For some time now, I have had this photograph as wallpaper on my computer, just so I wouldn’t forget. Looking at it, what would you say it is? If you didn’t know that it was a planet or satellite, would it really look like one? Look — really look — at that shape. Look at the weirdly symmetrical pockmarks. Does any of that look natural? Or does it look artificial? Does it not, in fact, look like an artificially constructed or extensively modified world?

I found this on Richard Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission website, part of his fascinating several-part series on the mysteries of Iapetus, one of the moons of Saturn.

Say it isn’t artificial. Then what makes it look like that??? It looks, for all the world, like something Buckminster Fuller would have constructed if he had had the technology available.


One thought on “Enigma

  1. Frank? I have come to see of it is not two of us seeing the same things alike. But rather amasing it is!
    Richard Hoagland must have norwegian ancestors.It is a well known norwegian last name….well half of the midwest will have the scandinavian ancestors that is… whatever that might have to do with the particular picture? But the norwegians are famous in the faith of fairytales…Ufo`s, fairies(as will the celts)and Trolls.
    Thank you of everything.
    I have oftentimes thought of the physical world could be a mirage of some sort!?!
    You know as in the tales of walking in the desert and being near to the end of dying because of the lack of water, and then all of a sudden imagine watching an oasis…heartily and in a good mood from Inger Lise.
    P.S. I would love to hear how others looking at the same of course.

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