interview that way).

    Best wishes,

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