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Thursday, November 10, 2011

6 AM, nearly. All right, I’m here. [Psychic] Katherine[Rone] said my higher self is mad at me for not listening. I am listening at least at this moment, so please do tell me what I need to hear.

You don’t need to sacrifice your own well-being for the sake of concentrating on your message. In fact, your message can be undercut by contradiction to the message your life itself communicates.

For instance. If you were foolish and financially incompetent and malicious and petty and — add up a list yourself — that would be true and would be seen to be true regardless of whatever you said or advocated; regardless of any true message you might bring forth.

If you were to write on health from a lifetime of ill-health, that might have validity and might be persuasive. But if you were to write of “how to enjoy perfect health” from that same viewpoint, even if it were accurate information, why should anybody listen?

I see it.

If you say, “you can do this” but your life is a mess or you are a thoroughly unattractive individual — where is anyone’s incentive?

I see it. My character and the way I express in the world is the evidence, or anyway the testimony.

Yes. You see it easily when it relates to character or prudence but — speaking of prudence — what of health, vigor, enjoyment?

All right. But starting from a platform of asthma hasn’t made with me naturally inclined to accept all this.

Now hear this.

In the Navy now, huh?

The word “grounding” is misleading, as you know. A better word is “connected.” You need — everyone needs — to be grounded in both directions, through the first chakra, through the seventh chakra. Or — to put it another way — to physical, to the non-physical, end of things.

Asthma served to remove you from the ordinary life. You know that. So what is the obvious conclusion as to what would be needed in order to remove it?

I suppose, being so firmly removed from ordinary life that I wouldn’t need the reminder.

Partly. But if it were quite that simple you would have gotten there a good while ago.

Well, I’m open to suggestions. Yes, I see it — “removed” in a certain way.

Certainly, or everyone would have it. Theoretically, of course, they do.

Spell it out?

If you have an illness that prevents you — saves you — from taking “normal” life for granted, you may nonetheless feel cheated, deprived, held back. You may regard yourself as a victim. It is only when you see that one door closing allows another to open that you see the advantage as well as the price. And to remove the affliction before then is to remove that pathway as a potential.

I am not as centered here as I should be. [Pause] Okay.

To be open at both ends of the scale is to be open to both ends. It is to allow flow.

Yes. What do I do?

Goof off, physically. As you were advised.

And this will accomplish — what?

It will allow the one end of the tube to open — speaking metaphorically but accurately — which will increase pressure on the other end, or, say, will increase internal pressure so that in order to equalize pressure the other end of the tube will open correspondingly.

To try to work [while] open only to the non-physical is not feasible, and leads to imbalance; it also defeats its own purpose. Why do you own so many unread books while continually buying more? There is a backup at the mental level that can be — could be, may be — relieved by increasing flow.

Is this why I am having so much trouble with my eyes that I don’t feel like nonstop reading anymore?

It’s one thing going on.

And can I not reverse it?

Sure you can — if you’re willing to do what is necessary.

I am.

Then, spend more time outdoors. Walk around. Don’t think it need be brisk vigorous “walk for health” or “walk for weight loss” or anything. Concentrate on getting your body enjoyment of being in the world.

Think of it as a cat, innately curious and interested in anything around it. Walking would be a way of enjoying the world, particularly of course in nature. You have traded nature — as in the woods near where you lived on Roberts Mountain Road — for convenience and access to certain resources. So — find a way to restore access to nature.

And the seventh chakra?

You couldn’t open it any fuller than you have, for fear of blowing the roof off. But if you are mindful of your continuing situation “here and now” you can.

That would be very grateful. [I don’t know where this obsolete use of the word grateful came from.]

Then consider this delightful paradox. To open both, you need to be more and do less.

That goes for Nancy too, doesn’t it? That’s sort of a side-effect of her Gateway.

Stick with your own lesson. If you want to open up both chakras, you can do so immediately — to the extent that it is safe to do so, which depends on your mindfulness.

I think I see it. If I form and hold a certain image of myself, the image itself will serve to do what closing the seventh has done.

Yes. This is the most powerful use of magical image — the image you form of yourself, to be as you wish to be.

Yes, it is hard, in a way, without an image to mold from.

Of course, this is the reason behind Jung’s archetypes.

You mean, I think, this is the reality that results in people living [only] a limited list of models?

If you can clearly image something, you can (thereby) create it. To the degree that your image is blurred, or unconsciously shaped, your own potential to be different is blunted.

So then how do we form a magical image of ourselves, for ourselves, working alone?

You cannot well do it alone. As your friend said, hearing truly, no one crosses alone. You need each other to provide the non-subjective feedback to errors and omissions.

I heard the correction from “objective” to “non-subjective” and took it to mean, another person’s outside view, though empathically linked.

A good enough description, yes.

So, what would a magical image of a perfect body consist of? No physical problems at all? Hard to believe.

Hard and unnecessary. As you have been getting, physical problems are indicators of unresolved or unnoticed total-Earth-self problems.

Interesting to hear you (see you) avoiding ego-self or mental-self or whatever, and come to total-Earth-self.

Important to redefine terms as new elements of understanding arise.

So — the image we should create? What is a perfect body?

You might approach it two ways. One, a perfect expression of who you are right at the moment, so that your physical condition becomes a self-registering guide to what you need to address. To a degree you have this as soon as you recognize it as a state of being. That is, it proceeds in steps:

First, decouple the idea of illness as inevitable or inexplicable or punishment. These are three ways of saying “victim.”

Second, having recognized the body’s condition as being inextricably linked to your total package, find the connections. You know how to do this.

Third, piece by piece, assemble bits of your magical image by reference to your physical conditions. This takes some explaining, but it doesn’t mean an image of something not being there, but one of the healthy condition.

Fourth, in an on-going procedure, progressively amend your magical image of your total Earth-package.

And the second way?

Start from the opposite end of the same procedure. Begin with a particularly troubling manifestation and work to correct it. The advantage of the top-down approach is that it is comprehensive. The advantage of the bottom-up approach is that it is more immediately effective. But either approach depends upon the same critical step of envisioning — and then imaging — what you want. This depends upon your knowing what you don’t want. Depends upon it, but only starts there, it doesn’t stop there!

This is the key to health.



5 thoughts on “TGU on illness, health and magical images

  1. Thanks for sharing this message. This so applys to my situation. After receiving a negative bone density report two years ago, i thought I was doing everything Physically possible by diet,supplements organic foods,etc. The magical imaging is what I have been missing.

  2. Frank,
    In reading Cosmic Internet I noticed TGU use the phrase “Psychic’s Disease” a couple of times; I think they once related it to Jane Roberts, who had many health problems. This (11/10/11) post seems to relate to what I’m thinking this condition might be, or at least might come from.

    My question: do TGU discuss Psychic’s Disease anywhere on your blog or in your books?

    And a comment: in rereading this post I get the strong feeling that this material is IMPORTANT … the trick is to make it real in my own life!

    1. I don’t remember them ever relating it to Jane Roberts. She wouldn’t qualify. Psychic’s Disease (I think I invented the term, not them) refers to people who begin to rely upon the non-physical or the intuitive abilities and get so excited that whenever they feel something (especially if they feel it strongly) then it MUST be true! And that’s the way to losing all grounding. You’ll find mentions of it on the blog (try searching for it) and i think it is in TCI. Definitely in Muddy Tracks and probably at least mentioned in the others.

  3. This was wonderful and addresses something I have been working on all year (and longer!). The idea of flow – energy coming in, filling up, flowing out, emptying. I am working on the flowing out/emptying part. (We won’t talk about how many books I have that I haven’t read either!!) Thanks for the post – it has given me much to think about.

  4. This is the first thing I read being curious about your website after hearing you on Dreamland. I know what this is about, take what you believe aside for one moment, but your bare feet in the dirt, or sit on a rock surrounded by trees and allow them (earth,nature) to share their power with you. Just remember to go back and appreciate it from time to time the gift you get back is immense.

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