Who’s in charge here?

That’s the title of my June column for the online magazine The Meta Arts. You can read it by clicking here: http://www.themetaarts.com/pages/frankdemarco.html

2 thoughts on “Who’s in charge here?

  1. I liked, very much, the part about them being “always content to work at whatever level of understanding we find you at.” It’s comforting to know that they may find ways to work with me, even at those times when I feel not so bright.

    Also, very good was that “BTW” where they speak of “the true scientific method – continuously shooting for the closest approximation to the truth that can be understood at the present level of being.” Reminding me that science is a method, a good tool; not a belief system.

    Lots of great stuff for me to use in the past month or so! I’m seriously bummed that I missed your radio thing.

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