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I had to retitle the forthcoming Hemingway book, because my publisher was afraid we might be sued — publishers are always afraid of being sued, and for good reason, this society being what it is. The potential grounds were that people might read the title Hemingway on Hemingway as being a collection of quotations — this despite the fact that the subtitle clearly said Afterlife Conversations, etc.

So, now it is going to be called Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway: A Dialogue on His Life, His Work and The Myth. I don’t think the title is quite as nice as what we had come up with originally, but anything for a quiet life! The book is scheduled to be printed next month, and of course i am anxious to see it.

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  1. I am looking forward to the upcoming show on C2C.
    Just curious, are you still in contact with Hemingway?
    I was thinking about Mr. Hemingway just yesterday when I went to a local judged Orchid Show.
    When I was about 8 years old I was living in Havana, Cuba and my mom was a member of a garden club. I went with her to a flower show and it was held in the Hemingways’ large Spanish style home. My mother was friends with Hemingway’s wife who was also a member of that garden club.
    I was admiring some of the tropical flowers and orchids when I was introduced to Ernest Hemingway. He offered to take me around and show me some of his orchids that he had entered. He spent a long while telling me about the different varieties that he had exhibited. I especially remember some of the tiny flowered ones, the yellow and green ones, and the chocolate spotted ones. I had no idea that orchids came in all those colors or sizes.
    He also took me to see a couple of his really mellow cats that were resting in some alcoves in the walls and told me that they all had six toes which he said was unusual for cats.
    When I was visiting with Heminway, I had no idea that he was anyone other than a nice grandfatherly man who loved talking about his orchids and his cats.
    This is a memory I will enjoy remembering forever.
    Just thought I would share a cool encounter I had with him when I was a child. Carolyn

  2. No, but thanks. I do not want o sign up for your blog. I was just sharing a memory with you, having personally spoken and visited with Ernest Hemingway whe I was a child. Carolyn

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