Sitting in the top ten

I see from the New Consciousness Review that their interview with me was one of the 10 most popular interviews of 2011. The hypertext listing brings you to a page that includes the interviews.

Sitting in some pretty fast company there, too. Coming in just after Hank Wesselman ain’t bad!

2 thoughts on “Sitting in the top ten

  1. Thank you very much Frank. You are amasing in everything.
    Listened to the interview with Matthew Fox as well, since the latest occurencies with the Saints of the Catholic Church in the dreams(which have made me to ponder a whole lot).
    It occured to me something all new about the circumstances of going deeper into the conception of it.
    Matthew Fox sounded almost as in the Edgar Cayce readings.
    Leaving out all of the dogmas and the doctrines in the organized religions, because the mystics will be all about The Inner Experience of The Cosmic Christ Consciousness within each of us.
    ACIM seems to have a foundation in The Holy Spirit…or a conception by the Holy Spirit.
    Citations from the book by Kenneth Wapnick titled:”A Vast Illusion, Time according to A Course in Miracles.”
    It is on page 217 in the same book:
    Q: Wouldn`t it also be a mistake to think that the real world is some kind of a place different from this world?
    A: Yes, of course. The real world, again, is an attitude, a state of mind. One can physically still be in Auschwitz, or hanging from a cross, but the mind will be totally at peace. And so seemingly external situation is perceived through quiet and gentle eyes. Only kindness is experienced, for only kind thoughts remain in the mind.

    Q:What need has such a (forgiven) mind for thoughts of death,attack and murder?
    A: This is an important statement, for Jesus is telling us that our ego self has a NEED for thoughts of death, attack, and murder, which means that they result from a decision we make. That certainly is not the way the world looks at attack, which in any of its forms seems so real. But this passage is teaching us the problem is that we have an Investment in believing in the reality of attack.
    We choose to make it real–which of course roots us in the body and in the world of separation, guilt, and fear–because that is what the ego wants. Choosing thoughts (E.C. Mind is the builder) of attack really comes from a decision to remain in time, “safely” within the ego`s world.

    Q: What can it (the forgiven mind) perceive surrounding it but safety, love and joy? What is there it would choose to be condemned, and what is there that it would judge against?
    A: Again, this does not mean that we deny what happens in the world. We simply realize that what happens in the world cannot affect Who we really are.
    What Jesus taught us is despite what seemed to be happening to him, he was surrounded by safety, love, and joy. Therefore he could not be in pain, nor perceive any part of the Sonship as separate from him. Nothing happened to him because there was not nothing in his mind that demanded that something happened to him.
    The section “Where Sin Has Left” (T-26.IV) is a beautiful rendering of the forgiven or the real world. There is an absence of sin, and if there is no sin there can be no guilt. And so there is no need to see oneself or others as condemned.
    Without guilt judgement is impossible and separation nonexistent…..etc.etc., it is much more naturally.

    Love, Inger Lise.

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