Central Virginia IONS

Today (Saturday, June 18, 2011) I had the pleasure of speaking about “The Cosmic Internet” to about 40 people of the Central Virginia chapter of Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Richmond.

My friends Dave Garland and Linda Rogers accompanied me and staffed a table offering  my six books for sale, and in general offered  moral support. In fact, Dave drove, and also recorded the talk. (Then, following the talk, we drove them to The Monroe Institute to begin a residential program.)

As I say, it was a pleasure, because it is always a pleasure to speak about something you care deeply about, to an intelligent audience that also cares about such things.

Of course, later, as I listened to the recording, I was, and am, dissatisfied both with delivery (my voice always sounds to me like a particularly animated chipmunk) and with content (my method of speaking without notes or script results in a somewhat disjointed presentation).  But, assuming that my friend Rich Spees can figure out how to put the file up on my Hologram Books site, we’ll add it to the Interviews section.


5 thoughts on “Central Virginia IONS

  1. I heard you on Coast-To-Coast Radio and thought your voice sounded fine.

    I will agree that you and George Noory did tend to hop from topic to topic, and started some interesting threads that didn’t get developed. But I think that is the natural result of having so much to share and the limited time of the radio show in which to share it.

    I think the most important thing is that you are sharing your information with us, and I’m very appreciative of you for doing so.


  2. Hearing your voice on the radio for the first time made me feel a much stronger connection to you. I don’t know why it should make a difference at all. But for some reason, I had imagined that your voice would sound cool, professorial and cerebral. So I was very surprised and drawn in by the warmth and energy I heard. A storyteller’s voice, I think, and very effective.

  3. Love chipmunks!

    Btw, I heard this fantastic thing on Youtube and thought of you. Eric Whitacre’s “virtual choir” singing his piece “Sleep”. Thousands of people unconnected in the physical but connecting virtually to sing in harmony together. Thought you and others might enjoy.

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