How fleeting, fame! :-)

Andy Warhol once famously said that the way trends were going, our future was that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes. Judging from Amazon sales results, he may have been on to something.

My appearance on the George Noory show produced a gratifying surge of interest in my books, resulting in enough sales — we don’t yet know how many — to drastically reduce my ranking in Amazon’s all-time sales lists. (In Amazon’s inverted system of rankings, the smaller your number the closer you are to being the all-time best seller, and the higher your number, the better your chances that even your mother refused to buy the book, even as something for the dog to chew.) But, as I knew ahead of time, the bounce was just that, a bounce, not a permanent new placement.

Just to keep myself out of trouble, I sampled the rankings every so often, beginning 11 a.m. Tuesday May 31st (the day before the show). The results below include one mid-day sample per day, ending Saturday  evening. The results:

Cosmic Internet: 191,612 … 1,055 … 645 … 1,320 … 1,957

Sphere & Hologram: 114,741 … 8,146 … 11,037 … 11,453 … 16,018

Muddy Tracks: 584,359 … c. 130,000 … 26,376 … 63,432 … 102,832

Babe in the Woods: 2,202,145 … c. 150,000 … [] … 427,192 … 569,710

These mid-day snapshots don’t happen to capture the lowest rankings, all on Thursday though at different times, which (as far as I measured) were:

Cosmic Internet     639
Sphere & Hologram  5,606
Muddy Tracks       20,769
Babe in the Woods 130,329

In all, a very nice launch for this, my sixth published book. Not bad, not bad. And not yet a week since the pub date.

6 thoughts on “How fleeting, fame! :-)

  1. Even though things are going down, they won’t go down to where they were, and as you have more interviews and such, more and more will find out about the book and each time the rank will not drop back to the previous level.

    Just like us, as we stretch and expand ourselves through our journeys and experiences, we never go back to where we were.

    You did good my friend.

  2. i hope Babe in the Woods gets republished! loved your interview. reprogramming my robots. thanks.

    1. Babe and Messenger are both available directly from Hologram Books. Just move up the the Hologram site ( and click on bookstore. You can get the two novels for a combined price, and if you’d like, I’ll autograph them.

      1. While that might be a good idea, it is not possible because hologram books does not seem to like me. it says:
        You failed the spam check. Please try again!
        so i tried again, and again, it did not like me. have no idea what to do about that. thanks.

        1. Bonnie, I’ve made a change to the system, if you could try again and then let me know (I emailed you as well) if it works this time I can then make some changes to the security settings to take care of this issue.

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