BBC admits that lost city could rewrite history

And this re-evaluation is WAYYYYYYYYY overdue! Goblecki Tepi in Turkey already put paid to the academically accepted fairytale that says civilization is only a few thousand years old. The whole chronology has been jury-rigged repeatedly, but (to change metaphors) the wheels are finally coming off the model. Wait till the start actually examining the evidence that civilization is actually hundreds of thousands of years old, periodically interrupted and overthrown by great natural catastrophes which buried most but by no means all of the evidence.

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Lost city ‘could rewrite history’
2002-01-19, BBC News

The remains of what has been described as a huge lost city may force historians and archaeologists to radically reconsider their view of ancient human history. Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 metres (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India could be over 9,000 years old. The vast city – which is five miles long and two miles wide – is believed to predate the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5,000 years. Debris recovered from the site – including construction material, pottery, sections of walls, beads, sculpture and human bones and teeth has been carbon dated and found to be nearly 9,500 years old. The city is believed to be even older than the ancient Harappan civilisation, which dates back around 4,000 years. Author and film-maker Graham Hancock – who has written extensively on the uncovering of ancient civilisations [said,] “Cities on this scale are not known in the archaeological record until roughly 4,500 years ago when the first big cities begin to appear in Mesopotamia. Nothing else on the scale of the underwater cities of Cambay is known. There’s a huge chronological problem in this discovery. It means that the whole model of the origins of civilisation with which archaeologists have been working will have to be remade from scratch,” he said.

Note: Dozens of manmade complexes found under the ocean have been found, yet most archeologists are largely ignoring these finds as they don’t fit the academic consensus. For an interview with former Economist reporter Graham Hancock, who finds lots of solid, astounding evidence of a lost civilization, click here.

12 thoughts on “BBC admits that lost city could rewrite history

  1. Frank? It is no doubt in my mind of it is arising a new consciousness of the origin about civilizations nowadays.This is wellknown among the Theosophists of old, and alot of other “hidden” methaphysical teachings. What is to come on the surface in our “time” will be a common knowledge among the ordinary mainstream publications (of what has been hidden within The Masons, The Rosecruzians, etc.etc.)

    Another interresting theme will be the question of David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. The theme have been discussed a whole lot among the E.C. study groups, but the family of Edgar Cayce cannot find any “proof” of it thou!
    BUT, if we are considering of what your Guides Upstairs telling… it quite possible of the threads within a group consciousness such as David Wilcocks`could belonging to the same group consciousness of Edgar Cayce`s.
    And the socalled Conspiratory plots(of us have discussed the same many a time as well)….then, it is the double-sided effect in using the Mind. It is the same Source, but used as two sides of the same thing. Hmmm, it is the same Source used negative/evil,while on the other hand as a universal Force, the balance for the good have to be worked out. Another “thing”(as thoughts are Things)why worry when you can pray? The Life is a continuing experience.
    As always of you transmitting sequencies of rich information Frank.
    Heartily, Inger Lise.
    Wishing you and all a happy Easter.

    1. Yes, I seem to remember reading somewhere that metaphysical knowledge spends a certain amount of time overt, then time hidden, then re-emerges. It seems to be a natural cycle, perhaps directed from the other side, though i don’t know the purpose of it. I know that as a boy i wanted such secret knowledge, but was (and am) unwilling to join any group claiming to possess it, if the precondition was that I would be unable to share it in public.
      > .is it quite possible of the threads within a group consciousness such as David Wilcocks`could belonging to the same group consciousness of Edgar Cayce`s.
      Yes, I think it not only possible, but likely. I also think that this is one reason why multiple believe themselves to be “the” reincarnation of somebody. Being aware of the thread they share, they are unaware of the fact that others share that thread, and that they themselves share other threads. They choose to identify with the one that holds glamor for them.
      I hadn’t thought of conspiracy theories in that way. I’ll give it some thought. Thank you for braving the linguistic barrier to share your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  2. At the Stonewall Jackson house in Lexington, I’ve been told, each year dozens of tourists sidle up to guides and tell them confidentially, “I was SJ in my last incarnation.” I’ve always wondered how that worked, and now you have an explanation! xxx, Katie

  3. Hello Katie and all.

    I have come upon a old book(first published in 2001) of the english author Jenny Randles, titled: Time Storms….Amazing Evidence for Time Warps, Space Rifts and Time Travel.
    It is written in a very scientic way,objectively looking at many cases experienced around in the world, with the new perspectives in many of the things how the mind can be working out to us.
    Almost as Robert Monroe-/-and The Seth Books by Jane Roberts telling(TGU and frank as well naturally).
    lol,Inger Lise

    1. I am glad to learn of it; will try to find a copy. I have to smile, though, that you consider an eleven-year-old book “old.” In my world, that’s barely born!

    2. Lise, Thanks so much. It sounds likemy kind of book. I will order it at once. Have you seen MY new book, FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES? It has a lot about Bob Monroe, the Institute, etc. TMI has it for sale, as does Amazon, Love, Katie

  4. Thank you Frank, and ditto(smiling). And really appreciating of you reading the same book and eventually if of to have the time in making some comments about the material.
    It is some all new concepts in the book of never have thought of before…despite of all the books of have studied throughout the years.

  5. Absolutely true said by no doubt, and thank you once more Frank, it all began with the books of yours reading anew.
    It is a sort of to have a whole library stored somewhere in the head, and somehow it is a link to the famous Akashic records I`ll guess.
    Another book of have found lately(which seems to be connected in a very amasing way with the “Time-Storms”)will be the one titled “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot.
    The Cosmic internet all over again, that`s for sure.

  6. Thank you Katie, I will certainly buy the book, and am looking foreward to read it!
    It came as a surprise of you being an author as well. Not to wonders of it is many book-writers in Franks vicinity! Many-a-time have felt of “being led” to read a particular book(called intuition I`ll guess?),and the one thing following after the other, such as “the threads” of Frank`s.
    After of have finished reading the book “Time-Storms” have begun reading “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot(1953-1992), and it is as if I am(for the very first time)given each chapter ON FOREHAND.

    1. Inger, I think I remember you from TMI- yes? Yeah, that’s what I do: 21 books by now. Writing keeps me off the streets, don’t you know? I have Time Storms on the way, and I love Michael Talbot’s works as well. He died way too young. All best, Katie

  7. Katie, you are marvelleous in have written 21 books, that`s for sure. I do appreciate the books by Michael Talbot as you does, and he died young, but his spirit is in the written books!!Now have ordered the last book of yours from Amazon, the book is on its way too.
    I did went of listening to a TMI introduction here in Scandinavia once, back in the 1980thies, but am not sure of it is the same thou.
    It is easy of participating in courses over in England or vice versa(a jump of approximately one-and-a-half, or two hours flight)after all it is neighbours across the northsea.
    Wishing a nice Sunday(it is rainy and chilly here with us)to you and all.

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